Monday, September 26, 2016

GERMAN RIESLINGS-The Perfect Halloween Wines

No surprise-Halloween candy sales are racking up registers to more than $2.6 billion estimated for last year-with $7 billion expected to be spent on the holiday festivities generally speaking.

And why not-it's fun, no gifts expected other than "tricks or treats," no family obligations and the parties are usually local...

Which is why this increasingly adult excuse of a good time...costumes included-is turning into a night of good times---with foods and drinks themed accordingly.

fruity and aromatic-with crisp green apple, grapefruit, peach and honey notes-Relax Riesling and Blue Fish Original Riesling are meant to be drunk NOW-slightly chilled. As with rieslings generally speaking-these wines are great paired with  fish, pastas, salads...salty foods as well as cheeses too-with its distinct sugar/acid balanced taste. Both are widely available.
Sure pumpkin flavored beers dominated our past events-but this year-we got a tip about the dry and off dry styles of aromatic German Rieslings-from the white grape native to the Rhine region- that pair perfectly with the often sticky sweetness of chewy candies (like gummy bears) and the  sour  sugary flavors of the one day/night a year only indulgence of American candies like fruity Starbursts, chewy Skittles (yes--a candy-)... and our fav-the classic Necco wafers!

Our Picks-The affordable- the balanced sugar-acid- aromatic slightly fermented RELAX Riesling (we found online for under $10.00)-with a hint of citrus... and the drier 2014 Blue Fish Original Dry Riesling $11-a sophisticated bargain of ripe peach, lemon, tart cherry and mineral notes-both  are great for the crowds of over 21 witches and goblins...or no doubt this year...costumed Presidential candidate masks/attire- which in certain circles-are a scary sight indeed LOL.