Monday, September 12, 2016


AMPED UP EATS BEAT the SWEET TREATS without benefits...but are just as tasty: new takes on ice cream, gelato...PLUS protein pumped up pastas and probiotic crisps.

Part One

Athletes-know that 'you are what you eat' factors in big time to overall health and performance. Happily-functional foods-that are tasty-deliver guilt-free satisfaction in products that formerly might be considered off limits for those with gold medal focus.

YUMMY-BRIO! flavorful ice cream-reinvents what a healthy creamy dairy dessert/snack should be. Founded by twin bros Arnie and Ross Koss-two guys with a winning history of healthy eats (Earth's Best Baby Food)---BRIO is a decade's long effort of work-enlived with input by former flavor developers from fellow Vermont brand Ben & Jerry's- resulting in amazingly delicious organic whole milk (pasture raised cows) premium ice cream-with 20%-35% less calories and half the fat of typical whole milk brands,,,PLUS amped up with OMEGA 3-6-9s, anti-oxidants protein, probiotics, micronutrients and calcium!!!! For all the Ironman racers-who limit pre-event meals to non distress GI potential eating ice cream (check)-they (us) finally can do so without gulping down fistfuls of supplements too-and get a balanced meal-less the fiber they're looking to avoid anyway. THE 411: non-GMO, certified gluten free, no artificial flavors, colors or sweetness-no sugar alcohols, monk fruit, stevia or high fructose corn syrup...available in four packs- 3.6 oz single serve containers that feature a built-in spoon in the lid (kid perfect) or 14 oz "small pint" containers , each serving=130-135 calories, 5-6 grams of protein, 24 vitamins and minerals (like Vits A, C, D, E, K Bs 6+12, Iron, Biotin, Magnesium...etc). Flavors -Dark Chocolate-rich chocolate taste, Madagascar Vanilla with real vanilla flavor, Vanilla Caramel-sweet salty hints from sea salted caramel divine combo, Very Strawberry with real strawberry puree, and refreshing Tropical Mango with tangy tropical sweetness. We found at our local Stop and there's a store locator. 

REVOLUTION GELATO-dairy free gelato-from the state of Georgia-offerd up a lot more than just southern charm! THINK intencse flavors like our fav-the buzzy Nekkid Espresso with coconut cream+coffee +cashews-and Majestic Mango, Orange Dream, Triple Vanilla, Chocolate Fantasy and warmish (oxymoron here) tad spicy Cardamon Kiss-with a hint of vanilla and orange blossom (imo-try this with pumpkin, apple or pecan pie at Thanksgiving), rich creamy smooth textures... and eco bonus points-stated MO of sustainability-extends to their packaging too (recycle). Sold online in 4 or 6 pack pints
Discovered at last year's Fancy Food Show-Forte Gelato has easily got to be one of our top ten ways of getting protein! 15 grams worth per serving (!!!!)only 2.5 grams of fat and a low 160 calories...this dairy treat is crafted with rBST-free skin milk, rBST-free, cage free egg yolk, organic agave nectar, organic Fair Trade cane sugar, organic Fair Trade cocoa and organic Fair Trade Madagascar vanilla. All adds up to delicious rich taste-including our pick the refreshing candied Ginger-got that sophisticated slightly spicy sweet balance-refreshing on he palette. Also pictured- Espresso-with real espresso, Vanilla-with smooth sweet velvety vanilla from Madagascar, and Chocolate with deep rich cocoa from Holland, 

goodpop™ eight flavors of frozen tropical treat pops-are all dairy, vegan (5 flavors), gluten and fat free-packed with natural ingredients using non-GMO, Fair Trade and organic ingredients and no refined sugar, artificial flavors or colors, or high fructose corn syrup. PLUS-indulgent but not high calorie-all of 40-70 calories/per. Be impressed-founded by Daniel Goetz in 2009 when he was a college student... and now it's available coast to coast. refreshing-we tried the Watermelon Agave which like the sweet syrup fruit-was cooling-and refreshing. New flavor Coconut Lime-with Fair Trade vanilla and lime peel zest-also delicious-probably be the perfect pop-to cube-and pop into a shot of tequila :-) 
Other flavors-Hibiscus Mint, Coldbrew Coffee, Chocolate Milk, Strawberry Lemonade, Strawberry, Banana Cinnamon

Ruby Rockets -creamy delicious way of getting your fruit-veggie quota- non dairy vegan--no added sugar, kosher, non-GMO ingredients-and sized for kids...bonus naturally low in calories-and natural sugars-we tried the Rock-It Red frozen pop (not pictured) with only 25 calories-actually made of veggies+fruits-hydrating strawberries, lemons, carrots, sweet potato and beets. Very cool product.