Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Regular regular coffee---is so basic...


NOW: the everyday liquid of millions-gets reloaded with new power-punched drinks enter the markets (and mouths) everywhere. For athletes-these sips-delivering energy-make get daily health needs met-a whole lot  easier. 
BRASSICA COFFEE All-Natural Dark Roast is amped up with a powerful 15 mgs of trubroc glucoraphinan from broccoli-in each K-Cup. Impressively,  the research on this anti-oxidant shows it boosts the bodies' natural defenses against pollution and scavenger free radicals- triggering an on-going anti-oxidant activity. The All-Natural Dark Roast version- is a blend of French roasted Central American, South American and African Arabica coffees. Taste wise-it's just like the regular ole' coffee we've had from most non-organic K® no surprises -add what ever one usually does...notably-single serve is very handy.
MAMMA CHIA's MO is the organic chia seed (a source of Omega 3, complete protein, and dietary fiber) in its products...with new beverages-mixed up with healthy greens-delivering 2500 mg of Omega-3s, 4 grams of complete protein, 7 grams of fiber, 25% RDA of Vit A and 95mg of calcium per serving. Tasty-and sweet enough from ingredients like organic apple juice and strawberry juice...we tried the refreshing Love Greens Beet+Ginger-with concentrated  organic beet juice, ginger and a power punch of  organic spirulina, organic spinach, organic broccoli, organic barley grass, and organic wheatgrass. Bonus points- a Certified B Corporation and member of 1% For the Planet.  

Doctor Pickle expanded the product line with Macho Gazpacho Green (there's a red version out now)-a soup-y nutrition packed drink USDA Organic-vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO- made with NJ green tomatoes-and 16 other good for you organic ingredients like kale and buzzy apple cider vinegar. Refreshing-not too onion-y-with hint of mint!

WHAT ELSE: Handy nutritious eats-come in serving sizes just right for the athlete who is too tired to conjure up nourishment after a workout. 
HUMMUS is one of those tangy spreads that is an American staple now-Lilly's Hummus plant based protein version- now available in handy snack sizes-with gluten free crackers up top for dipping and single-serve portions...the hummus itself is made from fresh roasted,  non-GMO verified, organic garbanzo beans-all natural, gluten-free and yummy! Several savory flavors (10) including a smoked tomato+basil version-with smoked Roma tomatoes, tarty lemon juice, fragrant basil and garlic.

V-Grits started with an amazing concept-take 'traditional' southern foods-make them healthier-less all the saturated fat and artificial ingredients-PLUS vegan, plant protein based-and healthy-while delivering on flavor and texture=Southern Fried Compassion. We tried the creamy delicious Pimento Cashew Spread-truly like the classic cream cheese based - great as a dip or spread...though we ate with our sample with spoon. There's also a Mozzarella Soul Sauce -wonderful on veggies-or as a pizza topping and a Mild Cheddar Soul Sauce-both worthy alternatives to their dairy based counter parts.  Available online soon...and there's also a subscription V-Grits meal delivery service-with 3 hearty delicious entree choices per week-shipped by UPS and packed in 100% compostable insulation- with ice cold packs keep it cool for 12 hours...

We are already on board with the accolades for Safe Catch Tuna (read here) and as long distance endurance athletes-who bring they own food to races (at least to eat before the event)-we are always looking for convenience-portability of healthy eats able to fulfill the protein requirements that we need to be competitive.
SO these new to the market Safe Catch Elite Wild Tuna- 3 oz pouches (TSA friendly) of the most premium purest wild tuna (Skipjack)-with a mercury limit that is 10x stricter than FDA levels (!!!) are so perfect. And amazingly-because Safe Catch actually tests every wild fish caught for mercury levels-one can actually eat this lean protein - OMEGA-3 low calorie (2oz serving=60 calories-14 grams of protein, fyi) packed fish all the time without worrying about the horrible health implications (impact on your finishing times) of mercury poisoning. Taste wise-just as fresh flaky and juicy as the hand packed Safe Catch Elite Tuna from the can that we tried...moist and no weird metallic taste -and with no additive fillers, non-GMO, sustainably caught, dolphin safe-plus pouch is BPA free.
Available October-online in packets of 12 (est price $2.99 per)...the Safe Catch pouches would actually be a subscription service something that we actually want....though chances are-retail stores will carry the pouches alongside Safe Catch's canned options -including Wild Albacore.