Sunday, August 7, 2016


AKA the reason why it $s so much for some apparel/footwear

Part 1
Convex Vest-Voormi

 Tis the season for 2016 F/W apparel deliveries...and consumers are carefully counting their pennies when it comes to clothing buys.

With performance/athletic wear- outdoor urban types-with limited time for adventures and closet space...are demanding more that just style/fitted 'stuff.' 

PLUS- the more rugged and risky outdoor pastime, the more the garment components need to perform-including versatile textile features and superior manufacturing quality...with meaningful warranties. 

When one's life is on the line- trekking a summit, snowboarding backcountry-or 'just' strolling around town- multi-tasking apparel-made with performance-more eco/sustainably made fabrics/wools/synthetics- are the norm...including many of the musts-breathability, moisture wicking, warm when wet,  four way stretch, anti-odor...easy clean.


Since we've been writing them up, the made in Colorado based VOORMI, has had sold out of its stylish jackets/basics made from merino wool fibers from USA sheep (Rambouillet)-courtesy of a  gem of a company- RamTect™ Wool -headed up by industry veteran Doug Hoscheck-who was the leading light behind the outdoor industry's embrace of 100 % polyester-made from recycled soda bottles and well know insulator Polarfleece. 
VOORMI: Left-Access NXT pullover Right-Convex Vest
 Lightweight, warm, fast drying and naturally blessed with anti-odor properties, Ramtech's insulation (hygroscopic wool batting), is made via a patent process and manufacturing technique-that...combines the low surface energy merino wool fiber with an equally low surface energy polypropylene scrim binding the wool fibers into the scrim and raising the nap the polypropylene scrim.

Meaning the warm when wet heat trapping insulating properties of USA raised merino wool without the clamminess, (superior water vapour transmission), =high performance thermal insulating-less bulk/less weight comfort outdoor people rely on, the military depends on, and 'regular' consumers prefer. 

ECO BONUS: biodegradable and sustainably raised sheep=renewable source.

Other companies using/used Ramtect™ wool batting include BOGS footwear. Spirit West Gear, and Outlier.

FOR INFO-Hobbes Bonded Fiber- Ramtect

new for 2016 handsome Fall Line jacket, pictured with insulated vest-the stylish jacket waterproof -weather protected-nifty a single layer with he membrane knitted inside-not outside or between layers- via Voormi's Core construction-the brand's signature proprietary process....