Wednesday, August 31, 2016

WAFFLES Breakfast All Day-Shelf Staple

Part 3

YUMMY CRUNCHY-meet the new bagel=WAFFLES!


Pancakes with abs??? 
BETTER. Waffles-especially takes on the Dutch version stroopwafel-more equivalent to a cookie- and the traditional Belgian style (fyi-the Brussels style are square).

ALL are crispy crunchy-buttery-and addictive.

At the Fancy Food Show-we saw shelf stable waffles-in snack and meal sizes, freshly made samples and heated up frozen kinds- that are convenient.

crispy DUTCH WAFFLES-traditionally called stroopwafel-have caramel syrup taste- great when heated 

New Shelf Staples-Gourmet Beverages PART 2

Fancy Food Show

Convenience Drinks-Water Enhanced, Functional Beverages

Earth's more precious resource, no filter needed-fresh drinking water -is becoming so rare that entire industries have sprung up to cure our thirst...bottled waters=sparkling/flat, water enhancers and functional quencher substitutes.
There are plenty of water drops and powders for sale-SweetLeaf Water Drops sweeten their refreshing+authentic flavors with stevia-zero calories or carbs-and no artificial ingredients! FYI-add these flavor enhancers to recipes for cooling pops, iced teas, etc. BPA free packaging-squeezable bottles.

Sweet Drops -SweetLeaf's portable liquid option sweetened with zero calorie plant derived stevia so no glycemic response, zero carbs, no artificial sweeteners...and enhanced with natural flavors for GREAT TASTE. We consumed our coconut flavor sample--adding about 4 drops to 8oz for a delicious take on coconut water without the calories. Widely available. 
INVO coconut waters non-GMO and USDA Organic (!) come in palatable flavors-Tropical and Sencha Green Tea-taste much better than straight out coconut water (imo). BTW made the cold pasteurized way (cold water under high pressure) that preserves the nutrients. 5 grams of electrolytes, 670 milligrams of potassium per serving -and around 50 calories -hydration that is not too sweet-mix it in smoothies and cocktails :-)

ALOE GLOE-USDA Organic cooling water with aloe-sweetened just a tad with cane sugar-18 calories a serving -or 36 for this whole very refreshing.A known healer when applied topically, aloe vera also a purported healer-when drinking it too- and Aloe Gloe is gluten free-with zero preservatives. We can vouch for the great taste---and like some sweet drinks...ALOE GLOE was thirst quenching without the crash-not making us more thirsty.

Monday, August 29, 2016

New Shelf Staples:Condiments+Basics Sophisticated+Savory

Part One-Plant Based Milks Enhance Better Buzzes-Coffee Substitutes, Cold Brew Coffee, Organic + Compostable Single Serve Pods

Even growing up in a junk free - real ingredient-freshly prepared foods' home...the kitchen condiments were decidedly the basic- kind of salt, 2 kinds of catsup (Del Montes or Heinz)-and the Grey Poupon = as glammy as it got.

NOW-even a typical five year old in the USA.knows their honey mustard from their Dijon...and what gets stocked in the cupboards is often internationally inspired with sophisticated flavors=accents for the new New American cuisine.
AND (yay) companies take sourcing their product components-sustainably.

Some highlights: from the recent Fancy Foods Show, Healthy Products Showcase, Editor Showcase

PLANT BASED Beverages Are The New Milk 

Pacific Organic products-including pictured-Coconut Non-Dairy Beverage-we saw all kinds of USDA Organic coconut, hemp rice, 7 grain and super popular almond milks/beverages-from this company...even we switched up our daily coffee douse-er...
MILKADAMIA-is made from macadamia nuts from free-range trees™ from Australia-Family owned Jundilli farm-dairy, soy, non-GMO, gluten and lactose free-we tried the unsweetened in coffee-it was as delicious as using our reg. almond version.  The sweetened version contains cane sugar-both contain 50% more calcium than dirty milk-also a source of Vits B12 + D. "MOO IS MOOT"


Energy without the caffeine and a whole lotta other health claims-like embedded with 60 vitamins/minerals/sterols/phytochemicals, no insomnia, improves digestion+metabolism, etc-has been on big trend...with various matcha -green teas, and now with selections imo are coffee-like. Macaccino-roasted MACA blend -no crash or jitters, is available in 3 flavors=USDA ORGANIC vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO. Low in calories (1 tbsp 35 calories) can make it 1tbsp powder-9oz of hot water or blend the roasted Maca Blend Powder in a smoothie- too...ECO BONUS POINTS-Macaccino uses mere 32oz of water per cup to produce versus coffee's 8.5 gallon water per cup need. A supporter of the Kuychi Foundation aids Peruvian children in need and the Rainforest Trust. 

Friday, August 26, 2016

PUMPKIN and TURMERIC--New Hot Flavors Part 2

No longer a holiday only flavor---pumpkin gets some love year round:

URBAN ACCENTS aka "your culinary wingman™" has a slew of convenient well flavored pumpkin tagines, simmer sauces that will transport any dish to an exotic location . Pictured above-a spicy take on Mexican Chile Pumpkin Mole-a pumpkin-tomato,garlic, onion simmer sauce based in chicken broth...just add veggies or chicken-dish is complete.

Urban Accents Indian Coconut Pumpkin Curry simmer sauce-takes savory spices turmeric, nutmeg, ginger, cumin+coriander-with a hint of coconut-in warm pumpkin blend.

Moroccan Apricot Pumpkin Tagine-North African coriander, cinnamon, cardamon, red pepper and cloves even up this thick pumpkin simmer sauce.

Terrapin Ridge Pumpkin Honey Mustard-pumpkin, cinnamon sugar, nutmeg+allspice blended with honey mustard to adorn grilled cheese, vegetables like carrots-or goat brie...

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Savory, Smoky, Pickled, Pumpkin, Bacon,Turmeric ...


Part One:

Fancy Food Show, Editor Showcase

Step aside sriracha ---the new trendy flavors tantalize the sweet, salty, sour spectrum -and reflect consumers broadening of world inspired tasty accents.

What else? Bacon STILL finds its way into condiments, candy and chocolate---coinciding with the rise in plant based alternatives foods/drinks we saw at the most recent Fancy Foods Show.

Some highlights:


Sauerkraut goes gourmet-as a side dish or as an elegant topper to all American hot dog. Cleveland Kraut Gnar Gnar-spicy hot. FYI-source of probiotics-fermented foods are.

 Cleveland Kraut Beet Red raw fermented sauerkraut slightly sweet

Pacific Pickle Works Bruussizzle Sprout-quartered up Brussel Sprouts that redefine that cabbage family vegetable-A SOFI WINNER too...outstanding appetizer...tangy -semi-sweet-from a California company specializes in new takes on spicy'em right out of the jar too. $9.95/jar
SOFI winner-outstanding appetizer
Pickled cherries? We wrote up Olive & Sinclair for their Bourbon and Smoked Nib Nashville TN company uses same high quality for its sweet-tangy Seersucker Candy Co. Cherry Bombs-high quality -Fair Trade ingredients -including home roasted single -source chocolate,+ buttermilk fondant- over pickled maraschino cherries. It actually works. 8 count-4 oz $16.99. Nice vintage packaging too.


Stonewall Kitchen...sauces, spice blends - rubs are all enticing-no wonder their gift sets are popular-with mash-ups of honey, BBQ maple, espresso, chipotle...and its Texas Rub-a smoky blend of  sweet-smoky (brown sugar, molasses, garlic) Lone Star State BBQ
the CHAAT Co. -a West 23rd Street-NYC entity (impressed)-SUPER POPULAR -these incredible crunchy creamy eats-Savory Yogurt Snack-got a lot of positive buzz at the Fancy Food Show-so we expect copy cats that won't be as good. A recent jaunt to highlight- the street food of course--included savory hot-cold yogurt fusions-  and lentil based crisps=delicious staple-we expect to see this product picked up by a lot of retail outlets. Convenient cute packaging too...using rich whole milk and bonus no added sugar (dairy has enough naturally imo) and no palm oil which seems to plague the big brands.. Pictured-three flavors-front to back Cucumber Mint (cucumber, sea salt, spearmint, lime juice tangy cooling taste), Tamarind Date (date and tamarind seed paste-sweet chewy texture) and hottest blend-Mango Chili (mangoes, ground chili, sea salt, green chili peppers)...all with lentil puffs that themselves are stackable-made with turmeric, cumin and sea salt. NON-GMO, Gluten Free, grass fed-no growth hormones ever- cows-providing the milk-yogurt is loaded with probiotics, fyi 

Turci Spray Sauces are a portion -calorie controlled way to impart full flavor on a variety of protein staples+salads. From Italy-family owned biz-BBQ Sauce Spray-smoky -tart -with a apple vinegar-tomato paste blend -and lemon, chili, garlic. The one spray is low calorie-but our experience -usually use a few -but still-relatively low calorie and VERY  shelf staple-flavorable way to add accents to vegetables+meats. 
Smoked Maple Syrup from VERMONT's Sugar Bob's... low temp high tech blend of darkest pure maple syrup and beech wood smoke -a dynamic blend that is strong accent-atop grilled meats, in marinades, dressings, soups, stews, or even cocktails. 

Smoky Ginger Peach Spread-one of several spreads made by The Gracious Gourmet... with real ingredients-no preservatives- peaches, sugar, lime juice, spices, natural liquid smoke, and salt. Delicious-and versatile- atop meats, poultry, shellfish and as a nice set tangy counterbalance to tangy full sheep/goat cheeses...or as an unusual pop to vanilla ice cream.

Biena Chickpea Snacks...lots of aromatic-spice bites-including these tasty medium spiced Rockin Ranch -salt, sugar, tomato, garlic onion, hint of mustard- flavors-and (not pictured) BBQ...are deliciously filling, naturally blessed with fiber and high protein...these gluten free -Non-GMO snacks...worthy of entreé status-as well as healthy snack that is just as crunchy satisfying as the usual chips! Frankly, we like all the flavors-especially the spicier ones

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Fancy Foods Show

Our favorite red hot food trend (addictive) from the Fancy Food Show-is crunchy seaweed snacks-deliciously satisfying- with nutritious value ( Vitamin K, iodine  folate, magnesium, iron, and calcium) and blessedly low in calories=WIN WIN WIN.
These chip slayers have a naturally salty tad sweet crispy composition... and come in spicy and seasoned flavors as well as in organic choices.Popular in Korea as a snack-most companies we found- source from that area of the planet.
Offered in snack size single packs - for those on the go... as well as larger size options-which frankly, got devoured almost as quickly in our household-straight outta the bag, no serving bowl necessary...or sharing.

gimMe Organic Roasted Seaweed Snacks...USDA ORGANIC-in flavors -sea salt, and hot trendy- wasabi, chipotle, and teriyaki-non-GMO, gluten free, vegan-25 calories a tasty crunchy serving. Made from Nori or red algae...also a delicious way to add some salt hits to sweet deserts...crumble a piece over ice cream for example. Widely available. FYI 'Gim" is a Korean word- 'Nori" which is Japanese -both from seaweed

SEASNAX STIX crispy seaweed strips-no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives made from organically grown seaweed with tad 100% extra virgin olive oil and sea salt. Non-GMO, vegan----Stix come in sesame, original, wasabi and almond.  Also-as with many companies...other seaweed based snacks include crunchy chips 

Monday, August 22, 2016


Big and Small Companies Get GOING- Organic, And/Or (at least) Getting Rid of Artificial Ingredients-
or-imo-risk losing sales to customers that care.

And there are more of those kinds of humans -and more snack choices...without the 'junk.' Indulgent treats are always on trend-but consumers are def. embracing the more 'natural' kind with a few exceptions like Walmart's Hostess mash-up, the iconic  Twinkies coming to freezers near you. Shutting down one artery/bite (joke)

Some Sweet Eats...

PURA VIDA CRUNCH LOVER™ Natural Sins -the 2 ingredients only delicious crispy treats epitomize what a 'clean label' should read. REALLY kids worthy-especially the 'un potato' crispy beet chips -just sweet enough-with raw cane sugar- delivering 13 grams per bag-ranks as dessert worthy-but better- get 5 grams of dietary fiber, iron, potassium, and calcium too-and only 100 satisfying calories per bag. Crispy pineapple, coconut (SOFI Award Winning finalist-our fav)---, and mango chips are all equally as authentic tasting-make good lunchbox staples...non-GMO verified-from Costa Rica...fairly widely available in the USA, impressive for a small company. 
in 5oz and 1lb bags

Thoroughly addictive (you've been warned) BROWNIE BRITTLES are the brilliant idea of Sheila G. Main's-who smartly found a way to package the crispy crunch top/edge of great acclaim!
How to better the best? Make Brownie Brittle USDA tasty flavors Chocolate Chip, Chocolate & Toasted Coconut, Pretzel and Dark Chocolate (with a perfect balance of salty pretzel bits with sweetness).

crispy coconut and solid chocolate chip bits in rich all flavors widely available and online

new flavor-Dark Chocolate Sea Salt

SHEILA G. Main...of Sheila G.'s Brownie Brittle

Saturday, August 20, 2016

BREAKFAST ALL DAY: Not Your Grannie's Granola

Breakfast all day-we've been doing THAT forever-cereal always worthy of eating as a meal or snack.

Part of the reason why imo-granola has gone glammy -(not just granny).

Whatever your tastes and allergies-the mix-ups of gourmet granola offerings are numerous! Crunchy all... sweetish to very sweet (added like organic honey, and/or dried fruits), spicy (of course-it's a hot food trend, literally), nut free, grain free selections...delivering higher protein (from seeds - nuts) than the usual cereal fare...and standard MO-non-GMO, some gluten free (from the selections we saw), dairy free, kosher, zero trans fat....

Note-these are fairly calorie high snacks imo...typical serving (1/4 cup) which isn't that around 130-150 calories -why a tablespoon of granola as a food accent- in a smoothie, atop ice cream-or creamy yogurt for example = satisfying crunchy indulgence...which also happens to be how yogurt -with crunchy additions- are packaged by company giants like Chobani etc.
granola like crunchy crumbles-packaged with a snack...convenient-Chobani' Simply 100= creamy non-fat greek  with 'crunch' -the latest flavorBalck Cherry Pie-with bits of the best part lol pie crust-with dried cherries sweetened up with brown sugar and stevia.

Some highlights from recent Fancy Food Show:

Def...a lady's theme here...

Viki's Granola snack pack 1.5 oz or 12oz $5.49 ...5 delicious flavors of gluten free, non GMO verified crunch
There really is a Viki (Sater) in Viki's Granola-!!!! No fillers, preservatives or fillers in this former homemaker's products! 

Banana Walnut gluten free oats, organic honey, unsweetened coconut, enhanced with banana chips/walnuts. Our fav
My Wife's Granola-Alegria Fine of 3 flavors-this one is crunchy yummy mix with hint of spice- the cinnamon/nutmeg= just right.
This smiling duo (Penny and Peter-there' two more founding pals too) - part of the entrepreneurial amazing The Brooklyn Foodworks-located in a former Pfizer factory ...BAD SEED's Chili Granola===aka "MEET GRANOLA'S EVIL TWIN"
Savory and Spicy...Chili Granola...we'd say is def not a breakfast food-and-sold in a jar-in garlicky hot spicy oil- used  instead of flavored breadcrumbs, hot sauce or as a condiments atop pastas, as a sandwich 'spread', in salad dressings, atop yogurt or mixed in with any main dish entree. Not gluten free-there is barley in the miso paste used...but for everyone else-spicy hot (Korean chili and anaheim chili powder), ginger, garlic, cayenne, seeds... a tad sweet (brown sugar, honey, organic coconut palm sugar) is a sophisticated mix - unusual and cool in a hot way.

Friday, August 19, 2016


The Cutting Edge Walking Shoe That 'Shows" The Way +LECHAL Technology

When we're walking around a new to us city laid out on the grid system...we're still fidgeting with a map-(smartphone screens too small for that)...let alone in our own hometown-when we venture to those now hip outer boroughs-or even the West Village where 4th street insanely intersects with 10th street....ahhh.
The solution: HI TEC finally conjures up a tech-tricked out footwear-wearable tech -that we'd actually want.

We fell in LOVE with Hi Tec's new Navigator Low i WP (waterproof) walking shoe-that IS genius- has India's Lechal technology in the insoles (yes controlled by a GPS app)...that deftly deploys this guiding software originally designed to aid blind individuals. 

Navigator is built well and lightweight at 650 grams--the Dri-Tec waterproof breathable membrane keeps feet dry and comfy via i-Shield technology-custom MICHELIN durable rubber outsole coupled with impact absorbing XLR8>>midsole is flexible and responsive-providing great grip on various surfaces
 How it works-the state of the art hepatic LECHAL vibrating pod...pictured above in its square charging station -gets placed int eh specifically designed insole...synchs with a smartphone via Bluetooth--one enters a destination in the Navigator app (Apple/Android compatible)-then violà-the embedded pod gives off responsive vibrations-different ones depending- that are noticeably felt-not annoying, for when one needs to make a turn-or has missed one...allowing for hands free navigation that it felt not heard. There are separate vibrations in the right and left sole for specific when/where alerts.
Limited distribution sales dates for the USA -September 2016 $299....for more info:


the Lechal vibrating pod slips in here
No more fumbling with maps or electronic navigation systems ...available for men only though.
Asker C-37 density PU footbed delivers supreme cushioning and comfort

Thursday, August 18, 2016

ATHLETE GALS Best Beauty Bets

Fierce beauty...requires scrutiny.


Since the skin absorbs 90% of what gets put on it (think about that next time one reads products labels full of indecipherable chemicals)...women are scrutinizing beauty ingredients that lack much (really any it seems)FDA -USA government oversight-vs the EU...resembling food ingredients.

DUH...that's why sales of natural indie beauty brands-skincare products and cosmetics-are booming...with these often home grown businesses finding customers by way of reviews and celeb endorsements-that aren't even paid for.

We recently learnt of a USDA ORGANIC line of skin care and cream sunscreen that really impressed us Sanre Organic Skinfood,

Hailing from Georgia-the mountain part where the AT trail starts, a family - run  SANRE Organic Superfood makes a slew of products...all gluten free and non-GMO...cruelty free and no alcohol in the mix! AND USDA ORGANIC imo-highest eco rating. Seriously.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Athletic ladies have always used multi-tasking cosmetics/skincare that keeps up with their busy lifestyles and sweaty faces-but it's been the  success of female teams on the world stage (World Cup-soccer, the Olympics in particular)-that has really (imo) given instagram worthy pics of natural to downright glammy glittery appearances -looks.

For the minimalists...sunscreen is a must

For proof of just how critical blocking out UVA/UVB/IVC rays with a solid broad spectrum rated 30SPF or higher, is -just check out any age group amateur competition-for stark differences in skin quality and texture amongst humans of the same age. It's not just genetics.

transition area of recent triathlon

We always use physical sunblocks with active ingredients of zinc oxide and/or titanium oxide . OUR experience in endurance events-find these usually white creamy physical block formula(s)-last longer, block out the burn rays way better. Chemical sunscreens-that feel hotter on the skincare heavily marketed as effective-  but have ingredients that scare us-and are def. not coral reef safe.

Nowadays physical block sunscreens don't leave a white pasty film on the skin are good options for all kinds of ethnic skin color types.

Our picks: All GOOD Sport Sunscreen...with an active ingredient of zinc oxide plus healing organic oils that sooth parched skin. And nothing else. YAY!  
ALL GOOD ELEMENTAL HERBS-launched a few years ago with ALL GOOD healing Goop and Lips-Lip balm- based on healing organic herbs grown on a family farm . NOW-a fell range of skincare-lipcare and sunscreens...including NEW Broad Spectrum Spray Sport Sunscreen-with 80 minutes of water resistants ...and a water resistant to 80 minutes All Good Sunscreen Butter stick-SPF 50+-a very handy-portable way of applying sunscreen-especially to elbows, knees, and the back of the neck. ALL GOOD sunscreens are highly rated by the influential EWG Skindeep  which rates over 2300 sunscreen products for toxic ingredients! BONUS-a member of 1% of the Planet. We use the lotion...but for spray advocates-use outdoors or spray in a cupped hand...and apply-rubbing on-like the lotion.
The SPF50-+ water resistant Zinc Sunscreen Butter in a tin-is made of only 6 ingredients-active ingredient 25% ZINC OXIDE, and Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Calendula flower infused with moisturizing Organic Jojoba Oil,  (skin soothing, fyi) and vitamin E. We keep one of these in the car.

For a touch a Cover/Color
Ever since we spent some time in Japan/Korea in the 90s- luxury and price-y Asian brands like Amore Pacific, Shu Uemura and Shisedo - have been on our skincare/makeup obsession radar. 
Now-as makeup trade show junkies...we've discovered the whole genius of a gentler priced subset of that skincare/cosmetic market- K Beauty-meaning small cult worthy South Korean brands that deliver impactful skincare with cutting edge ingredients and quality makeup with special effects, colors and textures at masstige prices-(that's lightly above mass market)...and the new imo consumer sweet spot price point for cosmetics/facial products.
Our latest daily the innovative highly advanced performance oriented formulation- Flawless Skin Top Coat by Touch in Sol -a brand founded by Sean Lim- that smartly brings together the best in K-beauty technology and American pop culture trends in super fun packaging and bold makeup products. 

What the Flawless Skin Top Coat is...a multi-tasking ample, primer , BB cream, build-able coverage...that can be a substitute for tinted moisturizer or foundation. In the summer heat-Flawless Skin Top Coat is hydrating -so will benefit dry-normal skin...and in dryer winter climates...would be good for all skin types. 

IMPRESSIVE 4X Red Complex-a nourishing mix of red ginseng, pomegranate, rosehip and berryberry extract leaves skin radiant and anti-oxidant cocktail of healers.

Easy to use-shake it up, squeeze the never clog dropper - for 2-3 drops on fingers or palm-and use fingers to lightly cover our entire face. 

The coverage is very sheer but enough to even out skin tone ...and bonus points-not as shiny as other typical BB creams. We tried  the Light tint-the other option is Dark-smoothly applied over our go-to sunscreen lotion (see above)...and felt like we had enough cosmetic coverage -especially in hot weather. As a primer-we layered on under our usual YSL foundation-with ease for heavier flawless evening look. NICE.

BTW-dropper allows for easy mixing-with facial serum, foundation and/or moisturizer for a do-it yourself coverage. 

Flawless Skin Top Coat=$28 available at Urban Outfitters...while other nifty TOUCH IN SOL cosmetics like the brightening creamy LIGHT BROW Brow Spot Highlight ($21)-a twist applicator shaped like a thick pen- releasing a kind of creamy formula on a sponge tip-which can be used to subtly (dilute with moisturizer) or boldy highlight eyelids and cheekbones- are available at Sephora. FYI-durable and water resistant-we applied straight out of the applicator using our finger... and then went for a swim workout. Afterwards- the highlighter looked like we had just applied it.