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WAFFLES Breakfast All Day-Shelf Staple

Part 3

YUMMY CRUNCHY-meet the new bagel=WAFFLES!
via GIPHY source
Pancakes with abs???
BETTER. Waffles-especially takes on the Dutch version stroopwafel-more equivalent to a cookie- and the traditional Belgian style (fyi-the Brussels style are square).

ALL are crispy crunchy-buttery-and addictive.

At the Fancy Food Show-we saw shelf stable waffles-in snack and meal sizes, freshly made samples and heated up frozen kinds- that are convenient.

New Shelf Staples-Gourmet Beverages PART 2

Fancy Food Show

Convenience Drinks-Water Enhanced, Functional Beverages Earth's more precious resource, no filter needed-fresh drinking water -is becoming so rare that entire industries have sprung up to cure our thirst...bottled waters=sparkling/flat, water enhancers and functional quencher substitutes. via GIPHY

New Shelf Staples:Condiments+Basics Sophisticated+Savory

Part One-Plant Based Milks Enhance Better Buzzes-Coffee Substitutes, Cold Brew Coffee, Organic + Compostable Single Serve Pods Even growing up in a junk free - real ingredient-freshly prepared foods' home...the kitchen condiments were decidedly the basic- kind of salt, 2 kinds of catsup (Del Montes or Heinz)-and the Grey Poupon = as glammy as it got.

NOW-even a typical five year old in the USA.knows their honey mustard from their Dijon...and what gets stocked in the cupboards is often internationally inspired with sophisticated flavors=accents for the new New American cuisine.
AND (yay) companies take sourcing their product components-sustainably.

Some highlights: from the recent Fancy Foods Show, Healthy Products Showcase, Editor Showcase

PLANT BASED Beverages Are The New Milk 

PUMPKIN and TURMERIC--New Hot Flavors Part 2

No longer a holiday only flavor---pumpkin gets some love year round:

Savory, Smoky, Pickled, Pumpkin, Bacon,Turmeric ...

Part One:
Fancy Food Show, Editor Showcase

Step aside sriracha ---the new trendy flavors tantalize the sweet, salty, sour spectrum -and reflect consumers broadening of world inspired tasty accents.

What else? Bacon STILL finds its way into condiments, candy and chocolate---coinciding with the rise in plant based alternatives foods/drinks we saw at the most recent Fancy Foods Show.

Some highlights:



SOFI winner-outstanding appetizer


Fancy Foods Show

Our favorite red hot food trend (addictive) from the Fancy Food Show-is crunchy seaweed snacks-deliciously satisfying- with nutritious value ( Vitamin K, iodine folate, magnesium, iron, and calcium) and blessedly low in calories=WIN WIN WIN.
These chip slayers have a naturally salty tad sweet crispy composition... and come in spicy and seasoned flavors as well as in organic choices.Popular in Korea as a snack-most companies we found- source from that area of the planet.
Offered in snack size single packs - for those on the go... as well as larger size options-which frankly, got devoured almost as quickly in our household-straight outta the bag, no serving bowl necessary...or sharing.


Big and Small Companies Get GOING- Organic, And/Or (at least) Getting Rid of Artificial Ingredients-
or-imo-risk losing sales to customers that care.

And there are more of those kinds of humans -and more snack choices...without the 'junk.' Indulgent treats are always on trend-but consumers are def. embracing the more 'natural' kind with a few exceptions like Walmart's Hostess mash-up, the iconic  Twinkies coming to freezers near you. Shutting down one artery/bite (joke)

Some Sweet Eats...

Thoroughly addictive (you've been warned) BROWNIE BRITTLES are the brilliant idea of Sheila G. Main's-who smartly found a way to package the crispy crunch top/edge of great acclaim!
How to better the best? Make Brownie Brittle USDA tasty flavors Chocolate Chip, Chocolate & Toasted Coconut, Pretzel and Dark Chocolate (with a perfect balance of salty pretzel bits with sweetness).

BREAKFAST ALL DAY: Not Your Grannie's Granola

Breakfast all day-we've been doing THAT forever-cereal always worthy of eating as a meal or snack.

Part of the reason why imo-granola has gone glammy -(not just granny).

Whatever your tastes and allergies-the mix-ups of gourmet granola offerings are numerous! Crunchy all... sweetish to very sweet (added like organic honey, and/or dried fruits), spicy (of course-it's a hot food trend, literally), nut free, grain free selections...delivering higher protein (from seeds - nuts) than the usual cereal fare...and standard MO-non-GMO, some gluten free (from the selections we saw), dairy free, kosher, zero trans fat....

Note-these are fairly calorie high snacks imo...typical serving (1/4 cup) which isn't that around 130-150 calories -why a tablespoon of granola as a food accent- in a smoothie, atop ice cream-or creamy yogurt for example = satisfying crunchy indulgence...which also happens to be how yogurt -with crunchy ad…


The Cutting Edge Walking Shoe That 'Shows" The Way +LECHAL Technology

When we're walking around a new to us city laid out on the grid system...we're still fidgeting with a map-(smartphone screens too small for that)...let alone in our own hometown-when we venture to those now hip outer boroughs-or even the West Village where 4th street insanely intersects with 10th street....ahhh. The solution: HI TEC finally conjures up a tech-tricked out footwear-wearable tech -that we'd actually want.

We fell in LOVE with Hi Tec's new Navigator Low i WP (waterproof) walking shoe-that IS genius- has India's Lechal technology in the insoles (yes controlled by a GPS app)...that deftly deploys this guiding software originally designed to aid blind individuals. 
 How it works-the state of the art hepatic LECHAL vibrating pod...pictured above in its square charging station -gets placed int eh specifically designed insole...synchs with a smartphone via Bluetooth--one enters a…

ATHLETE GALS Best Beauty Bets

Fierce beauty...requires scrutiny.


Since the skin absorbs 90% of what gets put on it (think about that next time one reads products labels full of indecipherable chemicals)...women are scrutinizing beauty ingredients that lack much (really any it seems)FDA -USA government oversight-vs the EU...resembling food ingredients.

DUH...that's why sales of natural indie beauty brands-skincare products and cosmetics-are booming...with these often home grown businesses finding customers by way of reviews and celeb endorsements-that aren't even paid for.

We recently learnt of a USDA ORGANIC line of skin care and cream sunscreen that really impressed usSanre Organic Skinfood,


Athletic ladies have always used multi-tasking cosmetics/skincare that keeps up with their busy lifestyles and sweaty faces-but it's been the  success of female teams on the world stage (World Cup-soccer, the Olympics in particular)-that has really (imo) given instagram worthy pics of natural to downright glammy glittery appearances -looks.

For the minimalists...sunscreen is a must. 

For proof of just how critical blocking out UVA/UVB/IVC rays with a solid broad spectrum rated 30SPF or higher, is -just check out any age group amateur competition-for stark differences in skin quality and texture amongst humans of the same age. It's not just genetics.

We always use physical sunblocks with active ingredients of zinc oxide and/or titanium oxide . OUR experience in endurance events-find these usually white creamy physical block formula(s)-last longer, block out the burn rays way better. Chemical sunscreens-that feel hotter on the skincare heavily marketed as effective-  but have ingre…