Monday, July 11, 2016


Outdoor Retailer/SLC

OLIBERTÉ is the world's first Fair Trade certified footwear company---with a factory based in Ethiopia...employing local craftsmen and largely sourcing materials from sub-Sahara Africa too. Which is awesome-but the company has also truly thrived in a fashion sense- because the footwear is stylish, distinguished looking-with a 'look' that no other footwear label has and contemporary price points that are a durable value.

All major selling points -and a reason why this 'hot' label is so cool.

Some highlights from the Fall 2016 collection---

Chelsea Boot-iconic style-must have

mid cut-pull-on boot-new style for Fall 2016

Women-Hirari hand cut moccasin fringe. premium cow leather upper, goat lining,  wedge map cement outsole
cute wedge boots-wedge map cement outsole, premium co leather upper, goat lining, water based PU insole with heel stabilizer-women's

similar to sell out Mogado Hi-waxed based poly laces, premium leather upper, comfort PU insole w/ heel stabilizer, goat lining and traditional stitch down stitching around the base

chukka-with treaded rubber outsole

Chukka-premium leather uppers, breathable goat leather lining...

RANGO BOOT-new color for Fall-in background-adorable OLIBABY slippers

a fav-military kick-lace high top style boot..leather upper treaded -with PU comfort insole inside, traditional stitch down at the base