Sunday, July 31, 2016

HOMETOWN/COUNTRY EATS -Fancy Foods Show Part 5

Javits Center/NYC

Staple foods from other countries have increasingly been incorporated into American cuisine. Whether exotic grains, beans, spices, fruits, vegetables etc...typical international eats are gracing hometown plates everywhere.

Some highlights:

Quinoa a higher protein grain -is sourced directly from Ecuadorian Highlands' farmers by Highland Farm Foods-a company with the mission to provide high quality products that are nutritious, natural and have great taste.  A member of 1% For The Planet. FYI what we like-Quinoameal can be cooked/eaten like oatmeal 

Salt Water Taffy is childhood staple just about...spots like Atlantic City and Salt Lake City---serve up their own sweet versions of this, chewy candy-while rum flavored treats from the Caribbean island of Tortuga conjures up sandy white beaches underneath clear blue skies...and of course, umbrella drinks.

Tortuga Salt Water Taffy-from the company that offers moist rich rum cakes from a four generation old family recipe...chewy sweet run flavored candy.

TAPAS-small plates bites-are becoming a way of life...arguably the way more and more Americans are eating-including healthier and more substantial snacks.
ESPUÑA TAPAS ESSENTIALS was founded in the small Catalan region in Spain-a locale that has a long standing history of dry-cured pork products...prepared in the traditional dry-curing ways. This company itself was founded in 1947 - and is still family owned  (3rd generation) with an upstate NY facility crafting traditional dry-cured handcrafted sausages-the same way they are in Spain with the freshest pork meat prepared by grinding, mixing with spices then dry-cured. The company's Serrano Ham-which is placed in curing slats and air-cured 9-15 months depending on the product---de-boned, molded into blocks, and sliced-is exported from SPAIN-with USDA approval.  Note: All products sourced from antibiotic free meats to produce all natural and nitrite free charcuterie. Pictured- a Fuet Ring is flavored with salt, celery extract and black pepper-serve by slicing paired with mini toasts, crackers or bread sticks. 
Chorizo Bites and Sticks - ESPUÑA TAPAS ESSENTIALS-grab and go eats made from traditional dry-cured Chorizo Salami with Spanish paprika, minced garlic and salt. IMO-jerky company stick addicts should check out these portable  ESPUÑA TAPAS ESSENTIALS ---more robust authentic also pairs well with bold cheeses and dried fruits...a typical tapas plate. 
Black licorice from Holland is a revelation if one has only eaten a mass market USA version. Gustav's Dutch Licorice-are  aromatic almost buttery chewy sweets come in several flavors-are naturally fat free-and not cloyingly sweet-beciase the treats are made from sugar and licorice extract-NOT corn syrup.

Double Salt is an understatement-these are really salty with a mid texture- with hints of licorice flavor...almost could see popping these during sweaty endurance races. Widely available including AMAZON

We'd use the cliché purr-fect lol Gustaf's Dutch Licorice-delcious bites. Chewy and firm texture. 

MACARONS -French style-have taken over America who marvel at this light weight crispy shell cookie with a soft rich creamy filling-available in loads of exotic flavors. Leave it to the a French company though-to make this delicious sweet easily available...delivered here by importer White ToqueMag'M 6 flavors.

Mag'M 6 flavors.
Vinegar are the new 'olive oil' in the sense that this a now a premium condiment-shelf stable staple-aged like fine wine wine, and coming in so many nuanced flavors...some offerings commanded packaging that is pure luxurious.
Plush packaging---from family owned BONINI MODENA where balsamic vinegar from Trebbiano variety grapes are aged at lease 12 years or 25 years (!!!). No wonder a fav of top chefs worldwide-and available here at at several locales and online including BuonItalia. Bonino Modena vinegars have earned a DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta, Protected Designation of Origin).

Sometimes it's all about the packaging-classic Italian movies get splashy play-courtesy of SORINI  Italia-delicious creamy milk chocolates with rich cappuccino/nutty hazelnut/tiramisu fillings.

The predecessor of Nabisco's Mallomars (1913) -the popular marshmallow portable s'mores ----has a Danish ancestor version that was invented over 200 years ago in Denmark. Several companies including Floede Bolle-been making their chocolate covered Floedeboller -chocolate covered soft meringue-like center made from sugar, egg whites -for a light foamy texture...which is then portioned individually onto crisp waffle pattern base. Another company-SAMBA  sells their foam kisses-which we tried-and the sweet mallow filling, crunchy cookie and authentic chocolate icing-delivers a more gourmet experience of this treat that we grew up with. Consider us converted!