Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hometown Eats-New York: Fancy Food Show

Part 3

Feeling in an Empire state of mind...there was plenty from the hosting state that caught or eyes-and tastebuds...


Some Highlights:
SWEET SAM'S hails from the Soundview section of the BRONX...a hometown success story...making sweet indulgent treats using fresh eggs and real butter-for fresh bakery freshness-that are so much better than those mass brands-practically no comparison.  Pictured- gone in a New York minute cupcakes...large size Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Peanut Butter.
Crumbling piled high  buttery topped coffee crumb cake and streusel with walnut filling are both classics - grandmothers would approve of.

OPRAH anointed-sweet, creamy crisp perfection- and sinfully indulgent Aunt Butchies  crisp almond cone with slurge worthy cheesecake filling-are the most  textured heavenly divine sample we tried AND the only one we went back for seconds the next day. YES THAT GOOD. As soon as we saw these-we thought gotta be from Staten Island or Brooklyn...only in NY would a kind of signature desserts like cannoli and iconic cheesecake get a refresh this good. FYI-acclaimed Italian restaurant worth of destination status.

The BROOKLYN FOODWORKS-is a Brooklyn foodie incubator start-up heaven for entrepreneurs-right in the middle- on Flushing Avenue's old Pfizer building...we found a lot of craft offerings from this entity (including spicy granola-another post). Pictured the crispy light-and FUN Mushroom Meringues by Brooklyn Cookie Company-unique shape-and delivered in a tin small size with 30---and large with 50! GREAT GIFT ITEM! Naturally gluten free too. Pop in your mouth treats-kinda melt away. 

what's the fuss on COLD BREW? (other selections will be another post)-a richness-full body sip less acute bitterness that is addicting coffee addicts deja vue all over again! Founder Steve Gorman's labor of love-great sip and fab glass keg bottle= chug worthy! The signature Brooklyn blend uses single Origin FTP green coffee sourced from Central/South America=smooth and full bodied brew with bakers chocolate and peanut butter flavors as it is steeped for a full 24 hours in a temperature controlled environment. AWESOME. Available on tap for now-and at POP-Ups.And they can also deliver a KEGERATOR INSTALLATION!!! That is so NY too.

116th Street on the east side-has a storied food history of it's own...and now one more- premium hand crafted chocolates---tells a story with each bite by Harlem Chocolate Factory .
Tad of heat with sweet chunks of fruit in Mangoes Del Barrio---also Strivers Row- with 72% dark chocolate,  chewy fresh black currants, candy bits and Champagne!. FYI founder Jessica Spaulding is a lifelong resident.,,,$12.99 available Harlem Haberdashery and the must see Studio Museum of Harlem.

Being a Certified B Corporation...always catches our eyeballs-especially in the food industry...but we were even more compassionately surprised-and educated about GREYSTON BROWNIES-in Yonkers NY...that employs an Open Hiring™ Model-training those that have barriers to employment-to make these premium brownies out of responsibly sourced, kitchen friendly ingredients. No compromise here in terms of taste at all...btw. Yummy and rich---we tried the chocolate fudge brownie....sold in gift box sizes starting at $25 for several winning flavors---and attention customers-makes a wonderful corporate gift that gives back.

Biz model that reminds us of our local Ben & Jerry shop...and it's a win win for everyone...PLUS Greyson Brownies are now featured in the Unilever owned Ben & Jerry ice cream's own "Empower Mint"

FYI: A non-profit runs several programs...