Monday, July 25, 2016


Part 1

Fancy Food Show/NYC

Consumers are well traveled and informed ---and open to culinary adventures experienced or watched on some screen----feeding  into consumption of exotic gourmet foods, flavors and ingredients. Even with their own home eating habits.

While there was plenty of European products as expected-at the Fancy Food Show -there was also more maybe not so familiar items from far flung lands-that USA consumer palates are ready to explore.

Featured aisles of dedicated by country and USA state exhibitors...included African nation Tunisia.

FYI:Tunisia ranks 2nd in the world in olive oil production just behind Spain with a production of approximately 340 thousand tons.  Its unique taste and flavor, plus health benefits allow Tunisian olive oil, a trademark of Tunisian land, to attract consumers from further away countries. With food processing the third largest manufacturing sector-Tunisia's products are sold and distributed worldwide...and the government and companies involved in the food industry-assure the highest quality for products exported...including tasting all olive oils to assure quality. 
Pictured above-tasty dessert sweet treats made from olive oil.

Also from Africa-Mozambique grown cashews...from the Sunshine Nut Company-founded by former Hershey executive Don Larson- who took to heart-the business model of people, planet, profits-by giving up the cushy USA life-and relocating to begin the multi-year process of training/ employing and paying fair wages to orphan adults from local communities--to grow/roast cashews-as well as buying-renovating facilities and installing roasting equipment (read more here). NOW-available from coast to coast-and online -Sunshine Nut. Co. cashews come in several flavors and are delicious...big plump nuts of the finest quality. BONUS POINTS: 90% of proceeds aregiven to care for orphans and cashew farming communities. "Providing Hope Never Tasted So Good." Amen to that.

COSTA RICA is an ecological destination for travelers...and has several Fair Trade coffee products from native growers...including ECO CAFÉ's assortment that included delicious Gold Mountain-rich full body brew reminiscent of Hawaii's Kona Beans that comes in ground and whole beans -grown in Miramar region (available online and on AMAZON ) and Eco Café Costa Rica- Tarrazu-smooth medium body drink-that also delivers in handy K-Cups.

Korea's spicy fermented kimchi probably pre-dates those other popular Korean popular exports-K-Pop and beauty products...and along those tasty lines- from BIBIGO-maker of real deal Korean pantry staples and prepared foods like dumplings- a trio of handy shelf stable favorable sauces... Gochujang Mayo Sauce (SRP: $5.50/9.3 oz.)—a spicy creamy interesting take on mayonnaise to put on everything from tacos to tater tots to sandwiches (center), Gochujang Barbecue Sauce (SRP: $5.50/11.5 oz.)—a bold, smoky and spicy sauce that adds full flavors to grilled BBQ foods-like short ribs and steak (pictured on right)... and Gochujang Hot & Sweet Sauce (SRP: $5.50/11.5 oz.)—a  sweet & spicy sauce available in a new squeezable bottle that gives a tangy flavor to chicken or grilled shrimps.
Korean soy sauces-authentic rich taste...make you re-think those American  imitator versions
MISO is a Japanese staple -for all three main meals-that happily as a soup-has been popular here for decades! Love the idea of a miso bar-and wonder why we have not seen it in NYC yet. From MARUKOME-Japan's oldest miso company (1854!)-many miso products are sold here-including tubs of  organic miso paste that we buy at our local market and use to flavor anything instead of salt...for a richer sweet/salt flavor... also sell available in instant miso soup packets too-great for traveling and popular handy squeeze bottles.