Friday, June 10, 2016


 Part 5

Summer's Best Designs -Great Gifts For Those Going On Roads Less Traveled

There is something about summer that signals it' time to lighten up-especially for individuals who travel light-embracing experience over 'stuff'...

Yet daily essentials need to be carried around in something...and as gifts for recipients...ready to ditch the everyday dark (boring) backpack ...and slide on an equally practical-roomy messenger bag or spacious tote.

IMO A lot easier to carry and that means on public transport too (crowded subway cars!!!!)...these haulers come in seasonal friendly colors and prints--- and are made of durable materials...enough to carry a lot of weighty things, withstand any rainy weather-and last for many journeys.

Our Obsession...
Latest fav label-REAL DEAL BRAZIL...uses discarded thick weathered tarps-cotton canvas from Brazilian cargo trucks, repurposed hard-wear---to fashion the coolest rugged-road tested totes, shoulder/duffle bags,  messenger bags (pictured), totes and Brazilians paired a fair wage. The Iquape Messenger Bag-combo briefcase $99=With inner and outer pockets-hand stitched-and nifty details...tough enough for any road warrior travels. Each is unique!

authenticate-the original details of the thick canvas...impart a swagger to this flap cover option...
PLUS: LOVE-THIS Hat was made for famously funny/serious actor Woody Harrelson-the loops held his Twinkies lol...the style featured in Zombieland is the most popular now-even for non ZOMBIE slayers-the Real Deal Brazil folks have a collection of 5 hats..all made from sizes S-L. Great travel pieces-this one packs down well and retains it shape via a wire rim. $39.99-$19.99

the brand story...inside each hat.

TIMBUK2's Flag Messenger bag sold out in 30 minutes :-(...but other customized options feature serve up patterns bright and neutral colors-on messenger bags designed for those on the go.
Oui Oui...Lacoste's totes all have French flair...made to carry daily essentials and roomy enough for weekend getaways...inside interior pockets, flat bottom durable shoulder handles-clean classic look
This fabulous Mountain Khakis-Duluth Pack tote comes courtesy of 2 ruggedly distinct USA brands and is MADE IN THE USA too...won't be available for a few months-BUT at a media preview---we saw a few from this amazing collab-pictured a Bison leather tote. Behind it-a durable thick cotton canvas tote- with trims of waxed cotton canvas...MK Market tote...with very distinct recycled climbing rope handles + snap closure. Available now  $ color wave options too...we actually have one and always get a compliment or two at the grocery store- checkout line.