Thursday, June 9, 2016

GRADS +DADs Gifts Gadgets+Gourmet+Golf

Part 4

Enhancing life's adventures...some stuff-like small gadgets, socks (never have enough) and devour-able (inhale-able) eats...are perfect gifts-both clever, portable and/or tasty!
about palm sized

Press for multiple light modes-flash, red, edge-lit  &1350 mAh battery power

Brooklyn (!!!) based BioLite makes the cleverest portable stove aka energy source we've written up plenty of times for its twig eating' usb charging' ways...what's new is this small lightweight BioLite/charger-"BE Seen" with a USB charge in/out=never miss sharing it on social media. Comes with integrated collapsible clipstand.
USB charge in/out-clipstand pops out-hang in a shirt pocket tent etc

love this-comes with attachment-bike bracket for cyclists! Tiny LED lights on side-battery charge indicator.
Never miss a moment from the cheap seats (aka the only spots left for non-bot buying general public grrrr) with MAVEN Outdoor Equipment Binoculars-optical precision parts assembled in the USA-for stock (starting at $900) or customized options

-as outdoor -camping enthusiasts+ star gazers (hence the LYRA in LyraMag.) we loved this  powerful S1A features powerful 25-50X magnification
Everybody who has ever had a multi-tool Swiss Army Knife type gadget confiscated by TSA-please raise your hand? Oh, that would be everyone we know...


SOLUTION -less the sharp edges but with tricked out Allen + box wrenches, screwdrivers...Leathermen's Multi Tool TREAD 17-4 stainless steel bracelet-adjustable $220

Delicious chocolates -why same them for those 'other' holidays...imo any occasion-including TGIFs and Throwback Thursday...deserve a celebration! La Maison du Chocolat-freshly made in France and flown to its boutiques all over the word-are just on another "higher" level of savory sweets. New for June-the LIGHT AS AIR collection-starting at $30...
SUPER easy to just finish this entire've been warned. The Light As Air Collection- with Fleeting Noir : Dark, sweet and round, with a silky texture of a ganache without cream Absolute Raspberry : Chocolate and raspberry both ephemeral  and enchanting, delicate and explosive, an acidulous treasure, and Puff of Lemon : Chocolate and lemon without bitterness, lively and refreshing flavor with its infusion of lime and lemon (and our fav) 

Indulgent Roe Caviar---ahhh-why save it for New Year's Eve? ALL sustainably farmed- from California white  sturgeon... ROE's offerings-shipped overnight...delivered cold -underneath the ice pack keeps it cool. Gorgeous keepsake box, Mother of pearl spoon and key tin opener complete the set... $149. Limited supplies-future delivery-BTW

Hammacher Schlemmer settles the question who makes the best single malt-why that would be your gift recipient-with this customized Gentlemen's Personalized Whisky kit (or Gentlewomen's ---and HAMMOND is the last name-substitute with yours...) Authentic wooden barrel holds up to 67 oz...remains steady on the iron stand...nifty! $149.95

comes with flavored essences-Kentucky bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, and Marks bourbon
Another so clever offering from Hammacher Schlemmer...this IrisPen™ Air scanner--- among other functions-scans menus written up in any of FIFTY FIVE languages--and translates into english-read via a smartphone app-out loud-in FORTY languages.A MUST for the gourmet traveler who maybe would really like to know what's in that dish. And ideal for those grads with food allergies which seem to more curiously affect the younger under 30 types.Rechargeab;e batteries...and via USB cord included.

 Golf-seems folks love or hate it-and often both, depending on their play...but these STANCE socks are so fun (featuring golf's more colorful characters-PROS: Gary Player, Payne Stewart, Chi Chi. Call Time or Bushwood CC)...even non players can appreciate these colorful feet coverings...from Fairwaystyles ($16/per)