Thursday, June 30, 2016

SUNNY-SANDY Accessory Essentials PART 2

More fun in the sun-and in a pool-and on a beach, and in the, gadgets and accessories that get you and your essentials there...for a splashing good time.

why should it surprise us that L.L. Bean  has a sand/snow dinosaur (pictured) $29.95 and Yeti molds for the ultimate sculpture under the sun.  Plus outdoor-backyard lawn games like horseshoe, croquet and archery sets= FUN
MONSTER iSPORT Freedom Wireless Bluetooth on ear headphones-with reflective pops...lets you dial volume up/down, answer calls, move tracks forward/back in a tough durable, sweat proof and water tough manner. USD-micro USB cable for charging, anti microbial cleaning cloth, and travel pouch included $199.95

A day at the beach, or in the park-any workouts with smartphones require waterproof protection for that NOW life essential no matter if all data is backed up in the CLOUD. FITLETIC-maker of every race belt we own...makes this HydraLOCK
iPhone  arm case with handy velcro straps to attach to biceps S/M or L/XL $39.95.
Unisex kicks cool enough for hot nights
NATIVE footwear featherweight shoes are classics in the making with a twist-stylish dressy silhouettes refreshed with fun colors, prints and design perforations and cushioning built in to beat the heat of feet. Apollo Moc microfiber upper with laser etched perforations, Superbuck gusset, EVA outsole, microfiber laces-$90 BONUS POINTS PETA-VEGAN approved.
Snazzy floral prints-we saw these at a Fall preview but a bright summery style Jerico Princess Day glow Bloom Print slip-on $55 and Verona in assorted prints available now!
Hike or climb in these approach shoes by Adidas owned FIVE TEN Access ($140) pictured in carbon with matchy match Five Ten Socks-could get the approving nod from even the Yeezy cool are these? Kicks got us up a mountain walking and pop of red laces gave it some fashion flair. Outsoles feature the Stealth S1 classic rubber the brand is famous for with a climbing zone for added durability and technical edging, a lightweight EVA midsole with high rubber content for increased shock absorption, and a rubber toe cap with rubberized exoskeleton lacing system for protection and support (and fit). Perforated nubuck leather upper...the style makes it a breathable everyday kick too imo---in men's sizes but we fit EURO 39 though others might want to size a half up. Overall ...felt enough stiffness in the ankle -mid area-for support we need of a day hiking mid (particularly going down a steep path), with enough flex-that one needs for edging the rocks or scrambling up.

say hello to our new ALL DAY  about the city and on our feet forever tradeshow floor kicks by LOWA-part of their Arctic Lifestyle collection for men and women. The San Francisco GTX™ low Surround™...(waterproof)   amazingly so lightweight, breathable with an innovative open sole construction that allows the air to circulate-courtesy of that unique GORE-TEX Surround™ technology that made a big intro at OR show,
What really sold us though-the cushioning with an energy returning footbed that's a plush ride-so much so we weren't our usual desperate to take off shoes mode the sec we got home. PU Monowrap frame, and integrated PU midsole for durable long lasting wear+even a cushioned tongue for comfort. Heel coddling PU density heel counter helps keep alignment correct... no surprise-the shoes share the DNA of some of those amazing design details of the brand's acclaimed hiking boots. PLUS  Euro lifestyle sneaker flair looks certainly look a bit more stylish than our trail running shoe -our former choice for all day tradeshow strolls. Detail-pop of color from laces-bright blue vs charcoal -navy upper- and white outsoles def 'it' looking for right now. Guy version too. 100% handcrafted in Europe.
As seen above there are both side perforations and at the bottom -lets hot moist crammy feeling 'stuff' out....keeps debris out too. The side supportive exoskeletal construction of the San Francisco GTX lo Surround combines with a signature characteristic of Lowa...anatomically curved for a natural flex that cradles the foot-kinda see it in the outsole-how it curves mimicking the real shape of a foot... enables the foot to move comfortably-the way it is supposed to- but stable too, not wobbly at all. Great kick for traveling-can handle concrete, cobble stones or even a day hiking trail-with ease. Available Now with several color options.

EX OFFICIO makes the most comfy undies that -in theory-one pair is all you need for a backpacking jaunt around the world. Hmmm...maybe so, but we swear by the durability of our sample that sees plenty of regular machine washing... though not tossed in quite like the above gif...these adorable Women's Give-N-Go® sport mesh bikini thongs deliver in cute color waves. Bonus- with flat lock seams and smooth waistband for chafe free wear, very ultralight breathable mesh that is perfect for hot sticky stretchy but shape retaining-with Lycra® spandex in the mix. 
Moisture wicking-silky soft men's Give-N'-Go low rise fly's, briefs and briefs -the boxer style passed the 17 countries in 6 weeks test-yikes-so clearly-fast drying, lightweight, odor resistant and durable- made of nylon 94% and Lycra® spandex 6% mix-for pinch free wear
SAXX Underwear-get your FOURTH ON-FLAG flying wise... patented BallPark™contact free Crouch construction is supportive- with 3D hammock shaped pouch that keeps it all in place-guys love the no strangulation comfort and no chafe, Flat Out Seams™. In long leg, boxer and brief styles made of tech-performing fabrics like Modal, merino wool, spandex with polyester, cotton etc and the construction-9 panels of fabrics for 3D shaping. Impressive. Pictured: Boxer modern fit M-L-XL sizes....oh pleasepleaseplease-be the solution to manspreading.


Summer sandy vistas or idyllic mountain views...both environments beg for durable outdoor gear, gadgets and human attire...that matches the heat, keeps out the undesirable elements...and even for die hard only wear black NYers...adds some color fun -for under the sun.
KEEP A LID ON IT...keep it cold too-fun colors for insulated drinks from GSI Outdoors: our favs-in the middle...Fairshare Mug (hybrid mug -bowl) $10.95 with a screw top lid and sturdy handle, and Infinity Backpacker Mug-17oz made of durable, non-leaching 100% recyclable Infinity polypropylene with insulated sleeve-$9.95-far right
dazzling color options (12!!!!) in all sizes of insulated 18/8 pro grade stainless steel, BPA free, durable sweat free powder coat finish-with TempShield™ protection= bottles-including sports and flex cap carry choices (for hydration, coffee), wide mouth options, plus the super cool growlers (beer portage made easy) by HydroFlask. hauling liquids from 12 oz ($21.95) up to 64 oz.($59.95)

Saturday, June 18, 2016


Part 2
Athletic types tend to be all about the low maintenance in their grooming rituals (all that training sucks up time)...
 -but highly demanding of what skin/haircare products they use.

Products for hair/skin that are naturally leaning with clear ingredient labels, that are effective, well packaged--- free of parabens...and priced sensibly... find favor with gals and guys...who work hard and are not persuaded by glammy ad campaigns and feted (paid) influencers.

What's New:

For skin not only dried out from a pool swim or high altitude arid air...but also slicked/ sweated out from a long run...a new amped up mist moisturizing spray-bests those other thermal water in a can quenchers...with the healing properties of pine found only in SW France. Meet our fav new product-Milky Hydrating Lotion-delivered in a fine mist... from cult skincare line iXxi Essenxiel...courtesy of a family owned French company -that uses the patented OPC PIN,  a powerful anti-oxidant, skin repairing/protective, anti-aging ingredient made from Landes pine bark-as the foundation for its many products.
iXxi Essenxiel Milky Hydrating lotion -scented but non-irritating (made from 97% natural origin ingredients)ultra-fine mist that instantly refreshes with sweet refreshing scent of pine woods...contains purifying sugar complex (wheat-wood), acacia honey, moisturizing evening primrose extract...use after applying sunscreen-or to set makeup-and  also as a pick me up from a day at the beach or hike through the woods. 

Also from  iXxi Essenxiel all skin types collection-quick performer= Velvety Cleansing Milk-a gentle no-rinse off makeup-grime remover-with that transporting scent of maritime pine extract and OPC PIN-plus camellia oil and plum butter. 97% natural origin ingredients and of course paraben free. Good for travelers too-who are heading to destinations where the water type is questionable or nonexistent.
Popular as a beauty supplement...for even for the mani/pedi free...Biotin aka Vit B7-has many cheerleaders amongst the MD Derms we know...which is how we even knew about its purported helpful ways-suggested to us by the late genius Dr. Frederick Brandt. A trusted brand that delivers-Biotin Plus by Natrol contains 5000mcg of  Biotin
plus 10mg Lutein per dosage...supports nails/hairs from brittle break-offs---and purportedly aids skin hydration too. Win Win-esp. when traveling when on the go meals lack nutritional value of what we eat when home.

New to the USA...but a best selling skincare line in CANADA...Jouviance has several collections of skincare targeting younger-to more mature types with targeted needs ranging from acne, redness, uneven skin tone, fine lines/wrinkles and loss of firmness. Developed by a dermatologist-this well priced skincare line-is a no-nonsense deliverer of clinical results without the hassle (or expense). From basic everyday use- like the pictured Cleansing the new daily RESTRUCTIV Glycol/Laser soft peel -in a lotion or moisturizing night cream-plus a 1x a week masque-boasting an impressive 10% glycol acid--yet non-irritating ---helping to effectively shrink the appearance of pore size and encouraging skin cell renewals for a fresher appearance-desired by both women and men. We also tried the best selling easy to use 3-In-1 Anti-Aging-that is paraben free and hydrating--which we use as a moisturizing helper in our sensitive eye area after a swim. It mercifully-aids in firming up our eye sockets that def. takes a beating from our swim goggles-that now leave less then lovely indents. FYI-FREE OF parabens, sulphates, phthalates, mineral oils, colourants, or artificial fragrances.

Now available at CVS-PURA D'OR's Blue Line of consumer products targets hair loss, flaky irritated scalps, and frizzy dry locks...with targeted conditioners and shampoos made from a slew of natural ingredients-including organic multi-tasking organ oil. Packaged in over-sized pump bottles...and priced from around $19.99-$32.99...Pura D'or hair solutions-contain no harsh sulfates that can dry out hair, no SLS or parabens OR SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES (yay), is gluten free and good for even the most sensitive skin/scalp types. We have been using the Healing Conditioner (on the left)...made of impressive 99% natural origin ingredients, smells great with lavender oil and natural vanilla extract, easily gets out the tangles of our long locks-one pump finger combed through wet hair- left on for 2 minutes...then rinsed out. Cruelty free and made in the USA-bonus points!

adorable-and adorably created by 10 year old Daisy-a young gal with entrepreneurial leanings...our new like every hour usage- lip balm by LIPZU (ZESTY pictured-comes in 6 fun shapes/scents-$6.00 each)-soothes dry cracked lips with 95% organic ingredients and is 100% paraben and petroleum free-and soothing with shea butter, jojoba oil and Vit. E.
in the middle---the creative light of LIPZU...with a few pals. CUTE

Friday, June 17, 2016

SUNNY ESSENTIALS Skincare Bets for Outdoors

Part One...

IT'S getting to be that time of year when 2 showers a day are the norm...and our needs for maintaining some of kind of acceptability, looks wise-changes dramatically.

Some Protective Products To Help Keep Summery Temps
 Effects in check...
BODYGLIDE-used  at every triathlon we've ever done...anti-chafe, anti-blister protection and fyi-a must for getting a wetsuit off in a timely manner...several targeted balms for pain relief, sun protection, feet easy to use roll-ons...
Sunscreens---vary in durability-water resistance tough, ease of application-and of course ingredients. We prefer mineral sunscreens (found them longer lasting) and layer on two layers when our outdoor jaunts are going to be long and sweaty...
BONUS:Chalky white pasty 'lifeguard' look is a thing of the past...some brands we prefer...blocking damaging UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum rays... .Goddess Garden...a reasonably priced label widely available
Goddess Garden....great for sensitive skins-a white film appears on application-but can be rubbed to disappear...long lasting these  mineral based actives Titanium Oxide -Zinc Oxide sunscreens-come in Everyday (pictured-green-one we use is creamy tube formula), Baby-active Zinc Oxide, Kids, Sport and Facial -including new primer/sunscreen version-active Zinc Oxide.
Prefer a spray? This cheekily named My Cabana Boy applicator is genius...most standard sunscreen cans fit in...with a satisfying click...and by extending one's reach...makes getting to the hard spots....easy to protect. SMART.

Laguna Blue Towels...think about those gym towels really wipe off the nasties-on equipment or mats which are well used by who knows?From a medical industry oriented company-new consumer venture is on our speed dial list...super plush soft microfiber (unique Enviro Linen fabric) anti-bacterial, non-linting towels (effective against potentially deadly MRSA, E-Coli) are even more water absorbent than cotton towels-need less water and heat when cleaning (WIN WIN)...making them a great choice for transitioning from the swim to the bike in T1. IMO: Kitchen towels of the new competition
Buzzing annoying flying gone...without DEET...and from decent smelling repellants too.....
Sallye Ander Soaps No-Bite-Me Cream -and there's a soap too..are DEET FREE...made of a blend of 16 essential oils including cedar, mint, lemongrass, lemongrass, geranium, clove, thyme, rosemary and eugenol oils  

DEET FREE BUG'OV from Carpe Insectae™ for humans or furry friends-dogs (even a bandana package-cute) horses or cats ...different sprays for each and stick and cream formulation for banishing annoying black flies ...the Don't Bite formula $11 for hefty 8oz....has active ingredients of essential oils- cedar, citronella, cedar, lemongrass, peppermint and clove.


A WINE ENTHUSIAST EVENT-hopefully will continue...a genius pairing of Reds (Malbec, Fruity, Bold) , Dry Whites, Rosés (which ranged from dry to more fruity)---- from Southwest France...paired with french fry indulgent creations inspired by the aforementioned-as interpreted by five top NYC chefs.


we started here...Chef AARON LEMONICA-Seamtress/Belle Shoals-Full Body Reds-Freedom Fries

we would of happily done the above for the below

found heaven here-the delicious Malbecs by Chateau Lagrézette 2012 Le Pigeinnier (Cahors)left-and 2010 (Cahors) on the right

Chef Pedro Duarte-Suishisamba-crated Crispy Potato Confit-with 100% Malbec Wines
on left-Chef Greg Rubin of American Cut...Beef Fat Fries paired with Fruity Red Wines

a selection of whites and reds...added plus!

not on the menu-to the crushing disappointment of attendees...Thai Fries by Chef Christopher Stam-Spice Market

Thai Fry=WOW

Chef Ricky Camacho-Anejo creates Carnita Fries to pair with dry white wines

 The Judges...
Chef Hugo Uys Bröd Kitchen (left) , Master Sommelier Fred Dexheimer, Roger Voss European- Editor Wine Enthusiast (right)

Chef Hugo Uys Bröd Kitchen (left) and Master Sommelier Fred Dexheimer (right)

Sip and Spit...

A competition divinely inspired!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

SUNGLASSES-Outdoor Urban Style for Hangout or Workout

Not made in the shade-sunglasses aren't just fashion statements... (though they are...) ......that prevent future wrinkles-
...they're critical for eye protection against melanoma, cataracts damaging UV, Blue Light High Energy Visible Light and Infrared  rays (yup-that's from those addicted to smartphones and laptops) ...which is why we lean towards those outdoor brand shades...with their top tech attributes for precise clear, accurate vision, comfort- lightweight features, perfect fit...and scratch tough-shatterproof lens.

No need to opt for the strictly aero athletic shapes lifestyle options that multi-task-are city sleek as well as outdoor chic.

Some favs from practically heritage brands= VUARNET and SMITH Optics.

Vuarnet's iconic Profil round and rounded Horizon cat's eye shape-super lightweight...we have ours from the late 80s worn so much-the side logo half worn off....that is a durability! Made from mineral glass-no chromatic distortion-super sharp vs 'plastic glass' are 100% made in France. Protective 100%, 99% and 94% against the aforementioned damaging rays ...UV, Blue Light High Energy Visible Light and Infrared glare free vision too. Several color lenses available...Pictured the new ROMY in homage to actress Romy Schneider...oui, oui

all lens have a very discreet 'V' embossed.....

James Bond wore these!!! These glacier glasses-have removable side case in natural leather with magnetic fixing to the arms, natural leather bridge, made in Italy-frame is in stainless steel and acetate-handsome!

so lightweight-feels like wearing a pricey titanium frame but a value at $169 ...all with ChromaPop™/Carbonic TLT lenses that define colors and shapes in a 4D equivalent. Lower left-love this model-Bridgetown ---barrel hinge lenses, frames made from  EVOLE Eco material, megol nose pads keeps it on no matter what just about, multiple frame color options-ChromaPop™ polarized gray green lens.
The Sidney new women's shape-flatters a lot of faces...vintage cat's eye shape-thick framing made from EVOLE eco material, megol nose pads keeps it on the face where it should be when sweating away-why we could probably play a game of tennis wearing these...polarized brown lenses, multiple frame shade options

Rockford in homage to TV show-update on aviator shape looks good on many guy shapes. Nose pads have 2 level adjustability, Carbonic TLT lenses, stainless steel frame construction and shape is  9x3 toric lens curvature $179

Primo sunglass---crafted from titanium with ChromaPop™ polarized lenses-Outlier Tri-top of the line for clarity with anti-reflective and hydroleophobic lens coverage, lightweight comfort and great fit with hydrophilic megol temple pads and adjustable silicone nose pads $279

Smith is fishing...wide eye coverage---in a dedicated collection

lens options-all super lightweight-and fyi-precription versions too
 WHAT ELSE-at a media preview-excited to see these Mountain Bike specific goggles...