Sunday, May 1, 2016

Skin/Body Care+Fragrances- Beauty Biz Going Green


Essential Oils for Face/Lips/Body, Bath Salts, Botanical+Herbal Fragrances -Small Batch Premium Selections

There's not a major demographic out there-that is not scrutinizing what ingredients...deemed "natural" or "organic" really means...besides reading the labels...whether looking for a broader story line to connect to... embracing a message that offers personal or environmental benefits...or examining the provenance of a product's components.  Just being 'green'-at premium prices no less-may entice consumers-but they're going to want more than that "simple" sales pitch which is cropping up regularly these days.

Which is why most of the small batch, entrepreneurs we met at a premium beauty event organized by ELEV8.- literally/package make the array of skin/bodycare and fragrances versus having a private contractor do it.
PLUS-each brand we sampled-has a compelling narrative as to the whys/wheres/hows of their relatively young company's beauty product offerings.

Noticeably-ingredients were not only certified organic or naturally sourced from known sources, but importantly- not in the mix... the typical mass market additives...that get used by the typical big company 'Natural' products. (

Essential oils, renewable sourced botanics and herbs, bath salts, and petro-chemical +synthetic free fragrances dominated the offerings...with eco packaging (recyclable-oand/or from recycled materials) and cruelty free/sustainable production methods a priority. Another must-packaging had to preserve the integrity of the ingredients.


Birchrose + Co-100% handcrafted -100% natural ingredients-Body polish get massaged into skin...left on a few minutes, then rinsed...the algae + grapefruit one on the right center=$22 and is made from wild harvested undaria algae with hydrating coconut oil-Dead Sea salts, essential oils of grapefruit, yang yang, +lime

Prim Botanicals -large collection if all natural beauty brand based in the Philippines and California. Perfume+body/facial oils, super hydrating lip sheens in sheer tints, hand pour soy candle

The spoil yourself silly body scrub (mediterranean sea salt, himalayan pink salts, pink grapefruit and turbaned brown sugar) -and the debauchery detox body scrub (Hawaiian black lava salt, epsom salt, activated charcoal and Philippine bark coffee and Amazonian oils) names...aromatic home spa essentials 

Thorn & Bloom artisan botanical perfumes lack any synthetic aroma chemicals, any petrochemical 'stuff', preservatives, phthalates, or GMOs. Beautifully packaged, scent choices range from floral-to smoke-spice-green.  Interesting FAQs explain why even though most ingredients are organic or wild harvested...Thorn & Bloom is not USDA organic certified.