Monday, May 16, 2016


Nothing like a hilly 26.2 mile jaunt through mountain roads in cold windy rain----to remind one that post celebration just for finishing-is in order. But first things first...we have been using TOPRICIN Pain Relief widely available...for years...its homeopathic goodness -active ingredients feature pain slayer  aesculus hippocstanum 6x,  arnica montana 6x and  belladonna 6x plus 8 more healers-in a not messy white fast absorbing cream...gets rubbed in. Really works-no surprise to us that massage people we know who help out pro dancers/athletes, get the large 32 oz pump bottle size.

OOFOS recovery shoes with their unique foam composition-are so comfy/shock absorbing and energy returning/supportive...we got Vibram outsoles on this pair so we can wear them outside on the concrete sidewalks. Weary feet get coddled, arches cradled without any hard discomfort (like-say some custom insoles), and a reviving bounce is added to our stride ...which is saying something after a long long run. New slides out are cute too! Running stores probably the first to get on the OOFOS band wagon...for obvs reasons.

Compression socks-with graduated support-a few brands out there make good this picture-we have on Champion CSX Performance Amplified knee highs...15-20mmHG Compression $59.99-come in a bunch of colors too for matchy match options...and everyday wear.