Monday, May 2, 2016

GREENER BEAUTY: Nails/Deodorants Part 2


Nail polishes and deodorants...two of the most commonly used items by women worldwide...are not acclaimed for their eco ingredients. Fortunately- less toxic options of these popular items- now exist...that are vegan, cruelty free-and made in small batches by companies run by aware individuals.

For nail polishes...arguably it's the color that is the determining factor-the reason a consumer buys. Fortunately "5 free" -(formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, toluene and allergens camphor and formaldehyde resin)—vegan, cruelty -free options are fairly common now...with several brands showing off on-trend colors and finishes to satisfy any nail art maestro.

Note: The FTC is cracking down on companies-with products labelled "100% natural" label- when they contain some ingredients that are not... accordingly-nail polishes are never labelled thus...

SOIGNÉ from across the Pond-showed off loads of colors...

SOIGNÉ Arle Art Box gift set

NY based ADESSE New York 5 Free formulas...loved this pale minty green-options include Liquid Chrome metallics and Glitter polishes
Natural deodorants are aluminum-free (AND NO synthetic ingredients, parabens, propylene-glycol) a good thing-but don't work for us after a few hours-for stink free wear. We were told it takes 2 weeks for the body to acclimate-ridding the body of "toxins" and "fluid build-ups" that cause odors...but we don't buy that...

 as we seriously sweat out toxins/fluids daily-training for long distance triathlons. But for a few hours when we were just hanging out around-not working up a sweat...Pachy (pictured below)  roll-on glided on clear and kinda worked (2 hours)- with scents-that are almost cologne-like... Kaia Naturals (pictured above) we did not try...made by Canada based company makes popular Juicy Bamboo Cleansing Clothes

Pachy comes in several scented options and a no scent option