Friday, May 13, 2016

#BREAKtheICE Banish The Frownies

Unisex Beauty Treatments by Galderma

A real ice block...a presentation, four live performances -depicting the whys of why a frown slayer-Dysport® would be appropriate



One might need forehead/eyebrow muscles to be in Olympic medal shape to achieve the above extreme expression...but most folks aren't going for the Gold, facial -wise.

Which is why at a recent media event, the Galderma company, makers of fast acting DYSPORT® an abobotutinumtoxinA injectable treatment-that is an effective muscle relaxing competitor to the Botox® brand...presented four live performances depicting individuals who represent the target market for those wanting to get rid of those deep frown lines between the eyebrows---in an FDA approved manner.

And importantly, that's a done in a day (really maybe 5 minute) treatment. With long-lasting results.

Whether moms who name their frown lines after their kids (Gifts For Mom), singles opting for a real face to face intro' sans Tinder swipes (A Cup of Joe), or as seen below, guys at work feeling the competitive heat (What's For Lunch) or selfie addicts looking for an edge (Selfie Esteem)...

...the concept of improving one's outward appearance in the 21st century is no longer confined to celebs onscreen or reality tv/streaming's everyday people in their everyday 21st century lives wanting to look less stressed/angry/younger.

These days a range of healthcare specialists can professionally deliver prescription injectable treatments between the eyebrows for the "...temporary improvement in the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines)..."--- including Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists.

At this event-based in NYC...Dr. Kaveh Alizadeh. Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, and Dr. Marina Peredo all weighed in on how much they support/use Dysport's 'turn back the clock' worthiness-as a non-invasive treatment for their patients... (read: no downtime less keeping one's head elevated and laying off the high cardio, or Downward Dogs for a few hours, post treatment).


Being approved for use worldwide and with 25 years of clinical experience, Dysport®'s track record for delivering the aforementioned desirable  attributes-calmed whatever nervousness we had...especially when having our comp treatment administered at the calm and convenient practice (1049 Fifth Ave./Manhattan) of Dr. Paul Frank Jarrod M.D...a Board Certified Dermatologist  and Director of the Fifth Avenue Dermatology Surgery and Laser Center.

And bonus points here-appointments are on-time :-)

After filling out what we'd call the typical medical forms...we settled into a bright comfy treatment room where we were warmly greeted by Dr. Frank -- who patiently answered every itty bitty single question we had concerning Dysport® and other injectables by Galderma. Then,  ready to go- he asked us to give our best frown face possible-to smile wide, and  to lift our eyebrows-all in an exaggerated manner-to quickly provide the facial targets for our treatment. BTW-it's an injectable- so yes there is a syringe and a needle involved,, but it's not scary looking and no numbing cream is required-though one does feel pricks of the needle during treatment. For us, maybe a total of 8 pricks (we lost count-it went so fast)...potential wrinkle spots got treated... usually the first (sometimes only) question our pals always ask about any injectable treatment -and here's where the skill level of the practitioner  comes in handy---because maybe for our test drive of Dysport®-that was over in under two minutes...scored a 1.5-2 out of 10 -with 10 on the pain scale- being the "I can't take this" level. But Dr. Frank's experience and deft technique with injectables-guides where and how much is needed for the desired effects of frown banishment- without any side effects in our case...and also if wanted... for so-called 'off-label' destinations like the crows feet gathering spots next to the eyes, and those less than lovely upper forehead lines that can also appear.

Afterwards, we got an ice pack to eliminate any post treatment potential for bruising/swelling-but we did not have any...and after slapping on some tinted sunscreen...we went on our merry work day way.

Result: Fast ---in about a day...we still look realistic-meaning -facial expressions not inhibited and non-treated areas were not effected...ALL desirables... as Dysport® pre-empted any wrinkles in the treated areas of our face- from happening. So as a preventative treatment (we were practically line free to begin with) well as an improvement treatment for existing wrinkles, Dysport® delivered. No wonder it's so popular a non-invasive treatment for a wide range of ages/genders.

FYI: Only pre-treatment requirement we had was to lay off aspirin and Vitamin E or other OTC anti-inflammatories for a day prior-to lessen the potential for bruising...and once there...any makeup gets washed off.

NOTE: going to a trained professional for any injectables aimed at enhancing one's critical...insuring efficacy+treatment outcome (technique!!!! they know where/how to inject-thereby saving $ cause less is needed when done correctly), safety (after all, this is a botulinum toxin) and quality (fresh the real-deal product)--- thereby- getting the desired natural looking results-in this instance-eliminating those furrow lines, without over-promising or -over-delivering -conjuring up that dreaded frozen face look that seems to immobilize many on-screen humans.

As with all injectables-there could be common side effects (mostly minor) and there are def individuals who are not suited for this treatment (like children and pregnant/breastfeeding women).

Costs wise-varies -depending on how many units are needed for desired outcome, the area(s) being injected, and how strong one's facial muscles are...and to some extent depending on where...but imo ...those bargain priced offers=buyer beware. Typical Dysport® treatments last 4-6 months...

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