Monday, April 18, 2016

SNEAKER STYLE Fall 2016 Good Looks-Comfort-

Part 2

Sanuk, Lacoste, K Swiss, Native, French Soles NY, Pikolinos, Waldläufer, Summit by White Mountain

Footwear brands from the high end to bargain bins options-are making year round kicks for customers who grew up wearing sneakers to more than just gym class. And that is practically everyone we know.

Highlights From 'Shoe" Brands

Sanuk's latest vulcanized construction "shoe" offerings deliver some of our guy's fav looks...
SANUK Happy Trailz-Boulevard Collection Beer Runner-Classic Boulevard styling with retro runner details, hemp/jute/cotton blend upper w/ MOC toe detailing, cut and buff EVA midsole, Sanuk Ü Lounge Comfort™ aka comfort + "unorthodox materials" combo, rubber herring bone lug outsole 
 Beer Runner in black

From Lacoste...embossed leather with smooth-spot-on references to the company's logo Le Croc.

K SWISS throwbacks to its original's Modern Court collection -has a MO of "Dress Like You Made It" Court Classicos in leather and suede..made in Portugal. Durable classic D rings, referenced Deco stitching-timeless good looks $120
On its 50th anniversary-K SWISS really aces several new silhouettes for Fall 2016...including the 'it' sneaker color for the High Court $140...with black wardrobes---all red -in a leather high top. Details-cupsole for durability and and hook and loop strap for throwback style. In all black too.
Court Style by K SWISS...Metallic leather-textured uppers- Court classics with comfort features like memory foam footbeds.

NATIVE...these are so lightweight...barely know you would have shoes on...pictured the new MONACO, slim profiles, no sew accents (that saves weight right there)...unperforated updates w/ weather friendly micro-fiber uppers. Single piece EVA cupsole assures comfort. In lows and mid cut. Unisex...

FRENCH SOLE/New York put chic ballet flats on the USA map...for Fall -we loved these sweet Sailor $170--- nappa uppers on white outsole. 

Pikolinos-Spainish family owned brand...with its own tanneries-explains why their leathers are just plush! Pictured winning combo with breathable textile/leather upper -camel color pairs well with deep brown against that white rubber foxing...a few sneaker styles-including Liverpool-wear year round.

WALDLÄUFER the ultimate German comfort brand delivers stateside...with casual and dress styles for different widths of feet. Above-we like the patent leather detail mixed up with the neoprene -with white pops-cute sneaker style...Maggie $170
One of our fav interpretations of the sneaker style---is the BRODIE- cut-out oxford flatform -...available now...from Summit by White Mountain Shoes-which sounds like an outdoors brand but is actually a fab priced MADE IN ITALY collection of shoes-heels, booties and boots...
...tailored feminine...wear without any hosiery (like guys do)...or paired up with socks for colder temps
nice stitch white also...