Sunday, April 24, 2016


Beauty Products-Active Ingredients Sourced From Nature: REGENICA, IXXI Cosmetics

 Part One

What's New: 

Cosmetic active ingredients-developed from nature and refined in a laboratory-deliver bioactive high levels of anti-aging ingredients in two privately owned skincare lines---California based Regenica® (new REJUVENATING DUAL SERUM)... and IXXI Cosmetics, a family owned French company that is introducing its unique marine pine bark extract (OPC PIN) based products to the USA (Part Two).

Stem cells (sourced from all kinds of living cells) garner plenty of news buzz-not only for disease curing potential...but also because they are secreted by cell types that make up the dermis/epidermis-layers -and can be used in healing aka- part of the natural repair and renewal of the skin. Hence the discovery years back of harnessing growth factors-in a laboratory-and then deploying them efficiently via topical applications-as an effective weapon in maintaining a youthful/ healthy appearance-was (and is) a very big scientifically proven deal. 

Possessing strong anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, regenerative properties that stimulate collagen/elastin synthesis-for a thicker-plumper in a good way dermis=smoother, less wrinkly/firmer, brighter and a more even tone skin...the patented MRCx™ next generation multi- growth factor technology derived from 'non-controversial' stem cells, fyi -and cultivated into a unique, proprietary blend of growth factors, cytokines and proteins-are packed into all Regenica® products.

We are big fans of Regenica® -really since its 2012 launch it is no surprise that at a recent media event-the introduction of the cutting edge dual chamber serum...smartly packaged to combine an accurate dose per pump -delivered in an airless -serum preserving bottle- of 10 essential anti-aging ingredients including  advanced copper peptides, amino acids, antioxidants and plant-based extracts-one side... and the the most advanced growth factor technology that combines a 95 percent concentration of MRCx™— -on the other-was very favorably welcomed by those new to the cult fav company---

Note: Regenica® products all cite clinical data-proving efficacy... and in this presentation-we saw several slides worth-delivered by the company leading light Dr. Gail Naughton.

How To Use:
We like our skin care regimen-fast and the barely scented (a tad citrus-y), readily absorbed, completely non-irritating REJUVENATING DUAL SERUM-fits right into our life on the go... with about  quarter size/one press dose-going on cleansed skin including our neck...2x/daily-morning/night...before anything else gets slathered on...
                                           Dermatologist Ava Shamban MD...demos...

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