Friday, April 29, 2016

Good Enough To Eat: Review- Beyond Brunch

Good Enough To Eat 520 Columbus Avenue/85th Street-NYC
In homage to a Vermont farmhouse -plunked down on a bustling stretch of Manhattan's UWS 'hood, GOOD ENOUGH TO a NYC cultural institution, brunch wise...with legendary lines (tourists/natives) on any given weekend -waiting for copious helpings of homemade-in-house breakfast classics and breads.

Not a queuer or around weekends-for that matter, we never-the-less jumped at the chance to sample some eats from an establishment that is arguably-one of the first restaurants that embraced the farm to table credo of dining...sourcing local producers for a wide variety of what's on the menu...and making it all fresh-daily, ably illustrated by this pic we took...
organic and locally sourced ingredients...from iconic NYC establishments and smaller area farms-less carbon footprint in deliveries let alone guarantee-you will know that what you are eating is what it claims to be...particularly important when it comes to eating seafood!

The quaint overhead lights are slightly dimmed in the evening, the background 'soft jazz/standards-like' music-barely detectable...allows for easy conversation and is the perfect sound pitch for diners...that range from several duos of locals, a young family with baby stroller discretely sitting beside a table, and a scattering of people eating by themselves...always a sign of a relaxed atmosphere with food that is equal to -or in our case FOR SURE waaay better than anything that can be  cooked at home-including those ingredient delivery services where you still have to put it all together-and clean-up afterwards!!!!

We stopped by a on cold wintry worthy Spring the outdoor tables that align Columbus Ave. were all empty...but got a welcoming 180º experience when we entered the warm atmosphere of Good Enough To Eat itself-simply decorated with farm-country signs, a mini white picket fence aligning the space separating the bar from the main eating area---and adorable artistic efforts from past patrons.
paper and crayons-on demand

MENU wise---this is a crowd pleasing kind of restaurant at value prices---with those in-demand breakfast items available BLT Omelette with Gruyere cheese $12,  a Vegan Tofu Scramble $13, and the stomach filling Lumber Jack-2 pancakes, 2 strips of bacon and two scrambled eggs $14...

But we headed for the healthy kind of dinner options-choosing from a wide swath of casual favorites and more fancy specialties- salads, sandwiches, burgers, soups, old-fashioned entrees including a daily fish special, and stripped steak...preceded by starters with an international bent that are now American staples (guacamole+quesadillas).

Friendly -prompt service could not have been better...with two glasses of wine delivered pronto...choosing from a well priced drinks menu...
Chardonnay-Sauvignon Blanc-generous pours ($10-$12)....though we could have chosen from a list of bottled or on tap beers, specialty cocktails-including martinis, and a variety of wines-including bubbly sips.

Food wise...we began with a smoked salmon salad-  a nod to the neighborhood's heritage-which is practically large enough to be an entreé all by itself.
half a portion....shareable smoked salmon salad $18-mixed greens lightly dressed with green peas, red onions,  crunchy capers and crisp garlic croutons...underneath generous slices a fish. Yummy
Crowd pleasers like guacamole and chips-or crispy onion rings double as bar food too (always ordered-by a neighboring diner)---Added plus we were clued into-the inhale-able homemade potato chips...that are so good-a seated patron near us just went up to the bar, mid meal -for a handful.  (Starters-$7-$12) 
MAIN MEAL selections are indulgent-meaning mouth watering very shareable-plus there are lot of healthy choices...
A crispy crunch every bite... and fresh-mildly spiced-ginger+watercress sauce...a VEGETABLE MOUNTAIN-stir-fry slice fresh carrots, zucchini, red bell peppers, scallions, radishes, scallions, and green cabbage $15.50-served with shrimp (extra $6)- atop a mound of sticky brown rice-delicious  

this serving of 3 Bean Vegetarian Chili-with fresh biscuits -southwestern fav with cheddar cheese atop brown rice $16.95 -ended up half going home-so filling but our meat eating pal deemed it 'perfect' ...

why wait till Thanksgiving???? Roasted turkey and gravy, cornbread stuffing, cranberry relish and sautéed kale-Tradition Turkey Dinner-a choice of a neighboring diner..Americana on demand and funny-we never see this on a menu yet it's so popular. $19.95
Burgers always in demand at $14-$ with add-on toppings ($1.95-$2.95)-like cheese (7 choices!)...served up with crispy fries...regular, turkey and vegetable options...also served to a neighboring diner...a regular, fyi

LOTS of Sides, Desserts like Pineapple Upside Down Cake with fresh whipped cream $8...and FUN FUN FUN old fashioned Shakes -grown-up versions too---spike 'em for a worth it added $5.00.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trail Runners/Outdoor Kicks Hit The Street With Style



A few years back-females' shoe swappings (flats/sneakers to heels) outside of fashion shows, day time office buildings, nighttime bars/clubs=pretty standard visuals in Manhattan.

Not anymore...and it's not just that those teetering stilettos are maybe hidden in work cubicles. Nope-from what we can see- the foot wardrobes of the ladies -are mostly fashion comfort-and functional all-terrain kicks - performance shoes/sandals including decidedly outdoorsy silhouettes-ALL THE TIME.
These kicks-are paired up with frilly dresses, dressier denim and athleisure wear looks that increasingly get worn M-F / 24/7.

And it makes sense-especially for trail-and rugged water shoes...with their beefed up grippy outsoles, cushioning midsoles and supportive insoles with anti-odor, moisture wicking, and stability features would find favor with those who toil the urban canyons.

Plus, digital printing makes those uppers, eye-candy too. No wonder, big name fashion houses are coming (copying) out with their own price-y versions.

CHACO Outcross Free lightweight amphibious design with that all day LUVSEAT™PU midsole, non-marking EcoTread™ outsole combined with cute breathable mesh paper, synthetic leather heel/toe cap, jacquard polyester webbing-speed lacing, and open wall construction-on the sides...great travel option too. $110

La Sportiva has Italian flair minimalist sleek look $125...Helios 2.0 for gals has hydrating upper mesh-fast lacing, integrated gusset+heel cup

Monday, April 25, 2016

IXXI Cosmetics -Anti-Aging Science-Nature

IXXI Cosmetics 

Soho Grand Hotel-Media Introduction

Part Two

stunning floral arrangement-
Hailing from Southwest France, new to the USA- IXXI Cosmetics- is a subsidiary of a private, family owned company with decades worth of products based upon the unique regenerative/healing properties of marine pine bark (sustainably sourced, fyi from the Landes Pine Forest).

The secret sauce, so-to-speak-is the powerful active ingredient-the patented OPC PIN -extracted from the aforementioned ancient tree bark...that has more anti-oxidant power than Vitamin C (neutralizes damaging free radicals), protects skin more effectively than Vitamin E (maintains firmness+elasticity of youthful skin), and repairs collagen III and IV -evening tone and increasing density over time. Impressive. 
screen shot of clinical studies...research link

Sunday, April 24, 2016


Beauty Products-Active Ingredients Sourced From Nature: REGENICA, IXXI Cosmetics

 Part One

What's New: 

Cosmetic active ingredients-developed from nature and refined in a laboratory-deliver bioactive high levels of anti-aging ingredients in two privately owned skincare lines---California based Regenica® (new REJUVENATING DUAL SERUM)... and IXXI Cosmetics, a family owned French company that is introducing its unique marine pine bark extract (OPC PIN) based products to the USA (Part Two).

Stem cells (sourced from all kinds of living cells) garner plenty of news buzz-not only for disease curing potential...but also because they are secreted by cell types that make up the dermis/epidermis-layers -and can be used in healing aka- part of the natural repair and renewal of the skin. Hence the discovery years back of harnessing growth factors-in a laboratory-and then deploying them efficiently via topical applications-as an effective weapon in maintaining a youthful/ healthy appearance-was (and is) a very big scientifically proven deal. 

Possessing strong anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, regenerative properties that stimulate collagen/elastin synthesis-for a thicker-plumper in a good way dermis=smoother, less wrinkly/firmer, brighter and a more even tone skin...the patented MRCx™ next generation multi- growth factor technology derived from 'non-controversial' stem cells, fyi -and cultivated into a unique, proprietary blend of growth factors, cytokines and proteins-are packed into all Regenica® products.

We are big fans of Regenica® -really since its 2012 launch it is no surprise that at a recent media event-the introduction of the cutting edge dual chamber serum...smartly packaged to combine an accurate dose per pump -delivered in an airless -serum preserving bottle- of 10 essential anti-aging ingredients including  advanced copper peptides, amino acids, antioxidants and plant-based extracts-one side... and the the most advanced growth factor technology that combines a 95 percent concentration of MRCx™— -on the other-was very favorably welcomed by those new to the cult fav company---

Note: Regenica® products all cite clinical data-proving efficacy... and in this presentation-we saw several slides worth-delivered by the company leading light Dr. Gail Naughton.

Friday, April 22, 2016

#CTATechWeek -Digital Patriots Dinner Highlights

Washington DC-Marriott Marquis

A Celebration of Innovation And Technology (2016)

"...recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of five people dedicated to public service who believe that innovation is the driving force that makes our nation great."

As an outsider to the political process...a brief trip for a small part of CTA's Tech week for Congressional members (and their staff)...functions as a reminder of how Federal legislative (in)actions massively impact the way USA citizens live their lives.

The big draw -at the  well run Digital Patriots Dinner --- was the chance to hear Honoree Senator Cory Booker give another one of his bring the house down/barn raising speeches that are so inspirational.

Some Highlights:

At the pre-dinner cocktail reception -the HTC VIVE virtual reality demo-had attendees lining up for a chance to experience three G Rated 360º degree motion tracking/interactive, full room scale virtual reality experiences (powered by STEAM VR)-that were ALL fantastic.

An amazing surreal underwater world (with pop-up grid for boundaries), a hands controller/paintbrush on a wide open optical canvas with seemingly no edges in a virtual world- livened up with numerous special effect options selected by swiping, and a shoot the space aliens game...were all incredibly fun...brought to life via a comfy padded headset attached to a wired PC-yup that much computing power is needed-WiFi cannot handle it...and two VERY tricked out hand controller pieces BlueTooth connected, plus 2 base stations. Mercifully expert instructions from two HTC employees were at the ready-including  a master multi-tasking -casually dressed general counsel...impressive with not only legal skills (assuming) but the patience to answer loads of questions.

Expect at some point in the way future- other senses-smell/touch VR enabled.
Brought to life by HTC VIVE-Virtual Reality...on back PC can see in 2D what VR the user is experiencing...but trust us ---pales compared to the literally draw dropping experiences we got to demo. Pictured-here loving it all is Honoree Rep. Blake Farenthold from Texas. FYI: HTC Vive is available on pre-order ($799-a sum that is half of what our useless Google Glasses cost). Warning-get this and one's productivity levels might plummet, your kids may never leave the house---etc etc -with around 100 experiences (games-software) developed already for this consumer focused system. VR is already deployed professionally---by several industries -like design (automotive, houses), and training (military)...thereby contributing to productivity levels.

A thought we had-which of course would never emerge as a PC discussion here-wait till the Porn industry delivers immersing VR movies...then women will truly rule the world.
uncharacteristically for a New Yorker-we let a human ahead of us in line. We found this dynamic politician's remarks (during the ceremonial part of the dinner) on the state of tech deployment-startling candid- as in the "...Federal Government can't compute its way out of a paper bag..." just a bit of a bummer to hear. As an example, Rep. Farenthold cited how some  VA's computer systems for medical payments- are still written in doubt adding to the woes of that department but maybe also-a tiny upside... as our pal mister cyber-security sarcastically remarked 'does anyone even know how to hack that anymore?' HA.
PLUS: Two thumbs up also for this 2 Term House of Representative's-(TX)-acknowledging the Federal Government needs to deliver services better to folks...AND that "...government needs to get out of the way..."(on a lot of things we thought)- and a warm shout out to the sharing economy...a "whole new way to own things..." like "Rent the Runway"-much used by his two daughters. 

selfies---Senator Cory Booker, Gary Shapiro, Pres. of CTA and Rep. Blake Farenthold
The dinner itself was well paced-and delicious-we ordered a vegan meal in honor of Senator Booker...but marveled to our table-mates, a corporate affairs executive at a major publicly traded communications company, a senior executive at a Silicon Valley company maker of chips/software technology and a toiler at a "leftist" advocacy non-profit-of the meal choices available. Talk about casting a wide inclusive net.

President of CTA Gary Shapiro-always on point -welcomed guests and enthusiastically pointed out how proceeds of this evening's tickets-fund the non-profit Black Girls Code-  an organization that funds/advocates/organizes/mentors minority girls into the 'digital space' of STEM classes, camps, after school programs-with the stated goal of having one million girls- who code- by 2040. A beyond really good cause.
The Consumer Technology Association Foundation which links technology via strategic/relevant/ supporting programs- to the aging and/or disabled population- including- issuing needed grants. IMO...not a minute too our friends grapple with their elderly parents who insist of driving still.
NOTE self-driving cars for the 90+agers cannot happen soon enough.

Of course the Hallelujah high point-word wise- was Democrat/New Jersey Senator Cory Booker's speech that recounted his upbringing (his parents exhibited fairness-"people understand that we cannot leave anyone on the sideline"), his in the Newark streets schooling-versus the one acquired at Stanford /Yale...citing comedian Chris Rock's observation that the most violent city streets (in America) are named after the most non-violent person (Martin Luther King)...and weaving that into a wise woman's words that were visionary-breaking restraints...aka..."the world you see outside of you is the world you see inside of you..." spoken in an area full of abandoned buildings, illegal drug dealing/high crime street...any urban nightmare.

Acknowledging the frustration of politics---and an atmosphere... that "reflect labels first" versus a nation that desperately needs each other-to go far together..."to be a nation of patriotism"...Sen.Booker then optimistically added 'we have real problems'... but technology can transform lives. Somewhat similar to Rep Farenthold's take (a Republican, fyi- who spoke later) -he shared the viewpoint that 'we can not let government choke that innovation...not see the potential..and specifically cited the FAA's - commercial drone regulations- that he helped craft. "This is my commitment...we got to demand our government support innovators...we have an obligation to push the bounds and have a vision..."

IMO: Not an ounce cynicism from anyone in the audience-with concluding remarks on the "conspiracy of love"...followed by a Langston Hughes poem-and then adding "we are part of a human family...(the) heroes of hope...the light of this nation." AMEN TO THAT.

Senator Marco Rubio was honored with the Innovation Policy Ninja Award with remarks that started with his own backstory -a child of Cuban immigrants parents and their pursuit of the American Dream-and how we are living through economic transformation akin to the Industrial Revolution ...but " that makes some people anxious and frustrated."
 "What does leadership do in the face of it?"...Sen. Rubio asked -and then somewhat stating the obvious-answered that "all we can do now is move forward and embrace the future..."
As an example of how skilled jobs created by technological innovations (designing software, mechanical maintenance, etc) are better paid than the job(s) eliminated-Sen. Rubio gave an example of the drive-in restaurant experience-as it is now in most places... vs ordering on a touchscreen with an automated delivery system. (Banking at an ATM vs. teller- equally applies here too).

Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas (live remarks) and Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona (video remarks) were two of twelve state officials honored for their states "Innovation Scorecard"

FOR OTHER HIGHLIGHTS-on the Digital Patriots Dinner ...and on CES on the HILL including exhibitors, sponsors and really cool stuff being showed: check out the short reel from CTA.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


WHAT: the limited edition 2013 vintage from the Purple Heart Wines proprietary help the Military Order of the Purple Heart Foundation

The Tasting Notes: A dark ruby red-the wine is a delicious plummy- bursting with fresh dark berries- and hints of black licorice-- balanced tannins-and a velvety finish- from noted Napa Valley winemaker Raymond F. Coursen -with a major assist from long time friends'-the amazing C. Mondavi & Family.

The first release of the Purple Heart Wine is a terrific easy to pair with food-drink now-blend of merlot 84%, cabernet 7% and cabernet franc 6% and Petit Verdot 3%.

Other Stats: 14.2% Alcohol, pH 3.62...
at $19.99/bottle-a value!
And limited to 7500 cases.

the launch was on the Intrepid Air & Space Museum-itslef-a beneficiary of funds from the Purple Heart Foundation...picture perfect weather like this day- not guaranteed but still, a must see attraction in NYC. 

INSPIRATION-MAJOR BONUS POINTS: An annual donation from  Purple Heart Wine sales' is given to the Military Order of the Purple Heart Foundation-an organization dedicated to helping all USA military veterans and their families.
Mission: Honoring their sacrifice with our service.

FYI: A welcome meeting of the minds...between winemaker Coursen-a veteran of the Vietnam War and Peter  Mondavi Sr.'s family-whose patriarch was a proud WW II veteran...took about 3 years to produce the first release.

                                                Middle Ray Coursen-winemaker flanked by Paul Englert-VP -C. Mondavi & Family on the right and Jeffrey Roy, President of the Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation on left

Noted:Vietnam War veterans-sadly observed-are dying at a faster rate -at earlier ages than WW II veterans.
The former naval carrier-and a submarine is docked alongside-has floors of fun and enlightening exhibits, and experiences...that will appeal to all ages. Fascinating-we spent an extra hour wandering around afterwards-in awe.

 PURPLE HEART WINES: Available now

Monday, April 18, 2016

SNEAKER STYLE Fall 2016 Good Looks-Comfort-

Part 2

Sanuk, Lacoste, K Swiss, Native, French Soles NY, Pikolinos, Waldläufer, Summit by White Mountain

Footwear brands from the high end to bargain bins options-are making year round kicks for customers who grew up wearing sneakers to more than just gym class. And that is practically everyone we know.

Highlights From 'Shoe" Brands

Sanuk's latest vulcanized construction "shoe" offerings deliver some of our guy's fav looks...
SANUK Happy Trailz-Boulevard Collection Beer Runner-Classic Boulevard styling with retro runner details, hemp/jute/cotton blend upper w/ MOC toe detailing, cut and buff EVA midsole, Sanuk Ü Lounge Comfort™ aka comfort + "unorthodox materials" combo, rubber herring bone lug outsole 
 Beer Runner in black

From Lacoste...embossed leather with smooth-spot-on references to the company's logo Le Croc.

K SWISS throwbacks to its original's Modern Court collection -has a MO of "Dress Like You Made It" Court Classicos in leather and suede..made in Portugal. Durable classic D rings, referenced Deco stitching-timeless good looks $120
On its 50th anniversary-K SWISS really aces several new silhouettes for Fall 2016...including the 'it' sneaker color for the High Court $140...with black wardrobes---all red -in a leather high top. Details-cupsole for durability and and hook and loop strap for throwback style. In all black too.
Court Style by K SWISS...Metallic leather-textured uppers- Court classics with comfort features like memory foam footbeds.

NATIVE...these are so lightweight...barely know you would have shoes on...pictured the new MONACO, slim profiles, no sew accents (that saves weight right there)...unperforated updates w/ weather friendly micro-fiber uppers. Single piece EVA cupsole assures comfort. In lows and mid cut. Unisex...

FRENCH SOLE/New York put chic ballet flats on the USA map...for Fall -we loved these sweet Sailor $170--- nappa uppers on white outsole. 

Pikolinos-Spainish family owned brand...with its own tanneries-explains why their leathers are just plush! Pictured winning combo with breathable textile/leather upper -camel color pairs well with deep brown against that white rubber foxing...a few sneaker styles-including Liverpool-wear year round.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

SNEAKER STYLES Fall into Fall 2016 Part One

this pic-dates from a weirdly warm early March 2016 day...depicts THE shoe of choice for many subway riders-iconic Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

One of our commuting past times-is not burying our eyeballs on a screen...but checking out the footwear of fellow commuters. With a rare exception-mass transit types tend to wear shoes that function--- moving wearers up and down stairs, across sidewalk grates, crossing crosswalks -keeping the fast pace.

Style of choice year round for that bunch- athletic trainers....dapper enough for dudes/dudettes to wear casually and increasingly dressed up-with upper materials worthy of the finest kicks out there.

Whether new labels or older brands bringing back the archival silhouettes...sneaker makers are perhaps the only shoe kinds - in 2016 - that still are capable of conjuring up wait lists for releases and literal humans-lining up at select retail stores, eagerly waiting to buy the latest, limited drops... Impressive.

SOME HIGHLIGHTS: LOW TOPS FOR FALL 2016...Sport Shoes leave the gym / go off trail for year round wear.

From Gola...

Hailing from Britain, GOLA and its trainers/bags= a highlight of our media preview appointments...

flash of gold metal-perforated squared punch-outs leather Harrier-throwback to the original 1968 style

Celebrating its 110th birthday...the GOLA brand delivered autumnal colors of its best sellers...
GOLA CLASSICS-signature retro stylish range of trainers and plimsolls Harrier, Bullet, and popular Coastal -in year round suede and leather burgundy. Noted- white rubber outsole brightens up any kicks year round. FYI...difference between an trainer and plimsoll...we note the thickness of the is more thinner street outsole vs thicker -one. Across the Pond -both are sneakers.

GOLA + Liberty Art Fabrics...collaboration just gets better and better

Collaboration with another Brit based heritage brand Liberty Art Fabrics-a continuation of best selling women's joggers and trainers

leather and suede accents...with wool textile uppers...classic houndstooth and pinstripes...with stand-by canvas these vintage style kicks and can see even conservative suit wearers livening up an ensemble in these.

Friday, April 15, 2016


TIDAL ROOTS Stand-up Paddleboards and ORU KAYAKs 

CHOICES:Maneuvering on(over) watery by-ways -eye-candy durable- handsome wooden SUPs by Maine based Tidal Roots or origami-like, collapsible-storage friendly/fold-away San Francisco based,  ORU Kayaks---are great ways to get outdoors...

Beauties all- MADE IN THE USA (bonus points) these water crafts come in several models for  different destinations/types of riders-flat water, ocean waves, stable floaters or racing thrill seekers... ready for FUN- for years to come.

TIDAL ROOTS hand crafted of locally sourced Northern White Cedar- are now made in Salmon Falls River,  New Hampshire. Hollow core construction engineered to withstand years of use fiber glass and epoxy finished-imo double as handsome bars...just conjure up two pedestals. The company also sells kits for the handy ($310).

agile and high performance-cut through choppy waters with ease-pointed hull design - BLUEFIN $3600 -dimensions 12'6 x 29" weighs 44-45 lbs-hand shaped using old fashion Stanley hand planes-the crafters embrace Mother Nature's varietal wood grain patterns...
up against the wall SEA BIRD $3000 specs 10' x 31" x 5" 40-50 lbs and Tradewind paddles (in lengths 72"-84" $429)-in partnership with Shaw & Tenney


High performance, ORU KAYAKS serve up 5 models for beginners to rough riders -wanting smooth-fast to mellow-casual day adventures.
Pictured-new  BEACH KAYAK by ORU KAYAK-ships May 2016 $1175.00  good for day trips, weighs 26lbs...up top rubber deck straps for storing water bottle or fleece tops...

paddle choices include pictured-carbon one ($375) folds down into 4 parts. The Beach Kayak-28" wide, 12' long-open cockpit ez stable in-out-made for up to 300 lb loads-paddlers up to 6'6 in height-supposed to be a "snug fit" fyi for increased control and sea worthiness. Adjustable foot rest inside the hull...also not seen in this pic- multiple bulkheads-perpendicular support pieces- create compartments for Oru float bags for increased stability in open water

trim materials carefully selected, we asked...that's a grab handle...Fairing sleeves (on bow and stern of all models) add extra protection and help kayak slice through the water... stainless steel ratchet buckles super durable-makes it makes it faster/easier to seal the deck and assemble the kayak

list of what not to American

adjustable back rests ...soft padded foam covered in nylon fabric...there's also a day hatch in 2 models (Bay+, Coast+)-right behind seat- on --- with a screw top lid...3 liters of storage for personable items...

lights in hull and stern...
Below---a 411 on assembling the Beach ORU KAYAK-a 7 step process from box "OPEN THE BOX" (haaaa) to boat...imo easy to follow.

Beach Assembly guide from Oru Kayak on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 14, 2016



EARTH DAY....has long evolved from a 24 hour wake-up call to a more sustainable way of life for many. 
Yet, having lived around the planet in countries without recycling facilitates, waste disposal sites, or municipal water infra-structures... single use, plastic bottle water bottles-that once hauled the world's most precious resource...end up tossed aside clogging up dried up rivers, lakes, canals- rural - urban byways...and comprising floating islands of trash in the Pacific Ocean.

One helpful solution-long lasting permanent hydration carriers that people keep....combined with a business model that gives back...

Ah-loving the design...DOPPER Water bottles come in fun BPA free bright colors or stainless steel. Dutch made, cradle to cradle. Unique feature- Tops come off  in 2 ways...the top top cap part (and new sports cap) with a narrow sip easy opening...and the white part with the top cap still locked in...that doubles as a cup.  GIVE BACK - 5% of water bottle sales-donated to to Dopper Foundation-that supports safe drinking water projects in Nepal...including wells, pumps and sanitation.

MIIR a CERTIFIED B Corporation  produces bikes, handsome urban slick bags and portable hydration haulers-tumblers, growlers, bottles, cups... all currently made in Asian countries-we asked-but 3rd parties certify that production adheres to social/environmental sustainability standards . Sales $ directly go to fund bicycle, education and water projects around the world...all worthy non-profit endeavors chosen via need and fittingly- knowing someone-or of someone- working for a great cause. 

BONUS POINTS: Each item sold comes with a hang-tag containing a unique Give Code™...register a purchase---and track what getting funded. 

FYI: MIIR name partially inspired by Scottish-American naturalist John Muir (1838-1914) early advocate of the preservation of wilderness.