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Good Enough To Eat: Review- Beyond Brunch

In homage to a Vermont farmhouse -plunked down on a bustling stretch of Manhattan's UWS 'hood, GOOD ENOUGH TO a NYC cultural institution, brunch wise...with legendary lines (tourists/natives) on any given weekend -waiting for copious helpings of homemade-in-house breakfast classics and breads.

Not a queuer or around weekends-for that matter, we never-the-less jumped at the chance to sample some eats from an establishment that is arguably-one of the first restaurants that embraced the farm to table credo of dining...sourcing local producers for a wide variety of what's on the menu...and making it all fresh-daily, ably illustrated by this pic we took...

We stopped by a on cold wintry worthy Spring the outdoor tables that align Columbus Ave. were all empty...but got a welcoming 180º experience when we entered the warm atmosphere of Good Enough To Eat itself-simply decorated with farm-country signs, a mini white picket fence aligning the sp…

Trail Runners/Outdoor Kicks Hit The Street With Style


A few years back-females' shoe swappings (flats/sneakers to heels) outside of fashion shows, day time office buildings, nighttime bars/clubs=pretty standard visuals in Manhattan.

Not anymore...and it's not just that those teetering stilettos are maybe hidden in work cubicles. Nope-from what we can see- the foot wardrobes of the ladies -are mostly fashion comfort-and functional all-terrain kicks - performance shoes/sandals including decidedly outdoorsy silhouettes-ALL THE TIME.
These kicks-are paired up with frilly dresses, dressier denim and athleisure wear looks that increasingly get worn M-F / 24/7.

And it makes sense-especially for trail-and rugged water shoes...with their beefed up grippy outsoles, cushioning midsoles and supportive insoles with anti-odor, moisture wicking, and stability features would find favor with those who toil the urban canyons.

Plus, digital printing makes those uppers, eye-candy to…

IXXI Cosmetics -Anti-Aging Science-Nature

IXXI Cosmetics Soho Grand Hotel-Media Introduction

Part TwoHailing from Southwest France, new to the USA- IXXI Cosmetics- is a subsidiary of a private, family owned company with decades worth of products based upon the unique regenerative/healing properties of marine pine bark (sustainably sourced, fyi from the Landes Pine Forest).
The secret sauce, so-to-speak-is the powerful active ingredient-the patented OPC PIN -extracted from the aforementioned ancient tree bark...that has more anti-oxidant power than Vitamin C (neutralizes damaging free radicals), protects skin more effectively than Vitamin E (maintains firmness+elasticity of youthful skin), and repairs collagen III and IV -evening tone and increasing density over time. Impressive. 


Beauty Products-Active Ingredients Sourced From Nature: REGENICA, IXXI Cosmetics  Part One
What's New: 
Cosmetic active ingredients-developed from nature and refined in a laboratory-deliver bioactive high levels of anti-aging ingredients in two privately ownedskincare lines---California based Regenica® (new REJUVENATING DUAL SERUM)... and IXXI Cosmetics, a family owned French company that is introducing its unique marine pine bark extract (OPC PIN) based products to the USA (Part Two).
Stem cells (sourced from all kinds of living cells) garner plenty of news buzz-not only for disease curing potential...but also because they are secreted by cell types that make up the dermis/epidermis-layers -and can be used in healing aka- part of the natural repair and renewal of the skin. Hence the discovery years back of harnessing growth factors-in a laboratory-and then deploying them efficiently via topical applications-as an effective weapon in maintaining a youthful/ healthy appearance-was…

#CTATechWeek -Digital Patriots Dinner Highlights

Washington DC-Marriott Marquis

A Celebration of Innovation And Technology (2016)"...recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of five people dedicated to public service who believe that innovation is the driving force that makes our nation great." As an outsider to the political process...a brief trip for a small part of CTA's Tech week for Congressional members (and their staff)...functions as a reminder of how Federal legislative (in)actions massively impact the way USA citizens live their lives.

The big draw -at the  well run Digital Patriots Dinner --- was the chance to hear Honoree Senator Cory Booker give another one of his bring the house down/barn raising speeches that are so inspirational.

Some Highlights:

At the pre-dinner cocktail reception -the HTC VIVE virtual reality demo-had attendees lining up for a chance to experience threeG Rated 360º degree motion tracking/interactive, full room scale virtual reality experiences (powered by STEAM VR)-that were ALL fa…


WHAT: the limited edition 2013 vintage from the Purple Heart Wines proprietary help the Military Order of the Purple Heart Foundation

The Tasting Notes: A dark ruby red-the wine is a delicious plummy- bursting with fresh dark berries- and hints of black licorice-- balanced tannins-and a velvety finish- from noted Napa Valley winemaker Raymond F. Coursen -with a major assist from long time friends'-the amazing C. Mondavi & Family.

The first release of the Purple Heart Wine is a terrific easy to pair with food-drink now-blend of merlot 84%, cabernet 7% and cabernet franc 6% and Petit Verdot 3%.

Other Stats: 14.2% Alcohol, pH 3.62...
at $19.99/bottle-a value!
And limited to 7500 cases.

INSPIRATION-MAJOR BONUS POINTS: An annual donation from  Purple Heart Wine sales' is given to the Military Order of the Purple Heart Foundation-an organization dedicated to helping all USA military veterans and their families.
Mission: Honoring their sacrifice with our service.

FYI: …

SNEAKER STYLE Fall 2016 Good Looks-Comfort-

Part 2
Sanuk, Lacoste, K Swiss, Native, French Soles NY, Pikolinos, Waldläufer, Summit by White Mountain Footwear brands from the high end to bargain bins options-are making year round kicks for customers who grew up wearing sneakers to more than just gym class. And that is practically everyone we know.

Highlights From 'Shoe" Brands

Sanuk's latest vulcanized construction "shoe" offerings deliver some of our guy's fav looks...

From Lacoste...embossed leather with smooth-spot-on references to the company's logo Le Croc.

SNEAKER STYLES Fall into Fall 2016 Part One

One of our commuting past times-is not burying our eyeballs on a screen...but checking out the footwear of fellow commuters. With a rare exception-mass transit types tend to wear shoes that function--- moving wearers up and down stairs, across sidewalk grates, crossing crosswalks -keeping the fast pace.

Style of choice year round for that bunch- athletic trainers....dapper enough for dudes/dudettes to wear casually and increasingly dressed up-with upper materials worthy of the finest kicks out there.

Whether new labels or older brands bringing back the archival silhouettes...sneaker makers are perhaps the only shoe kinds - in 2016 - that still are capable of conjuring up wait lists for releases and literal humans-lining up at select retail stores, eagerly waiting to buy the latest, limited drops... Impressive.

SOME HIGHLIGHTS: LOW TOPS FOR FALL 2016...Sport Shoes leave the gym / go off trail for year round wear.
From Gola...

Hailing from Britain, GOLA and its trainers/bags= a highlig…


TIDAL ROOTS Stand-up Paddleboards and ORU KAYAKs  CHOICES:Maneuvering on(over) watery by-ways -eye-candy durable- handsome wooden SUPs by Maine based Tidal Roots or origami-like, collapsible-storage friendly/fold-away San Francisco based,  ORU Kayaks---are great ways to get outdoors...

Beauties all- MADE IN THE USA (bonus points) these water crafts come in several models for  different destinations/types of riders-flat water, ocean waves, stable floaters or racing thrill seekers... ready for FUN- for years to come.



High performance, ORU KAYAKS serve up 5 models for beginners to rough riders -wanting smooth-fast to mellow-casual day adventures.


EARTH DAY....has long evolved from a 24 hour wake-up call to a more sustainable way of life for many. 
Yet, having lived around the planet in countries without recycling facilitates, waste disposal sites, or municipal water infra-structures... single use, plastic bottle water bottles-that once hauled the world's most precious resource...end up tossed aside clogging up dried up rivers, lakes, canals- rural - urban byways...and comprising floating islands of trash in the Pacific Ocean.

One helpful solution-long lasting permanent hydration carriers that people keep....combined with a business model that gives back...

FYI: MIIR name partially inspired by Scottish-American naturalist John Muir (1838-1914) early advocate of the preservation of wilderness.