Saturday, March 12, 2016

Trending Anti-Aging, Beauty Products/Procedures Part 3

Javits Convention Center, NYC

International Beauty Show, International Aesthetics Cosmetics+Spa Show

from the louder side of the tradeshow...the hair centric International Beauty Show -hair demos and eye candy galore ...from Alterna Italy

Private label skin and body care manufacturing companies offer a range of increasingly sophisticated -standard and customized collections, and packaging options---for those looking to launch their own lines including physicians, spa owners, make-up artists---or really anyone who can afford it.
This is a side of the beauty biz a lot of consumers don't know about-but explains some of the likeness of so many products on the market.
One reason why so many folks benefit from launching their own lines- those nice profit margins-with no middleman mark-ups/ad budgets...selling directly to their customer base.

Vitelle Labs was one company exhibiting- that impressed- with its products and packaging options, ranging from the eco -plant derived (mineral cosmetics,- Natural Rainforest Collection, paraben free selections etc.) to more scientific offerings (Peptide Matrix, Medscience) that include active ingredients for anti-aging and corrective skincare needs.

Another big trend...low tech treatments/non-invasive procedures-requiring minimal training to administer -  targets anti-aging and acne concerns-and bonus-requiring very little or no 'hide' time for customers.

Even traditional feel good-hands -on spas increasingly have these modern gadgets-to supplement offerings (and income). So called Medi-Spas'-that are sometimes adjuncts to medical practices also offer low level Light treatments/phototherapy and MicroNeedling.

An entire aisle at the show had many companies offering LED light therapy in spa or at home treatments-including NuFace (already a well known name).
NuFace- a very popular at home and in salon facial toning device-pictured-with optional attachments...FDA approved fyi. We learned there are actually many different types of FDA approvals...and for what.

New to us, Celluma from Biophotas-a unique, easily positioned 3-in-1 LED therapy that has all three of the phototherapy light waves-RED (anti-aging, healing, post procedure, BLUE (acne) and INFRARED (healing muscle and joint pain-fab for athletes-including pros and weekend warrior types-and why we want one!!!!).  FYI...handy link to scientific studies-conducted to prove effectiveness of LED Light Therapy.

flexible...can really wrapped around aching areas like always tense upper shoulders...time requirement wise-count on 20-30 mins at least.

Procell™ Therapies  sold out of their LIVRA™Pro kits (specially priced at the show) that included a Livra™ MicroChannel Stamper, three different sized tips and their own Cellular Renewal Serum and Healing Accelerator.

Joining the queue for a free treatment (in our case, a partial one limited to our cheeks), we found out  what MicroNeedling is- a means to create microscopic tiny tiny perforations in the skin that a) stimulate cells known as keratinocytes to produce new collagen and elastin resulting in firmer skin and lessening the appearance of wrinkles and acne scars...and b) supposedly increases the absorption of serums, moisturizers etc...delivering these facial solutions deeper into the dermis.
There are at home so called manual DermRollers on the market using shorter needles (.5mm) vs longer needle (up to 3mm) -mechanical hand held device options that are used by aestheticians and doctors...which might be applied on numbed out facial skin.
For really visible improvements-multiple treatments, spaced 4 weeks apart are required.

Demo-face, neck, décolleté can be treated...

On us, a 1.0mm length needle was used. We are super sensitive, so yay-our demo treatment was positive-squirm free, with Procell's serum rolled over each section of our cheeks, prior to 'stamping'. Afterwards...very minor redness that went away quickly- and frequent applications of the handy serum afterwards=pretty much a downtime free treatment.. ALSO-we laid off any other applications of skin products...including make-up and sunscreen for the rest of the night-giving the treated areas a breather for the next 15 or so hours. And although we are always skeptical of 'secret sauce' serums claiming amazing benefits (#eyeroll), we are def not skeptical that the physical act of micro-needling, used correctly- works effectively on certain types of skin conditions.


Fun-Another O fav: Handmade bath bombs made with DEAD SEA SALTS from-FEELING SMITTEN...also featured on ABC's Good Morning America surely kept these Washington based gals super BUSY. FYI-holiday themed selections too-make great gifts.

Spa/SALON equipment...(PIBBS) - looks so comfy relaxing-we wouldn't mind having at home and probably get more use than any other piece of furniture besides the bed!

NAIL ART...stamps on from MOYOU
nail art is like leggings-always popular...even with the no make-up crowd. From MOYOU nail art kits, stick-on tattoos, polish, and very fun, nail stamping plates.

Seal with clear quick dry top coat
themed nail art kits...