Tuesday, March 8, 2016

GRANDE NATURALS: 6 Anti-Aging LIPS COLORS/Hydrate-Heal-Plump

NYC-March 8th

A digression gush-a-thon ...is in order-after all it's INTERNATIONAL WOMEN"S DAY...soon after the fab original SuperModel Jerry Hal'sl-who is STILL amazingly beautiful-wedding day. NOW-this mother, former partner to rock-n-roll royalty, is  a wife to one of the King's of the biz world.

What got us really jazzed-is that the glowing pictures of the bride-who looks stunning as one might expect, relay an image of an older gal who has forgone the now typical plastic surgery, injectable fillers-over plumped, frozen facial features that have become almost ubiquitous in this country-as exemplified by females in the public eye-like reality tv stars, newscasters of a similar age-and even younger.

We had that on the brain cells when we met up (again) with the vivacious Alicia Grande-a successful entrepreneur-founder of growing hair length where we want it i.e. luscious long lashes-via eyelash conditioner- anti-aging -Amino acids, peptides,vitamins- infused GrandeLASH -MD, and the genius Grande-BROW-FILL-a tinted brush-on gel (2 shades work for light blondes-dark black) -with an amazing applicator roll-on that manages to easily/quickly lay on the fibers-that stay put till washed off ...infused with peptides that help-over time-to fill and shape eyebrow hair.

What's new:
At the media launch last night for (new) 6 tinted versions ($26.95/per) of the well received original clearness treatment lip plumping (in 3-5 minutes), soothing, hydrating GrandeLIPS serum-gloss with active ingredient Volulip™ -we chatted with Alicia Grande about her belief that "women should embrace their natural beauty."

Grande Naturals' product lines-focus on enhancing the key facial features- eyes, brows and lips...AND not masking or changing what gals really look like (hence, the Jerry Hall bit)....PLUS GrandeLips-in easy to apply tubes-are treatment goodies at the same time...multi-taskers for busy women.

With just a few seconds-to a few minutes-even women who don't wear make-up can subtly add an exclamation point to their natural looks without fuss.

Widely Available-salons, spas-and online , Amazon etc.