Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Restaurant Review: CHINA FUN- Chinese Cuisine+ Featuring Classics+Lighter Options

1221 Second Avenue -64th Street-NYC
A dreary rainy cold night doesn't draw out the masses in we deliver everything NYC...yet our evening meal at the bright CHINA FUN-an established (since 1991) full service restaurant with a long, mouth watering list of freshly prepared classic Chinese cuisines (Cantonese+Szechuan styles-featuring Dim Sum fried or steamed, sizzling hot plate entrées, many kinds of Noodles & Fried Rice, filling Mandarin Noodle Soups) AND picky-leaner leaning options (Spa Cuisine, a complete Japanese menu-)-indicated to us that this welcoming dining fav of the neighborhood-is serving up eats to happy customers a plenty-no matter the weather.

Large in size-CHINA FUN is open/spacious and naturally light-even at night-with wrap around large glass windows-facing out onto Second Ave./64th Streets. We were warmly greeted right away-ushered to our white linen clad table and promptly served fragrant black tea-which certainly took away the chills.

Deciding on what to drink is a tad easier than what to eat---with wines by the glass (we opted for dry whites-Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc ($7-$8/per)-other options include-easy pairing beers, a full liquor list, assorted fun cocktails-and non alcoholic sips like fresh fruit flavored yogurt drinks, sodas,  and-judging by the table next to us-very popular bubble teas-(7 kinds - $4.95).

a Birthday Feast...celebrants ate family style...which makes sense as all of the entrées are huge. Pictured-some highlights.-crispy whole Sea Bass $22.95 (far back right), Seafood Tofu casserole $22.95, Seafood Pan Fried noodles $21.95, Live Maine lobster with Ginger Scallions (market price), Cantonese BBQ-Assortment of Roast Meats $20.95. Main dishes typically priced from $16.95-$22.95, noodle and rice dishes -which are huge-$11.50-$14.50, filling Mandarin Noodle Soups ideal for winter $975-$13.50

Just how big is the menu-see below pics-and doesn't include two full pages of Japanese options (appetizers, sushi-sashimi, specialty rolls- handrolls, soups and salads like we never can resist seaweed salad, appetisers and main dishes -Tempura, Udon etc).

we stuck with the Chinese parts of the menu-but the sesame seed flecked- Japanese Chuka seaweed salad beckoned-and was perfect. Large shareable portion too! $6.25
Silverware or chopsticks. Loved how varied the sauces are-super flavor-able -not overpowering, not heavy or thick either-oyster sauce (brown) based or white creamier-DELICIOUS additions. We forgot about how subtle saucee round out a dish...vs drowning everything in soy fact-there are no soy sauce bottles on the table---which imo-sign of upscale eats and dishes that have the chef's personal touch.
Steamed Mixed Seafood with Vegetable Dumplings-from Dim Sum $7.75 some of the best we have ever had-saying something as a dining companion had just returned from China and is quite the chef herself! Manage to be light and filling-not at all doughy or heavy...the freshness of ingredients-obvious with each succulent bite of seafood and crisp vegetables managed to be perfectly cooked inside. WOW. A fav. We can see making a meal out of a bunch of these...
China Fun Mini Soup Buns-Soup Dumplings served steamed -2 layers of 3 each...with dipping sauce-and soup spoon...$7.75...with pork and crabmeat $8.95...our guest pronounced this 'a winning option'-balanced amount of fresh ingredients-served with scallion laced dipping/soup sauce...chewy-ish texture

Seafood Tofu Casserole $22.95-fresh fresh-light white sauce...succulent crab, shrimps scallops with snow peas, fried (not greasy) bits of tofu, and crisps carrots - harmonious balance of crisp and softer chewy textures. 

brown/white rice comes with meals

Freshly steamed vegetable-mixed seafood options-great counterpart to Thanksgiving indulgences...wonderfully fresh-carrots, snow peas, broccoli, scallops, crabmeat, shrimp, bell pepper, water chestnuts etc-came with this light dipping sauce...plenty of have it your way options including additions/subtractions like beef, chicken or pork-and different vegetable combos.$22.50

light dipping sauce...

desserts are not the focus-but there is kid-friendly Haagaden Daz chocolate/vanilla ice cream, pineapple lychee nuts, and Steamed Red Bean Bun $2.95-$3.95
China Fun is open for lunch (with full lunch menu plus Bento Box Lunch specials), dinner, and brunch -Mon-Fri: 11AM-11:00PM, Sat-Sun 11:30AM-11PM .

FYI:Casual atmosphere-our fellow diners ranged from solo eaters just out of work- suit clad individuals, first daters and been together 30 something types of athleisure attired couples from nearby....and multi-generational birthday celebrants-composed of a lot out of town relatives who were mighty glad they made the trip.

few menu pages...

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