Monday, December 7, 2015


NINJA's new COFFEE BAR...Review
Introducing  COFFEEBOXX™


Even if you don't have that jingle etched in memory cells (from TV ads-for Ninja Blender/Juicer)...Ninja's inventive way with kitchen gadgets (AUTO-IQ™)-has given birth to a new counter top staple-aimed at perfecting the coffee-based drinks that are so popular....into a one touch easy necessity.

A perfect gift for a coffee drinker...why the NINJA Coffee Bar differs from other coffee machines on the market-we think-is the turn the dial idiot-proof options-allowing for coffee strength differences and  also the one push-size appropriate options -including an iced coffee one. Simplifies everything.

--- If one needs a bold sip-NINJA COFFEE BAR delivers, as promised.
NINJA COFFEE BAR arrives in a secure box...with visuals showing the machine capabilities....truly is a breeze to use $149.99
packed well...with a recipe book, VERY DETAILED instruction book and a coffee concierge -the 411 on any questions might have.

first thing out...

the water reservoir-is separate---makes filling easier than other coffee machines where it's an embedded one piece deal. The amounts for full, half pots, one cup and special coffee drink-iced coffee is clearly marked
in addition to a full sized coffee pot- a gold mesh cone (washable), a frother for dairy liquids, a travel cup with handy sipping straw, and a measuring spoon-all included
we were in a hurry to try...very user friendly design...unwrapped and plugged in...easy to set up-including the clock timer 

a dial lets one select the, cup, half pot or full...below-press the strength...classic, rich, over ice or specialty brew...we like a STRONG cuppa...and  Ninja Coffee Bar's RICH BREW guarantees our coffee the way we like it -genius...letting the water linger over the ground beans...up top the stay warm selection keeps the pot plate hot...we turned it off---and the coffee pot warmer still works-for maybe ten minutes then automatically shuts off. Delay Brew-allows for setting a timer
no worries if can't wait for a sip---there is a Drip Stop lever-turn to right so one can pour a cup---then switch back to left...and brewing starts up again. BTW---machine starts beeping so one gets a reminder if 'forget' to turn back
we like using a paper filter ....fits right in the basket that easily pulls out-and separates for cleaning-just slide and click it back in for the next round
measuring spoon=ground coffee-or ground espresso
we took this pic at an Editors Showcase

the gray tray...folds down---place a cup on it...pictured below...turn the selection dial to appropriate setting

INFO resources
We use our NINJA COFFEE BAR daily...and highly recommend ---especially for those who like a very strong cup of coffee and want a full pot made...each time.

FOR campers/tailgaiters, boaters...OXX---COFFEEBOXX Single Cup Brewing System aka "the world's toughest coffee maker..." is one of those SO CLEVER portable machines...that would make a great gift for caffeine fiends venturing outdoors.12lbs.
(MSRP $249.99-there's a holiday 25% discount on now)

rubberized carry handle---and tray for a cup-folds up to transport- and down -for use...very sturdy design- rust proof, spill proof, dust-water resistant AND impact resistant polymer shell-crush proof up to 1500lbs

up top-select size of the cup, indicators for brewing, refill (water), and descale , auto on/off and brew buttons... 

removable drip tray-lift up and place single serve K-Cup...there's a separate on-demand hot water line for tea or quick meals -for clean coffee free water, six external stainless steel tie-downs, 3 foot retractable power cord, replaceable carbon filter, 

Spill proof 2.5L water tank slides in/out of compartment slot from top