Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Holiday Gifts: Road/Mountain Cyclists' Accessories Part 2

SUNBLOCKING of all UVA/UVB/UVC rays -is critical year round-SMITH Optics makes some of the techies' worthiest, lightest+scratch resistant shades on the market (Techlite)-shatterproof tough+serious clarity- distortion free -polarized sunglasses (ChromaPop™ polarized lenses) with wide field of vision, repels grease an other stuff, plus anti-reflective. SUPER important when going from bright sunlight to darker areas on the road/mountain (Carbonic)

Just for fun cyclists...may or may not,  know no off-season...but dedicated age group athletes...def. train year round.

SOME season-less gifts for THAT workout warrior...
Shock absorption by SMITH-ventilated, lightweight cycle helmets-for high and low impact moments. Fully integrate with sunglasses (and snow version with goggles)...the Forefront and road race worthy Overtake -maximum ventilation+aero-dynamics-best in class protection AEROCORE™ construction featuring Koroyd-less EVA foam-seance lightweight and anti-concussion MIPS inserts available (extra $). IMO-At $220-$250 def on higher end of helmets but living in NYC-seen so many serious (fatal) bike collisions...crazy not to make that investment.
JULBO...the maker of our fav mountain/glacier high performance sunglasses...has several sleek sport options to fit small-large shapes...photochromatic, polarized lenses-and interchangeable ones too. Second from the top-DUST model-snug fit, slim -flexible frame that if great for bikers (and runners)-easily fits under any helmet-and is cut to vent air. NICE-shock absorbing insert on nose-fits lotsa shape noses...including Asian. 
TURTLE FUR-one of the original brands of cold weather neckwear...we still wear our DURABLE classic fleece one from high school! NOW-more performance textiles including soft merino wool, moisture wicking itch free wool blends and comfy performance fleece-in amazing prints+colors. These great keep warm options of... headwear -for under helmets, balaclavas, liners and accessories like face protective-neck warmers - Totally Tubular -can pull up high when it's REALLY cold---never can enough of!
men's, women's and kids too

SUGOI-performance fabrics-with all those reflective details...riding gloves, balaclavas, beanies, head bands-for under helmet or for runners without, booties and shoe covers...great stocking stuffers-we're always misplacing these cold weather staples.
TRANSPACK.patented Trapezoid shape Isosceles Storage System holds personal stuff and gear neatly-with perfectly shaped, easy access main compartment..( helmet worthy-though some models come with compartment for that too), BIG side compartments with air/water drainage holes/grommets and mesh vents for socks, a really nifty shape that allows for hauling around a lot of weighty stuff, super easy. In great fun prints too...all made of durable, weather tough fabric you won't wear out in this lifetime- and self repairing double locking-nylon coil zips. There's even a heated version for snow boots...we use our 'regular' one as a transition bag for triathlons...comes with padded shoulder strap.  Good for cyclists...that travel to ride.
Stocking stuffer...stick moisturizers by BODY Glide are iconic-and seen every race we ever do...multi-tasking anti-blister/chafing and for getting a wetsuit on/off easy.