Monday, November 16, 2015

CES UNVEILED NYC-CES Innovation Awards+Eureka Park: PART 4


Living in Digital Times...produces several showcases/seminars at CES...had a few exhibitors at the recent CES Unveiled NYC...
QVC sold-HairMax FDA approved increase hair growth cycle...

didn't surprise us this robot in pink or blue trim options...  IPAL a "high quality robot for children 3-8 years old"...from Asia. By AvatarMind-runs on Android apps and is targeted for the single child families in China-though with a policy change...prob also good way to learn other languages too.
as endurance athletes-we were very curious about SKULPT's highly muscular types can have a BMI-making that body fat kind of measurement pretty worthless... and other ways to measure body fat percentages are impractical or inaccurate.
SKULPT a measuring device with paired smartphone app that measures body fat on different areas of the body--and also gives overall body fat composition reading with combined abs/upper arm biceps measurements. PLUS muscle quality (MQ).
place this sensor loaded SKUPLT Chisel on -for example, biceps of this case-right arm...this version supports one user version $99

readings-what % of body too-measures 24 different body areas.App IOS and Android-also pairs w/ Apple's Health. rechargeable lithium-ion battery -one charge last one and a half months. Duh this reading came out skulpted

Perfect pitchman-George Dorsey explain SKUPLT well and on a certified trainer-he has a book coming out soon. FYI-his tip-men need to do more cardio-women need to do more resistance training-to lower body fat. We notice the guys at the gym we lift at- are very chatty with their trainers-so maybe -less talk and more action would help too.

at this event-saw the accessory AK380 AMP  (far left)-supports high impedance headphones and high gain output while remaining faithful to original sound. Works with AK380. LAYLA partnership with Jerry Harvey Audio+Astell&Kern. Company makes a few products...

Angie-part of The Siren Series Jerry Harvey Audio partners with Astell&Kern- headphones 8 Driver Design, Dual low, Dual Mid, Quad High Adjustable Bass/Stainless Steel Tube Wave Guide Additional 2.5mm Balance Cable for Astell&Kern. The Siren Series Universal fit IEMs. "Listen like a rock star, right out of the box"

AK100 II-rich warm sound experience-.quoting form the website...for audio purists..." provides a rich, warm sound experience through the re-tuned A-amp designed specifically for the CS4398 Single DAC...5.6 MHz DSD is supported via 'DSD to PCM' by utilizing a Dual Core CPU...also functions as an external DAC (sound card) when connected to a PC or Mac via USB. The AK100 2ndGeneration's sound quality is available for stored music on any PC or Mac as it serves as a built-in sound card." 
Curious about what Hi Res audio actually is...? What musician/songwriter-icon Neil Young is complaining about???

After spending time with a bunch of 20 somethings listening to music being streamed and amplified through a wireless speaker-which was absolutely THE WORST QUALITY AUDIO we ever heard...we realized-they may not know any better.

It's not just old school lps and wired speakers that deliver richer sounds though- it's the 21st century after all-from Astell+Kern ...options for a faithful recreation of  the Master Quality Sound from music mastering studios- THAT kind of quality- in a portable high fidelity sound system.

One listen to their AK380 at this event---there really is no comparison to music quality heard vs, say that stored on a smartphone heard with plug-in earphones that come with the device. Only surprises-the heftiness...and that smartphone makers haven't figured this out. Yet. Costs what one would expect...meaningful 4 figures...
nice upscale packaging reminded us of Bosch...

  WOWEE Toys...
robots, vehicles+lifestyle saw these at the Get Geeked event too
 Robotic Enhanced Vehicles 

Luv n'Learn teddy bear...from the Future of Play-with smartphone can interact with...$49.99---in four languages. Also works as a plain ole' teddy bear
Cast by GENII is spherical shaped hub for entertainment-content-live stream mobile games

Geez-we thought this creates data soon to be heard in car insurance lawsuits across America...ha ha-Smartwheel™ is an intelligent steering wheel cover that senses when hands are not placed correctly on the wheel...uses audio and alerts to 'refocus' driver's attention...there's a companion app analyzes and organizes performance data into reports for parents and teens ..and we assume maybe insurance investigators in "Fault" states.

ily is a visual speed dial module...good for the elderly or people who physically-visually impaired...and smartphone app...portable version of...
Portable -digital Keyboard ($299)-and The One SmartPiano $1499.99-61 red backlit, touch responsive keys, built in mp3 speakers, foldable stand, 64 note max polyphony, 128+ GM tones, 20 presets, Onyx Black & White Gold, Free Integrated App -works with 3rd party apps such as Spotify, Garageband, Apple Music, Finale & USB midi cables, powered by 6AA batteries or wall lessons, and piano games, 2000 sheet library, 3 foot pedals on piano. 

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