Friday, October 9, 2015

Wearable Tech: ABOM No-Fog Goggles+Lycos Life Smartband

Serious patent background here...we had a nice chat with Abominable Labs'  CEO-Jack Cornelius that didn't venture too far above our pay grade level. This ABOM goggle for snow sports types-available in six colors and 4 lens options (interchangeable)-is really a breakthrough for no fog protection. Easy to operate- the ABOM is comfy -light, fits faces with 3 layer foam -thermal formed-with impact protection, and with just one press of the button-the thin (REALLY) film transparent heater (that's hooks up to a usb rechargeable power source)-built into the lense- heats up the surface to slightly warmer than dew point-that prevents condensation. Think of it like a car rear window defroster...All waterproof electrical connectors of course. No wonder the Defense Dept. came a' calling.

Abominable Labs game changing tech-no fog goggles-NOT anti-fog fyi. Powered by KLAIR™technology...thin film transparent heater actually built into the like a rear defroster of a car window. Other details-scratch resistant polycarbonate lenses from top of the line Carl Zeiss that blocks 100% UVA UVB UVC. delivers all day on protection via Active Mode (6-7 hours) or in ten minute burst-Boost mode for longer time period. $249.99
From Lycos-a name familiar to internet browsing people-back in the a new consumer product...Lycos Life interactive smartband---which like many  beefed up timepieces on the market-can be Bluetooth BLE 4.0 connected to a smartphone-wth a free app---that provides fitness stats-activity tracker information-pedometer, calories expended, sleep monitoring (Automatic Sleep Monitoring),  and -bonus-heartrate EKB/ECG readouts in real time (press two side buttons)-for $124.99.

What interests the geeks we know= the features of storing personal info on the band via the included NFC stickers that become NFC tag when information is stored---that can transfer the 411 with NFC enabled devices-using its wireless tap to transfer function (T2T),  can unlock a phone without a password, and can kinda act as the keeper to the castle keys of personal info like contact +email addresses, fav website and apps- passwords (Secure Password Management System) via the Lycos Life app (which we assume is secure)-eliminating the needs to remember all those different passwords. Intriguing as it is not a smartphone on the wrist-though one can set alarms and receive notifications, hands free...but more belongs to the Internet of all Things (IoT) world- that's all the buzz and supposed to make our increasingly connected lives easier, more automated, and probably less private.

modern look to it...charges quickly has a
Currently the set-up works with Android devices...and there are many step by step instructional YouTube videos on the company website that show how one enables the functions...

Bonus-we have tiny wrists...and the Lycos Life adjustable band actually a watch-we wear the face inside our wrist for easy reading.

There's also a Lycos Ring with fitness activity monitoring functionality. That's pretty cool and think might be the next piece of jewelry for men and women as ---especially since we read about that  Apple iRing .