Wednesday, October 14, 2015




Freshening up for Fall weather....means getting rid of summer's build-up...with non-invasive (really) multi-taskers skin treatments-requires little time and no downtime (who has time for that?!?).

WANTED:Micro-dermabrasion and infusion treatments that manage to slough off the upper upper skin cells...revealing a fresh face (or body)...while deeply pampering skin with custom cocktails of anti-oxidants, moisturizers, pigment or acne banishing solutions...depending.

There are a few kinda similar skin rejuvenation procedures that accomplish the aforementioned; one we can vouch for is SILKPEEL® DERMAINFUSION® (by ENVY Medical-same company behind the much acclaimed skin brightener-hyper-pigmentation lotion- Lumixyl).

A time commitment of 20 minutes or so is all that's needed to to clarify, brighten, hydrate, calm and or smooth one's face...via a hand piece that like a magic wand-simultaneously exfoliates (different settings) with a tiny disk and at the same time, vacuums up the 'debris' and infuses a condition specific topical below the surface-for more pronounced results.

Our session on UES office of Bryan G. Forley, MD, FACS, PC---was expertly administered (and explained) by an esthetician...and started with us getting comfy -lying down on a plush chair-perfect after a looong day. Note-we refrained from using our nightly retinoid cream for two weeks prior-seems extreme but is the recommended time period.

Our treatment began after a brief chat/skin exam with Dr. Forley on what would be best for our skin--the group consensus was the Vitamin C Pro-Infusion that rids the dermis of pollution, signs of the sun and stress-with skin saving stable form of Vit. C-plus a stable derivative of Vitamin E, aloe for hydration and anti-inflammatory allantoin and dipotasium-...-an ideal post summer selection-imo.

Other SILKPEEL DERMAINFUSION choices=the  ClarityMD™ Pore Clarifying Pro-Infusion (acne, oily skin), Hydrating Pro-Infusion (with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, aloe and camomille for dry skin/fine lines), and  Lumixyl Pro-Infusion (peptides to diminish dark spots-no irritation).

Our setting was on the lightest---good for first timers---and felt relaxing-not abrasive at all...with the triple action exfoliation/evacuation/infusion handpiece making a slight whirling noise that pretty much was the only clue it was working-as we kept out closed. Each section of the face got two least.

BIG BONUS: a separate tip (smaller) for eyelids...under and over ...and lips-the most sensitive and thin areas of the face-but the ones that typically show the first signs of aging. Nice.

Afterwards-a glowing clean face...making SILKPEEL® DERMAINFUSION® a good choice for pre-event brightening up...which explains why it's a popular 'thing' for the Red Carpet types. No redness at all...a not so lovely side effect of extractions from facials.

We asked Dr. Forley why he liked SILKPEEL® DERMAINFUSION®...after all, there is a lot of skin treatment machine procedures on the market...

Commenting on the 'rave reviews' from a very trusted beauty expert (who we adore)---he also pointed out- importantly, the need for non-invasive treatments aimed at the quality of the skin before and after plastic facial surgery-the latter- focused on correcting the structural 'stuff' (our term) -lifting, tightening loose skin etc---all part and parcel for getting optimum results.

SILKPEEL® DERMAINFUSION® can be done in a series...or in conjunction with laser treatments...and is also available for specific areas of the body-using a bigger tip. It's a quick, efficient way to keeping up appearances.


Ideally we like to keep facial skin free of anything after a treatment-but most of the time we are immediately off to go somewhere else that requires some makeup... and veer towards brands we know that have non-irritating, and beneficial as not to negate the positive results.

Two We Use: 

VMV Hypoallergenic's foundations/concealers---we are big fans of the Skin the Bluff concealer -very creamy easy to blend (contains USDA organic coconut oil-which is not oily, fyi)...mix up the light and medium shades for a perfect match-and dot on where needed...100% free of all types of fragrance, 100% Dye-Phthalate-Paraben and Preservative Free and Non-Comedogenic...

And...Rouge Bunny Rouge-a cult brand with a lightweight second skin gel like build-able liquid foundation, Milk Aquarelle -with Detoxyl an anti-pollution ingredient, nourishing Shea Butter, moisturizing Panthenol, and protective botanicals Egyptian Lotus and White Water Lily extracts. We apply with our fingers...though theoretically one supposed to use a foundation brush.

But really, who has time.