Tuesday, October 27, 2015

#LacosteSS16 Part 2 Performance/Athletic Wear+Men's Basics, Footwear

Olympics' Separates, Golf, Tennis, Roland Garros Collection, Lacoste X Peanuts Part 2


For Spring 2016-Lacoste offered a bigger line-up of actual athletic wear...made of moisture wicking, breathable fabrics and body mapped/designed for performance...as well as country logo-ed separates for those with the home country spirit. 

Noted: Lacoste stylishly attires the French Olympic team in RIO next summer. LUCKY them.
caps, tees, jackets-sweatshirts, polos-in country flag colors-pictured-USA.
navy and white sneakers-complete the look...white eyelets make shoe really pop

USA, USA!!! Bucket hat

canvas rope drawstrings texture vs smoothness of zip top.

technical fabric-warm-ups...jacket and matching tennis polo underneath with a tennis tail of course
tennis shoes...can play in!

Lacoste X Roland Garros Collection-French Open attendees can dress with style...

Back handed swing-from an iconic picture of founder René Lacoste.. using a wooden racket...

Lacoste Live in suede and classic white rubber outsole...
in leather---matches up well with the Roland Garros polos

velcro closure with logo pop-white leather with red/navy trim...cute for kids
classic polo dress...keeper

tech fabric tennis dress -if we wore this we would have to up our game, for sure
performance stop features panels that whisk away sweat...seams placed so as not to chafe...
 focused Golf collection-weather tough vests and jackets-super lightweight-functional details like pockets for extra balls/tees...yet stylish enough for the 19th hole.
Golf collection

neoprene stretchy inserts-and mesh sides are good for watery environments...plus good looking shoe!

line-up of the polos---shows off the colors...here are different fabrications and regular and slim cuts available year round.

 Men's basics as a retail category as rapidly expanded ...which makes total sense. From Lacoste---there are the seasonal color combos one might expect...but we think its the hand feel of the many different textile combos-that will seal the deal. Includes a new silky breathable Tencil and cotton, lightweight stretchy woven cotton, and VERY fun-Olympics' inspired trunks/briefs for the ultimate fans!

breezy silk like pique lounge V neck top---casual hang-out -or sleepwear- guy's girlfriend will borrow

boxers and briefs...croc in flag colors

super lightweight...crew neck stretch tees...good to layer in cold weather

woven boxers-good to wear under pants...looser fit-stretch

Ace lounge short Henley tee-well finished-not a thread out of place...

Base Line Lounge pants include drawstring premium woven cotton...match-up with basics


Lacoste x Peanuts collection-2015  just in time for the Disney movie...our fav...the Croc facing off vs. Lucy! Other Peanuts characters---feature them with the Croc-in action mode...

kids and adult sizes-on sale in November, Cute -Snoopy fishing and the Croc nibbling...