Saturday, October 24, 2015

Jackie Rogers SS'16 RTW+Maison Du Chocolat 25th Yr. Celebration

True Luxury-A Glamorous Fashion Show by Coco Chanel Muse-Jackie Rogers  and La Nuit Du Chocolat by French Premium Chocolatier Maison Du Chocolat 

10 West 56th Street & 1018 Madison Ave. NYC

True artistry and in turn, imo-the present day world of sophisticated luxury goods- is referential to the past-but not 'stuck' in idolatry- reveries for the old days...instead... acknowledging the 'present' -via embracing the finer details of craft traditions---and then fused with the what's innovative and what 'works'- with the realities of how 21st century inhabitants live and buy goods. 

And successes doesn't necessarily depend on conjuring up the most 'likes' from the latest social media platforms...but more so-fulfilling the high expectations and need of its discerning clientele...accessibly so.

On the same glorious crisp autumnal evening in NYC (October 20th)...two 'brands' of luxury embraced the aforementioned MO- in their own way. 

a symphony of black and white-silks and lace day and evening wear...modern abstract prints, feminine ruffles and sheer lace-hand crafted to perfection
Former Coco Chanel muse-and veteran fashion designer, Jackie Rogers had an admiring crowd of viewers gathered at the stately former home of dazzling Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd -and coincidentally around the corner from the original Henri Bendel boutique that was the first American retailer of Chanel...for a Spring 2016 presentation/show of wearable luxurious day and evening separates and dresses.

Our favorite-was this beautiful blue ensemble-that imaginatively (deftly) uses the 'pedestrian' burlap-almost as a fine silk linen-in this feminine blazer that  would look equally a-ok with denim...
burlap-- the fabric of this classic double breasted spring coat...and a flattering sleeveless wrap dress that drapes so elegantly - like a silk chiffon. Note-the fit perfection-including couture worthy tailoring which is all done in the designer's midtown showroom (bonus points for Made In NYC). All beautifully lined too. In the middle-the bold red silk blouse with a dramatic sash...paired with wide leg trousers-captures, color-wise-Jackie Rodgers' inspiration for the collection, Salvador Dali's works of art. Destined for the Southampton and Palm Beach emporiums as well as
Dion Moore and Jose Rosello for Angelo David Salon did the hair and makeup that had the models flawlessly coiffed.

A mile north-the newly re-opened Maison du Chocolat's Madison Avenue boutique-hosted a festive crowd of young and old---celebrating the remodeling of the premier NYC boutique  and... the 25th anniversary.

We think the comment by 'Susan'="OMG" succinctly sums it up.

same font...but with a modern take...
Master Chef Nicolas Cloiseau (star of countless selfies this week...with admiring fans)-poses with his favorite creation of the night

gasp-on the right-the incredible Lee icon...we had to restrain ourselves from asking for a selfie with this woman of elegant grace and impeccable style. A.Cicognani Communications deftly guided guests through the highlights...and no doubt, effortlessly navigated the NYC permit process for the welcoming tent...which remained up for the Thursday night open house celebration. 

Lee Radziwill

Another American icon-what a joy-Adrienne Vittadini started her fashion empire in 1979 -brilliantly sensing that women would relish the Euro flair of practical, well made-and timeless- vibrantly colored-Italian knitwear that flatter and travels well. From there---the Adrienne Vittadini stylish touch anointed accessories and home goods.
Champagne...of course...
La Maison du Chocolat's macarons are equally devastatingly good. Delicate and crisp shells of chocolate ganache and almond meringues form a tasteful home for fillings such as Passion fruit, Coconut-Lime, Vanilla, Lemon, Coffee, Pistachio, Caramel, Hazelnut or  Raspberry Pulp.   

 a team prepares the take-home treats...
Guests were able to receive two finely packed mouth watering dark-lighter chocolate pieces with their names loving scripted atop with gold dust ...

uniquely made chocolate 'sculptures'----we asked Master Chef  Nicolas Cloiseau about the inspiration for these rather Mondiran-esque abstract pieces-and he replied via a translator because our French is awful-that it was more of 'what the possibilities were-for what the chocolate can do.' These treats were later the coveted prizes in a raffle-which we won one---amazingly so... one can store fresh chocolate in the moist crisper section of the fridge for later consumption, fyi...we wrapped our tasteful prize in a towel and plan on sharing it with family members...who only recently discovered (despite having lived in Paris ) the " chocolate I have ever tasted...!"

The Hatboxes...welcome gifts for anyone on planet earth---luxe packaging equals the contents of this 'hat box' (several selections) that poshly transports pralines, rich milk and dark chocolate ganaches-some delicately infused with exotic flavorings that are heavenly, fruited -like orange zest, raspberry pulp,  or crisp acidic lemon... or Champagne Cognac infused chocolates and truffles, covered fruits (orange peels, figs...) roasted almonds and hazelnuts surrounded by creamy caramel...or a must for the caffeine lover- -pure ganache squares -a rare blend of Ecuadorian cacao beans that pairs sumptuously well with a lucky recipient.  
Amine Zouiten-who manages retail for all of the worldwide boutique locations-explained the concept of 'grab and go' convenience of the new, cleaner-modern Maison du Chocolat store design --- it is the way many consumers shop worldwide...and allows for both the 'old-fashioned' service of hand selecting these precious morsels with knowledgeable  advice of shop employees---and/or the convenience of seeing the entire collection of luscious chocolate boxed selections on accessible shelves---and completing a purchase in-well- a New York minute. 
Acute Inflection-terrific duo performed cabaret and classics...amazingly the acoustics and sound level= just right.
a packed house at the UES location-admiring the refreshed emporium of premium treats... in the middle there- Managing Director Geoffroy d' Angejan-a joyful host amongst the joyful guests! Merci beaucoup.