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ATHLETE GALS Fall '15 Beauty Shape-Up Part 1


Less sunlight-but still hot temps..means not much of a change in our beauty routine...but determined to keep the old us in a positive way--- we tried some new product- refresher additions.


Still need a reason to toss out older 'stuff'-half used lotions, potions and makeup (not expired dated -for the most part-in the USA!!!!)

READ THIS aka "There's WHAT In Expired Cosmetics"---certainly helped with giving the heave ho. Grrrrosss!

Some New Product Highlights:

Tossing out a manual toothbrush after a few months of use...sounds like a very reasonable thing to do...after all, that thing goes in your mouth.

triple brush head covers the top and sides of a tooth...even cleaning into gum line...simultaneously
Open wide for a new triple patented oral-tool =EVOLVE Toothbrush---the manual shape makes a difference in the amount of enamel part that gets brushed...lab tested too! Ergonomic handle---even electric brush users---need a 'spare' unplugged one-when traveling.

Old skin cells can't be tossed out-but exfoliating scrubs and lotions-help to get rid scaly elbows, feet -or any where there's dry patches of dermis.

Usually it takes a month of lotion diligence for our elbows' ugh patches to smooth out...but after a week of using the potent NeoStrata RESURFACE Ultra Smoothing Lotion...2x a day- the concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Acids (8% Glycol Acid+Citric Acid) -milky white easy to spread/absorbs fast lotion ("amphoteric complex")-followed by sunscreen...that typically nasty to the touch body part...smoothed out.
Impressive-RESURFACE can also be used on the face-to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles...which we tried and it def. tingled on our sensitive skin (avoid the eye area, accordingly)...with a slight tacky feel- disappearing in about a minute. No doubt-with regular applications... the sun abusers in need of some gradual exfoliation-should check this product out. $46---6.8 fluid oz...squeeze top bottle should last a few months-trust us- a little goes a long way.

What Else:
NeoStrata is a 'partner' company with EXUVIANCE---a line of highly effective, premium skin care, accessibly priced (imo)-that we are major fans of---including their DePuffing Eye Serum and Exfoliating Pads. FYI---a new retail outlet-EXUVIANCE SKIN LAB debuts in Short Hills Mall-N.J.

(FYI-According to Dr. Rebecca Kazin---serums and lotions applied prior to sunscreen does not lessen the effectiveness of chemical or physical block sunscreens...we were curious about the chemical interaction of the products...'knocking' each other out.)

With patented tech-Regenica's MRCx™Growth Factors generates human fibroblast cells (bovine free)---resulting in new skin cells---helping to reverse the signs of aging. A word of mouth cult fav-Regenica's latest product-the Revitalizing Eye Creme with advanced peptides and antioxidants in the mix-is a creamy white moisturizing (shea butter) whammy...especially good for sensitive types. On regular rotation in our gym bag-it helps our eyes reverse the less than lovely goggle imprints we acquire after swimming.

What Else:
Like the fab soothing balm Recovery Gel...this latest Regenica addition also has homeopathy healing winner- arnica in it. Use 2x a day-- the Revitalizing Eye Creme diminishes the negatives- puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines....comes in an airless tube-squeeze out a dab at a time. (Retail-wise- find at MD practices)

In Office Option:

When an offer for a free UltraShape demo at SKINFLUENCE was nixed for no stomach fat (not a bad problem, for sure)...we got to experience a non-invasive DermaSweep micro-resurfacing procedure for faces, hands and arms...

Taking about 30 minutes-this completely comfy pain free treatment kinda vacuums off the dead skin cells with a hand held device while infusing skin with customized treatments...either..."Epifusion" (skin lightening, brightening, dehydration), Premiumfusions (clarify 'red carpet ready', skincare ingredients of peptides, age reversing growth factors, and revitalizing DNA repair enzymes), and PeelFusions (refresh, revive while boosting benefits of traditional chemical peels-delivering active ingredients faster for less side effects like flaking).

Glow we did- post an Epifusion infusion (kinda reminded us of a Hydrafacial). We had one session...but figure on a series of treatments (4-6) for more lasting effects that targets hyper- pigmentation, laxity of skin, fine lines and wrinkles, rough skin patches, etc.

Online Option:

Board certified physicians available online for interactive visible consultations---the growing trend in our connected via smartphone world...AND that includes SPRUCE...a Dermatologist available service via of course, a down loadable app. Convenient...with a list of board certified providers a focused telemedicine appropriate list of conditions that can be treated. $40 per visit= affordable too.

Ingesting Beauty:

We are big believers in you are what you eat to ...and it doesn't surprise us that eating well-shows right up on people's faces-just as the amount of sleep/stress does. Drinking collagen peptide boosting juices (we tried Sparkle Collagen Peptide supplement-a citrusy powder-in water- that actually tastes good too-review) a given in where else-Asia...but here in the USA...capsule forms are available -from established brands like YouTheory-though fyi-if you are a vegetarian-not for you...we were told this is made from animal sources.

Taking it off...putting it on:

For sensitive skin-or beach worn...cleansers and moisturizers can irritate/burn...but soothing aloe takes the heat off...and cooling face masks-hydrate skin without the oils.

Aloe Up quenches with its naturally healing namesake (juice from the Aloe Barbadenis Miller plant)-as the primary ingredient ranging from 35%-95% content of its products. WOW. A super lightweight moisturizer and cooling gel are popular in the outdoors market-barely a scent...and very effective. Guys will use too.

Another Asian beauty staple- these dripping with soothing moisturizer face masks...are quick working-10-15 minutes =DONE. From JAPAN the affordable brand HADA LABO---has deeply hydrating, single use, cooling facial masks-made of 100% cotton...which we tried in the AM---while getting  day ready. Truly scentless, completely non-irritating...NICE...we just used sunscreen afterwards, lipstick/gloss (see below)... and were good to go. 

The perfect lip color for end of summer glow....this flattering peachy coral from Rouge Bunny Rouge works on most skin tones...pictured-moisturizing/hydrating (Shea Butter and Volulip™ a plant based active), easy gliding on, long lasting Colour Burst lipstick in The Plot Thickens and non-tacky Devilish Nectar gloss. Beautiful packaging too...from a beloved cult brand.