Wednesday, July 15, 2015

RED BULL STUDIOS/NEW MUSEUM NEW INC. Interactive Showcase 2015


End of year showcase highlighting NEW INC's incubator participants...Emilie Baltz, Annelie Berner, Sougwen Chung, Erica Gorochow, ODD DIVISION, Yotam Mann, newhive, Lisa Park, Luisa Pereira, The Principals, print all over me, Phil Sierzega, Kevin Siwoff, Paul Soulelis, Studio Studio, Charlie Whitney

 220 West 18th Street, (BTWN 7th/8th Aves) DEMO DAY -OPEN till July 30th 12-7PM= FREE!!!!!!!

The Well Sourced Synthesizer inspired by BACH....generates an accompaniment of voices, algorithmically. Luisa Pereira X Yotam Mann The Counterpointer

FREE APP IS ADDICTIVE!!!! Specimen...colors in a fun interactive game will make that subway delay, welcome

tap the swirling amorphic blob in circle-matches color of background screen...on the clock fyi, and earn patterned boosters+Chroma coins
Erica Gorochow (and Charlie Whitney) Specimen developers

this trio-originally from Japan...developed an all ginger supplement to neutralize dizziness...packaging is fab, no surprise here.

Lotsa Oculus use...and an obnoxious buddy to help test perception.

DEPTHKIT-is a film making tool-hybrid-3D images captured-hybrid computer graphics+video format enables different camera angles-"...digitally synthesized and photo real.' Cool.


Malcolm Levy developed this terrific app -filters to liven up any Instagram pic-GENERATE

audio-visual app for iOS+Android

-one of the Generate options

Joshua Lightshow for the 21st century

Cotton Candy-yup there was a line---

built in sensors-Cotton Candy Theremin (with Charlie Whitney, Artfood, and Dave Sheinkopf) cotton candy spinning performance art---interaction of food/sound/design-the spinning of a cotton candy cone over eatable wisps of spun sugar triggers sounds (very drum/bass) and visuals (huge background screen) -immersive environment that is fun and tasty

EMILIE BALTZ (with Phil Sierzega) conjured this up

the machine's followed her every move on the black paper...kinda neat

 Sougwen Chung X NewHive-Drawings Operation Unit:Generation...1=D.O.U.G. ="...looping videos exploring the procedural mark-making as a visual collaboration between artist and machine..."

STUDIO STUDIO GIF Booth-collaborative photo booth experience that allows visitors to create, edit +share custom GIFs

bust a move (or several) and delight your followers...very nifty

The Principals and STUDIO STUDIO -SNOWBLIND-very intriguing experience-closed off cause those fog machines emit a lot of---ephemeral installation of cloud architecture-in a cloudy room where visitor movements set off sensors-alter the light color to reflect it

The Gift Shop

poetry screen...$10
actually a lot bigger...LISA PARK X KEVIN SIWOFF LUMA very engaging interactive sound responsive light sculpture-giant biomimetic cluster of white dandelions-composed of millions of fiber optic strands that become illuminated by internal LEDs when activated by sound.

cool kicks-look creatively 'hand-crafted'