Thursday, June 4, 2015


FFANY Spring 2016 Tradeshow

As a consumer it is a bit off time -to be seeing next year's main walks---but when we #wantitnow...tradeshows serve up some things to look forward to...and with delivery dates all jumbled up these days-many  will be available sooner than later, if not now.
One year old and brilliantly successful---BIION™ FOOTWEAR---redefines that comfort fashion paradigm.

three 'it' prints-camo, animal, and floral---in color block or bright outsole uppers
Created by a fashion industry vet---the brand takes the shoe industry standard  material-the feather-weight, EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate) -acclaimed for its flexibility,  shock absorbing, energy returning cushy comfort----and molds it into classic shoe as can be seen by these pics-amazing colors, patterns etc. that refs golf shoes. Bonus- a dual density midsole, grippy traction on the outsole and a massaging interior footbed.

Washable-breathable (via those punched out details)...Biion Footwear will be huge-a better looking kind of Crocs.

Currently popular in the golf market---that'll change soon-at FFANY-the NYC tradeshow-the booth was plenty packed when we were there...obvs why!

Many styles are available NOW.
Saddles+ wingtips-in fun color mixes-punched out details like a men's classic oxford-wingtip slip-ons are massaging inside...and EVA conforms to ones feet. Bonus-drainage holes for watery environments.

kid sizes SpongeBob patterns
solids-outsoles in contrast colors freshen it up-but it's the slim silhouette vs most clunky recovery sandal/shoes-that really seals the deal
LACOSTE footwear-for Spring 2016---we felt---continues to evolve into a sophisticated prep style with that iconic French flair with a worldwide appeal...that distinguishes the brand-actually-the entire brand offerings- from other labels in that contemporary price space.
fun print-in slip-ons with bright white foxing that imo-is year round wearable-
 Sporty chic is always 'in'--- even more so nowadays---and Lacoste has that René Lacoste -tennis-golf-sailing heritage---in real life-something other labels make-believe- invent for themselves.
the footwear Croc logo is usually more subtle-but we love the pop of bling gold on this beauty of a sandal...

functional gold zipper detail-a feminine fit

so pretty-and details like a padded cushioning a city take on a flat gladiator---these silhouettes-materials are a step up. Staple versatile summer shoe.
When we got the email to check out some ELEVEN PARIS styles-the images stood out even on our tiny smartphone screen.
oui, oui...

Already a BIG worldwide lifestyle label-with icons like Solange Knowles...

we grabbed this image off of the company website...looking FAB
Kate Moss etc-as brand faces...the footwear is set to really make a bigger splash across the POND (Titan Industries distributing)...
flatform sneaker styles-the ones of the left-kinda shift is an inventive upper material with a holographic effect.
 ...sometimes we (USA-ers) play catch-up to the rest of the planet. It happens.
rose gold zipper-the 'it' color for metal used here in a functional zipper

we instagrammed these pronto-and yes, Karl approved. LOVE!!!!!!! Life is a joke-theme on the new YouTube video that---oh yes-very charming/hip French teenage film-y.
retro style---in leather...

btw-these high tops- a riff on the 90s basketball sneakers---are very comfortable too-in leather, sparkling and suede

on the right-made in Portugal---croc leather pointy toe slip-on rather hip chic---and the metallic rose gold leather...with white rubber foxing-is nice combo too...that rose gold metallic leather-shows up in other silhouettes