Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Melissa Rivers THE BOOK OF JOAN/The Moms Mamarazzi Event

Juniper Bar-237 West 35th St/NYC

Entertaining-and certainly-a chip off the old block (an expression that without a doubt, the late great comic Joan Rivers would censor the 'old' part-and have a valid point!!!)...

All smiles-Melissa Rivers

Melissa Rivers is in a midst of a whirlwind book tour-promoting The Book Of Joan, Tales of Mirth Mischief, and Manipulation-written after the untimely passing of her larger than life, tirelessly working mom.

Melissa RIvers-jokes with photographers not to get to close. FYI-her skin is flawless.
"It felt so daunting to do it conceptually (write the book)----I started writing so allowed me to laugh...and to think about funny gave me permission where nobody can judge me...(because) it's a funny book..."

AND it is-we started reading it on the subway home and went right passed our stop.

It reads like one is having a personal convo with Melissa Rivers----the daughter of the legend...and herself very funny, smart, and multi-talented- including producing TV's Fashion Police-which she informed attendees- is coming back to the airwaves- in the last week of August.

The Book Of Joan: tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation

During the step and repeat photo op-Melissa Rivers handled it like the pro she is, tips picked up from her Mom-like crossing one's legs while posing-to look slimmer...and also notably her frankness on what she felt-she looked like----something Joan Rivers was always quick to joke about herself ...including hilarious cracks about her numerous plastic surgeries.

During the Q=A with The Moms Network hosts Denise Albert and Melissa Musen Gerstein---there were several tidbits revealed:
Melissa Rivers with THE MOMS

Joan Rivers was an awful driver and the "scariest" thing her daughter heard was her mother saying "get in the car."

Mom attended all of her sporting activities-including the games ---but sat there wearing huge dark sunglasses...leaning on her husband Edgar...and totally asleep. But she was there physically. All that counted and explained the comic's complete lack of any knowledge about sports....EVER.  Side note-Melissa Rivers  shared that's how she spent her Mother's Day (at a single elimination Lacrosse tournament and her son won -yayy... and noted no games are ever scheduled on Father's Day).

Almost immediately after Melissa Rivers gave birth to son Cooper, the proud grandmother swooped into the delivery room and absconded the newborn...with the new mom feeling like "her purpose" in life had been served.

Is a believer in Xanax-at least we think she wasn't just making jokes about how she deals with anxiety (sometimes)...

...and that the Saturday before Mother's Day---the first Mother' s Day without her mom- was anxiety ridden...just thinking about it...but the day itself...okay.

IMO-no doubt her daughter came first---as a story was shared about a frantic Joan Rivers attired in her bathrobe...getting in/out of a cab and into the pediatrician's office because her crawling baby had a bloody head from bumping into a table---(which all the moms in the audience seemed totally relate to).

AND lucky for us and all her fans---Melissa Rivers had professionally archived all 76,000 (that's right) of her mom's files-index cards of jokes, cross references, her rolodex etc. WOW.

Giving Joan Rivers her due---her impact on the comedy business, her drive, her innate smarts, and her ability to "walk faster" when 'Hell' a great example on how to live a life.

THAT and her MO---this too shall past...meaning the bad things...and also the good-to be able to step back and be thankful-but to know that moment-is just that, a moment in time----a wonderful lesson.

And this lovingly written book---a wonderful gift to fans and humans, alike.