Saturday, May 9, 2015

ImPress Nails- Manicures/Pedicures/CND Neutrals 2015

 Metropolitan West, NYC

Oh happy day when we saw that imPRESS press-on manicures had a space at a recent media SHE's FIT, SHE's BEAUTIFUL event...
Insta-Gratification in under five minutes...color, prints, tactile embellishments, matte-ultra-shiny-seasonal and classic tones---plus easy to personalize with Nail Art kits for the crafty sorts...when we need our nails to look nice-we opt for imPRESS over a trip to any salon...esp now that the gel like flexibility of the affordable kits- contours to our flatish nail beds and their easy to file a tad for that almond shape we like.
Afterwards-daily swimming and preference for super short nails---has us removing them after a day or so but they last on a niece for 7-and bonus-no nail biting either..IMO with nail glue-we can re-use 1x for that special look, one more time. A game changer for those who lack the time or talent for at-home manis... $6.99

mix em'up -very cute!!! Widely available...and costs less than a manicure-even the ones in NYC
idiot proof and NOT animal fur- falsies by KISS True Volume eyelashes$3.99 are fairly easy to put on ---and now come in Singles One Time Use Lash Adhesive $3.50---joining the full size flutterers' packs--- for accents at the corners of eyelids...that take under a minute to put on and are sanitary+ portable-or the entire eyelid. Style options for length, volume...natural looking-or high voltage drama.. widely available

CND is a professional brand-used in top notch salons-and as one can see-has been a trend setter for color polishes, shapes, finishes-for years.
amazing picture-CND nails -by Jan Arnold.  Picture by Katy Winn during February 2015 NY FASHION Week-backstage at the Blondes ©Katy Winn
For Spring 2015: Think neutrals are boring-check out the talons from the Blondes Runway show...NY Fashion Week F/W 2015 -by Jan Arnold-CND's co-founder, Style Director...and all around creative light.

Ready to rethink...

Perfect barely there to bold manicures can certainly be eye-catching...and for home manicures-CND's VINYLUX® promises 7 days of chip-free neutrals for Spring  Field Fox (pictured), Powder My Nose, Impossibly Plush and Negligee(pictured)...

Very wearable and imo-eye catching absolutely---even less the amazing embellishments.