Thursday, April 30, 2015

Materials+Textiles Innovate Outdoor Footwear Part 2



Stormy Kromer-Wolverine collaboration-featuring iconic red/black plaid wool, full grain leather upper from Horween Leather -as part of Wolverine's Fall 2015 collection

Location, location, location-this handsome wool leather lace-up hiking/dress shoe hybrid---comes courtesy of Wolverine (founded 1883-by G.A. Krause) and Stormy Kromer (founded in 1903 by George 'Stormy' Kromer)-heritage brands from Michigan's Lower and Upper Peninsulas.

Stormy Kromer x Wolverine boot-
Love at first site-these made in the USA ($400) got Instagrammed toute de suite---but deserve a second mention...welt construction is obvi-with a rugged outsole, visible hand stitched details, and solid metal hardwear that's old school gone new.

OOFOS---gets major foot time on our feet...the proprietary OOFOAM™ -another genius thing to come out of  South Korea (seriously-skin care/beauty/Samsung-and their take on POP music- all amazing too)...gets crafted into tapered silhouettes of the thongs, slides ($39.95-$59.95) and clogs.

Sporty sandals -slides are easy wearing-like the double O logo-modern touch.
Cool metallics as well as solid neutrals provide variety-and all deliver the energy returning (dodging taxis/delivery guys dashing through a crosswalk), massaging (coddles arches too)-and durability par excellence-our pair survives concrete pavement, meaningfully.

A techy shoe-the Terrex Ultimate Boost Climaheat-men's $200-25oz-Vista grey/black/raw ochre pictured
ADIDAS Outdoors gets a lot right--and their men's Fall 2015 boots- show off some more winning-and very eye candy worthy styles with the "BOOST™"(energy returning-high adaptability on uneven surfaces), "Climaheat™" (warmth) and "Climaproof®" (waterproof) technologies....finished off with Continental® rubber outsoles for great grip.
urbanites hike around a lot too...Primaloft® onboard with 100 grams of insulation, lightweight EVA midsole with BOOST tech, Continental rubber outsole- icy grip on uneven surfaces, 17.3 oz-synthetic material withstands weather well. Men's=$180

Added plus-love how the multi-colored outsoles-kinda capture- the brand's iconic 3 stripe logo. Smart design people. Now if Americans could only pronounce the name correctly-haaaa.

Don't Slip, Grip -SPecialty Work boots-new Vidar Pro BUGrip® and Vidar Pro BUGgrip® high --upper action leather/rubber/BUGdri® waterproof, Fleece with 200 grams Thinsulate lining for warmth, PU memory foam insole, full waterproof upper, aluminum toe cap, shaped heel cup, insulation sheet keep cold out=totally dryness. 16 carbon tip studs grips-in the rugged oil resistant rubber outsole= BUGrip®
The Swedish nation conjures up fab NHL hockey players...AND as might be expected-this Scandinavian country ALSO delivers some weather tough footwear too.

ICEBUG - a cute name - is serious business---meaning traction and warm protection---that is rapidly gaining favor over here...along with the skating human exports.

Highlights for 2015-a redesigned BUGweb system that's easier on/off and features an outsole made with 50% recycled rubber.
BUGweb® studs optional...

6 carbide studs provide great grip-50% recycled rubber-decide when you need it...

plush pull-on-Glava BUGweb

Idun-L BUGweb® leather+suede upper, water repellent with soft fleece lining and Alu sheet insock for warmth-removable molded EVA, outsole-50% recycled rubber

Saunter BUGweb