Saturday, April 11, 2015

Luxury Haircare-Worth It Products by J.F. Lazartigue


Belonging to a gym that has a daily smattering of post-workout, audition and date going types...has us in a complex combo of awe/ the females who finagle their tresses ---before our swim practice---and then are still working that final flip curl-an hour later- when we're dripping water fresh out of the pool.


Two thoughts-maybe more exercise, less hair grooming minutes- might be more beneficial (ha)---and secondly-it's amazingly baffling the products used on those time-consuming stressed out strands.

Hair that is preciously fawned over-deserves the best applications-because quality products-yield can feel the difference results =healthier hair... that doesn't have to be tamed to death or weeped over when it all starts to break off.


J.F.  Lazartigue-a collection of high-end hair products we've gushed about a lot... will save time and effort for those who value their tresses-no matter the type-fine, thin, thick, dry, 'ethnic', colored---because all of their made in France shampoos, conditioners, masques, color and targeted treatments are good for all hair types, free of parabens (something Euro brands get), lack the sudsy sulfates---and more importantly-are free of sodium chlorides (or derivatives) which is a massively real no-no for hair-including color or keratin treated locks.

Sodium chloride, fyi=salt-is an ingredient that is still in most widely merchandised (and heavily promoted) haircare labels, -a point emphasized by fab Mary Pergoda -the National Training and Promotions Director of J.F. Lazartigue-and recent host of an informal/informative round-table for media at the company's NYC based office.

Which makes those heavily commercialized ocean-y salt sprays that add texture to hair-also a big no-no.


For that piece-y wind -blown effect-J.F. Larzartigue has a Volumizing Styling Gel $32-that won't suffocate the scalp-which can cause hair to thin (something widely pushed dry shampoo or conditioning shampoos might do) --- besides ruining color/straightening treatments. Use-a small dab worked through the roots-which start an 1/4  inch from scalp-just enough product for most 'dos.

To boost color and shine-J.F. Larzartigue's Colour Reflecting Conditioner (11 colors) $26 is an easy at-home way to get that salon boost without the expense -monetary or time ones...just towel dry freshly washed hair, comb through, leave on 5-30 minutes, rinse=done. Fades away in 7 shampoos-and ez way to just kinda fade grey roots, until...

The Colouring Emulsion $23-a permanent 'make-up'  (15 shades) for 100% grey coverage/brightens-not lightens- authentic color- pre-mixed in one tube for immediate application---with a Neutralizing Bath packet (needs a scissor to snip open)-gets massaged in..then rinsed. Love this product---it's drip proof, easy to apply formula- can be used for root touch-ups without trauma...need 30 minutes-1 hour 'stew' time, fyi...slightly longer than most at-home color kits...because...

BONUS POINTS: all of J.F. Larzartigue' s tonal products are free of damaging ammonia, peroxide and parabens. And gluten free.

NOTE-for extreme lighter hair tone changes-like taking a brunette to a blonde sans wigs---need ammonia/peroxide. Probably best not to do that at-home either.

For Dry Hair -we have been regular users of the Pre-Shampoo Shea Butter Mask ($54)-introduced into the USA in 1987- since the early 90's when J.F. Lazartigue came onto our radar.

Deeply repairing, nourishing and pleasantly scented-imo-the Pre-Shampoo Shea Butter Mask is a long hair- matter what!

Latest demo-the Moisturizing Mask for the "city girls" -a pre-shampoo treatment for dry or colored hair-that softens/hydrates hair with ultra-targeted actions that coats the hair without weighing it down. Lightly coating our dry hair-under a swim cap (1x/week)---the mask gets rinsed off after practice.

Result-helps keeps our tresses long, soft and protects any brassiness from creeping onto our hair color---a big plus for swimmers-outdoors or in.


"Haute Couture For Your Hair"- Les Soins D'Exception- the latest addition to a full-fledge product collection-includes two serums, creams, shampoos, and conditioners-made from restorative Tea Oil (from carmellia fruit)- Delicate-Fine-Brittle hair, and the Polynesian nut based Bancoulier Oil Rich-for thicker coarser hair. ($60-$250).

Smells fantastic-ALL.

Premium priced-but expect premium results----the serums are pre-shampoo treatments to use 1x a week-1 tsp massaged into scalp----with 1-2 tbsp of the luxuriously rich  hair cream applied on tresses for 10-30 mins-immediately restores strength, beauty and radiance (sold as Home Spa Essential Duo....6.8 fl oz jar, 3.4 fl oz. bottle).

The Shampoo d"Exception-both types-the Bancoulier (rich in essential fatty acids, and vitamins A, E, F), and the Tea Oil that -puts the shine back in...strengthen locks with vitamins B, C. -should be used 2x- once to cleanse scalp/tresses-once to nourish.

The Tea Oil and Bacoulier Oil Conditioners-are THE ultimate final step which Mary Pergoda compared to high quality compression wear---whether one has delicate, brittle or thick and damaged hair---young or old-and particularly urged several gals in attendance who rocked-extensions-or did-this collection is a tress saver.

We savored our sample of the Bacoulier Oil Condition-packed in gold metallic appropriately enough---for the days we end up washing our hair 2x day-after swims---long runs/bike rides-during the finally here warmer temps. A rather plush experience-we alternate with the Moisturizing conditioner.

CODA: As drip dryers-who rarely  use styling products-we're still worry-free about frizz...which some gals get from frazzled locks courtesy of all that blow-drying/straightening action.

IMO-nourish hair better with a sound investment-aka some of J.F. Lazartigue products (that are long-lasting too) one back precious hours of the day and healthier hair  that does not need pricey reparative salon treatments. And also spared- probably a few tears too.

Widely available-online, in salons/spas-in 70 countries.

Other lines for daily, and targeted use-healthy scalp, anti-dandruff, soothing, dry/normal, soy milk strengthening, volumizing and best selling hair loss treatment lines.

J.F. Lazartigue