Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Merkin Hall, NYC

The last snowstorm (ha) of early 2015 couldn't keep the faithful away from celebrating what we consider to be the best in digital campaigns anywhere…courtesy of the fashion industry…which included apparel, footwear and accessories.
Host with a comedic edit function-Robert Verdi…streams us all...
Saying negative stuff = about that segment of the workforce…is a pastime for many-(not as as bad as politicians OKAY)---but even naysayers have to acknowledge--- the fashion industry sets a super high bar when it comes to social media savviness-effective marketing and ways to creatively tell and sell a brand's story-whether that brand is a company, an object or a person (objectified, or not).

gather consumer data via touch screen applications-smart real time inventory management too
No surprises at the winners-including the label (and person) Rebecca Minkoff who has a buzzed about downtown interactive store where dressing room mirrors are touch screens, sales staff is plugged in---and entire architectural MO is driven to interact with consumers the way they interact with their world-by swiping a smartphone screen. FYI-delivery choices we think will be the rule-not the exception-soon.

love Opening Ceremony duo-Instagram -fab-AND this breakthrough retailer is like Paris' Colette and with a  design team that revived Kenzo label…shows creative smarts are never limited
easily best acceptance speech -by presenter Clark Bockelman -a Wilhelmina model for no show winner @DIOR 
points to a quick wit-thanks his mom!

 Another no surprise-and winner was the Tory Burch-FitBit collab- part of the burgeoning wearables tech devices-which was so successful when launched.

Imo- the Apple iWatch will deflate future fashion-y wearable tech aka watch offerings---including those with similar functions- at half the price…just because it is an Apple. Power of a company transcends functionalities.
footwear icon Sam Eelman-revealed how his former inspiration for edgy trends-of street style-viewed on quarterly trips abroad-is irrelevant in these days of selfies, Instagram, Twitter (etc)…and live streaming of fashion events---meaning we think-democraticiazation of access and success for  those that can take advantage of that (ZARA-comes to mind).
BONUS: The nominees-and attendees had a 'reach' of 400 million people. And on Twitter the #Fashion20Awards was a top trender…though all of 3 of us (included here-by a show of hands) had signed up for Persicope.  
HIRE these guys-best online campaign winners for their terrific work for Marc by Marc Jacobs-a now shuttered down label---hope they had a few drinks…no doubt well earned. REALLY do terrific work...
well dressed crowd-mostly in black DUH.

ANOTHER PLUS: Loved how the year '2011' was referred to as ancient history.

Fashion WINNERS:
Instagram-Opening Ceremony
Pinterest-Kate Spade
E-Commerce-Net À Porter
Interactive Retail -Rebecca Minkoff
Digital Philanthropy-Dressember
Online Video-Under Armour "I will what I want'
Online Campaign Marc by Marc Jacobs "Cast me Marc'
Wearable Tech-Tory Burch-FitBit
Top Innovator-Rebecca Minkoff

NEW YORK - March 31, 2015 - More than 450 fashion industry leaders gathered tonight at the Fashion 2.0 Awards ceremony and reception, celebrating the intersection of fashion brand marketing and digital innovation. This black-tie affair feted legendary designer Sam Edelman offering a keynote dedicated to the ever-growing role of digital media in the business of fashion. TV personality Robert Verdi hosted the evening's events offering his humorous insight into today's trends. The public votes tallied and it's been declared that Rebecca Minkoff was the top winner of the night, for the first time since the awards inception being the only brand to take home two awards Best Interactive Retail and Top Innovator. Other winning brands included Dior, H&M, Opening Ceremony, Kate Spade, Net-A-Porter, Dressember, Under Armour, Marc Jacobs and Tory Burch. Cosmic Cart won the Best fashion Startup Award; the founders of BaubleBar Amy Jain and Daniella Yacobovsky were honored with the 2015 Visionary Award.
Notable presenters included Carol Alt, Model and Author; Dayana Mendoza, Model and Miss Universe 2008; Models Hannah Ferguson, Clark Bockelman and Janis Ancens; Danica Lo, Online Editor-at-Large, Glamour; Max Berlinger, Senior Editor, DETAILS; Marielle Bobo, Fashion & Beauty Director, Ebony; Erica Domesek, Author, P.S. - I Made This; Jessica Lawrence, Executive Director, NY Tech Meetup and Lauren Drell, Branded Content Director, Mashable.
Created in 2010, the Fashion 2.0 Awards are the first industry-recognized distinction honoring the most innovative fashion brands for their outstanding achievements and communication strategies across a variety of digital media channels. Nominees have been selected by an online community of industry influencers and fashion fans, with winners voted on by the public and announced at the awards ceremony. This year's ceremony was held at Merkin Concert Hall, 129 West 67th Street, NYC.
"We were thrilled to host the awards ceremony for the 6th they love to follow and interact with online. The awards and the growing buzz they generate each year are the validation of the importance of digital technology on today's retail and fashion business." Said Yuli Ziv, founder of the Fashion 2.0 Awards and Style Coalition." Starting six years ago, I couldn't imagine the present scale of this event, online and offline. I'm honored to see such an overwhelming response by the online fashion community."
The 2015 Fashion 2.0 Awards Winners:
  • Best Instagram: Opening Ceremony
  • Best Facebook: H&M
  • Best Pinterest: Kate Spade
  • Best Twitter: Dior
  • Best E-Commerce: NET-A-PORTER
  • Best Interactive Retail: Rebecca Minkoff
  • Best Digital Philanthropy: Dressember
  • Best Online Video: Under Armour - "I Will What I Want"
  • Best Online Campaign: Marc Jacobs - "Cast Me Marc"
  • Best Wearable Tech: Tory Burch for Fitbit
  • Best Fashion Startup: Cosmic Cart
  • Top Innovator: Rebecca Minkoff