Thursday, January 8, 2015


On stage and casually dressed for this crowd-Roger Lynch CEO of Sling TV, LLC
Core package priced at $20/month no contracts no cancellation fees-streaming premium content to watch via the internet---add on modules focusing on sports, news+info etc are going to be priced at $5 month. Video on demand programming and online video with long sand short form content from Maker Studios Unlike satellite dishes which a lot of landlords prohibit----
SUPPORTED devices expected to include Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Nexus Player, select LG Smart TV, ROKU models, select Samsung Smart TVs, XBox One, IOS, Android, MAC, PC... 

This was major---DISH NETWORK's billed its Sling Television…streaming premium content of a core package priced at $20/month…as the way to watch television-including live broadcasting-without the price adverse cable bill that scores of humans pay ---AND HATE.

check, check, check, check---all four not delivered by traditional cable tv companies

Sling TV is a way to cherry pick -what one watches imo…with add -on modules soon to be announced -focusing on interests like-no doubt the most popular one will be -sports-to be priced at $5/month. Price in  Netflix and 2 modules-still A LOT cheaper than what a lot of people pay for cable tv.
Aimed at millennials…we think SLING TV will appeal to anyone tired of paying up for digital tv stations they never watch!!!!  Sling TV is a streaming service-like Netflix and Hulu-but with broadcasters lined up-offer live shows too -on any Wifi or broadband connected to the internet -available on any connected screen…(via a downloaded app).
nice swag---including a golden ticket redeemed for a chocolate remote!!!! Thanks…Joey stuff animal is a dog fav already.

Dish  access offers VEVO streaming music video system c as well as streaming tv services
WHAT ELSE-new Hopper and Joey systems…and new service Lyve -collects-access pots across multiple platforms.

new for 2015 streamlined backlit remote control with advanced voice commands, ultra-thin 4K Joey-first 4k pay tv receiver designed to fit behind wall mounted HDTVs available summer 2015-with"... H.265/HEVC enhanced compression decoding to support 4k at 60fpf with 10 bit color (exceeding graphics) in addition to MPEG-4 and MPEG-2", AND whole home music solution-Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn plus Hopper VEVO music video streaming service (app),-w/ new mobile application controls Hopper+Joey to stream music in every room

lots of hook-up options on Joey+Hopper
ALSO---new ways to check out what's on- via a new DISH remote---to view what is on…updated from the old ways---more visually oriented….!

simplified-more visual 

Wonder how this is going to affect advertisers...