Sunday, January 11, 2015

ODG/Qualcomm R-6S AR Smart Glasses Preview#CES2015 Preview

R-6S Smart Glasses-swappable shields: photochromic, clear tinted (pictured, on left), magnetic stereo audio ports side each side frame- w/ ear buds (pictured middle), adjustable nose bridge w/ multi-size pads (extra accessory) like our swim goggles so we assume great grip- no-slip, removable ear horns, magnetic charging port w/ USB on-the-go (pictured lower right)…recharges the 1300mAG Lithium-Ion Batteries, also tricked out with input/output high speed 720p auto-focus camera at 60fps(!) in front top bridge of the nose-clearly visible in above picture, 2 digital microphones-user+environment, custom ˜ReticleOS framework atop Android Kit Kat, Several sensors including integrated Inertial Measuring Unit (Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Magnetometer), Altitude Sensor, Humidity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor-in frame. Comes with protective case, ear buds, wireless finger control-and add-on accessories wireless keypad, back-up portable power supply, corrective lenses+ear horns.  Runs Android platform. Pairs/communicates via Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11ac, GNSS
 Las Vegas/ International Consumer Electronics Tradeshow


The OsterhoutDesignGroup Qualcomm model R-6S Glasses (available mid 2015) -are self-contained Augmented Reality Smart Glasses with hardware- quoting here" Qualcomm Snapdragon™805 processor, 64GB storage, 3GB Pop LP-DDR3 RAM,  and software- Qualcomm Technologies, Inc® Vuforia™(mobile vision platform) SDK for Digital Eyewear that- very nifty-adopts to a wearer's facial geometry for optimal viewing experience (more info-press release found online),  and ReticleOS-an optimized Android framework for head worn computing atop Android Kit Kat. 

We got to demo a pair---and can vouch for the great fit, light-weight, hands free entertainment value…and the wow factor---other attendees thought so too….as the exhibitor was right at the main entrance to the Sands Expo area…and seemingly everyone strolling by, stopped and admired. And wanted a pair.
SO COOL-ODG's CONSUMER SMART GLASSES-imo flattering frame shape too- weighs less than 125 grams…featuring Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 805 processor and Qualcomm Technologies, Inc® Vuforia SDK for Digital Eyewear™

Seems right now-ODG's customer base for the R6S is government and enterprise customers---but we think--the NEW and available soon -CONSUMER SMART GLASSES (pictured right above)-especially given the price-BELOW $1000- that's less than our never used Google Glasses-should be on scores of gift lists-especially gamers (so fun)---would probably want a pair.

Onboard-cutting edge mobile computing technology, 3D (really!) stereoscopic see-thru HD displays, (realistic) stereo side, high speed auto-focus camera, Android™ and Reticle OS™-WiFi, Bluetooth, GNSS location, sensors 9-axis IMU, 3x Gyroscope, 3xMagnetometer, 3x Accelerometer, magnetic connector cable for USB, integrated rechargeable batteries= like the R-6 lines.

Expect hybrid  VR/AR content for these Smart Glasses soon-either new 'stuff'-or reformatted for this technology- games-movies-etc..and of course-there's a developer program software available.

Factoid-CEO Ralph Osterhout has over 160 US Patents and Applications to his name. IMPRESSIVE.