Saturday, January 31, 2015

FUEL ESSENTIALS-For Outdoors' Athlete

Way to always start our day/workout--- coffee was fab--worth the wait of the sloooow pour…courtesy of Miir.


We schedule an Outdoor Retailer day--- with strategic pass-byes of the well stocked CLIF booth---

Clif offerings include Bloks-gel are like oversized gummy bears-made of less artificial stuff though (95% organic)+w/ electrolytes-the caffeine ones are staples during hot summer months...

What's New:

Chia is REALLY a staple food substance- with protein+fiber…not just a ch-ch-ch Chia PET.
the cat---maybe wondering where all the yummy treats went-though she still has her Greenies. Instantly devoured-this constitutes an entreé for our dinner-the Berry Pomegranate Chia Bars…and the new flavor of a Clif bar classic=Nuts and Seeds-with organic oats+ almonds, peanut butter, sunflower+pumpkin seeds. Nifty balance of sweet+salty---we think bar food like these bars should replace the stale pretzels-maybe the Clif minis.
NOW: Included as an ingredient- Chia graces the latest portable entry from Clif-in a deliciously chewy/crunchy(organic Chia seeds+ rolled oats)/tangy(organic dried cranberries)/sweet(organic brown rice + cane syrup) Berry Pomegranate Chia bar-with 11 grams protein, 4 grams dietary fiber, and 23 vitamins/minerals.

It's kinda filling too…so one bar definitely fills the need for a satisfying afternoon snack. Winter worthy…when it seems stomachs can handle heartier treats.

ALSO NEW: After a big workout/race-we are never hungry but know enough to know we need protein---always a challenge for vegetarians.

 Lesson learned-pack a high protein bar---and Clif Builder's makes the best tasting ones probably because the ingredients are real.

The latest flavor Chocolate Hazelnut…in BUILDERS size-has 20 grams of protein (from soy)- also belongs in tasty department (our fav-is Chocolate Mint)-with zero trans fat, no high fructose corn syrup, or partially hydrogenated oils----that yech-are found in a slew of its competitors.

Texture wise-it is chewy and easily eaten-no need for a gallon of fluids to down it…and one bar with carbs and vitamins in the mix-is a complete nutritional post workout must---AND a lot more portable than the protein drinks.
Bonus points: Clif is sponsoring the popular Reebok Spartan obstacle races-and the Boston Marathon-which will enable us to lighten our race belt load---w/ Clif energy gels on the race course/water stations. YAY.

caffeine from kola nut extract-about ¼-⅓ cup coffee-Ginsting has Siberian ginseng w/ dark flavored honey as main ingredient-

Another staple for endurance events---like cross country ski jaunts,  long course triathlons and year round runs of 15+ miles=Honey Stinger gels that have the fast acting energy of natural organic honey without the headache we can sometimes get from sugar…a tip read about on a Runner's World forum.

Chocolate energy gel-has caffeine from green tea extract is sweet-organic tapioca syrup+organic honey+chocolate

Classic Gold is our go to -95% honey. Before discovering these  -we poured Honey Stinger honey in tiny plastic bags---got messy though.
 Dangerously on display and available -Setton Farms Pistachio Chewy Bites-are tangy chewy inhale-able cranberry-pistachio bites…VERY addictive…warning…with 7grams protein- courtesy of Californian grown pistachios.

these can equal dessert---these cookie like wafers-Power Bars are better than Nabisco's usuals as the glucose/fructose 2:1 ratio aka PowerBar C2MAX dual source energy blend-deliver more oomph for muscles than glucose alone

this is our idea of a meal-easy and fast and with real ingredients-no artificial anything…the 1 year old GOOD TO GO gourmet worthy line of dehydrated food=impressive. 2 serving size=$9.75- $10.75
Nice packaging too…also one serving sizes available.

so impressive-this pancake set-up drew the faithful crowds---and smelled great- though we cannot eat food like this without slipping into a carb coma.

Friday, January 30, 2015

NIKE, Inc.+ Black History Month Collection

In our inbox...


NIKE, Inc. celebrates Black History Month with a collection of products across basketball, football, running, soccer and skateboarding that honors six athletes and coaches who have positively impacted sport with their courage and determination: Theotis Beasley, Kevin-Prince Boateng, Jerry Rice, Brianna Rollins, C. Vivian Stringer and John Thompson.


Inspiration from a track coach who saw Rollins’s true potential gave her the power to overcome tremendous odds on a record-breaking journey that has just begun.
“I want to break world records and win gold medals, but I also want to be known as the athlete who glorified God by reaching my full potential,” Rollins said.


Values instilled by Rice’s family gave Rice the power to shatter records and etch his name in the history books.
"To me, it was never about what I accomplished on the football field. It was about the way I played the game," Rice said.


Dedication to mentorship on and off the court gave Thompson the power to inspire with the strength of his character. He guided the young men he coached to victory on the court and gave them a blueprint for success beyond the court.

“Basketball was a form of hope. It was a vehicle through which I could teach and deal with something larger,” Thompson said. “I could use it to open a doorway for myself and other people. It represented more than just winning a game.”


Boateng took a stand against intolerable abuse on the pitch, inspiring his team to help in the fight against racism and take action as one.
“We cannot afford to be indifferent or passive. Athletes, musicians and business people have a special responsibility,” Boateng said. “We speak to parts of society and pierce the hearts of those people that political discussions will never reach.”


Courage and the will to fight for her rights enabled Stringer to overcome the odds and realize her goals. Her unassailable dignity and achievement in the face of adversity set a standard that empowered those she coached and inspired millions more.
“My hope is that they will come to share my fundamental and unshakable faith: that each and every one of us has the ability to triumph in the face of adversity, to lift ourselves up and succeed, no matter what trials we encounter,” Stringer said.


One of skateboarding’s ultimate role models, Beasley takes pride in helping grow the sport, and the character of its athletes, through positive action. 
I focus on keeping a clean image so my younger fans are able to look up to me as a young black professional athlete and be inspired,” Beasley said.

Nike Basketball BHM product including the LEBRON 12, KYRIE 1, KD 7 and KOBE 9 Elite (clockwise from upper left).

Air Force 1 Duckboot BHM featuring the new BHM prints on the upper.

Air Jordan 1 BHM with black and white upper.

Jordan Hat BHM with the new BHM print on the bill.

KD7 BHM featuring new BHM prints on the Swoosh, Hyperposite heel and sock liner.

KYRIE 1 BHM featuring a white upper with new BHM prints on the heel collar and sock liner.

KOBE 9 Elite BHM featuring Flyknit technology and the new BHM prints on the upper.

 Nike Mercurial Superfly Black History Month Boot will be exclusively worn by Kevin-Prince Boateng-Schalke 04 player. 

Air Max 1 BHM featuring the new BHM prints.

Nike SB Dunk BHM featuring the new BHM prints and '15' on the sock liner.

Air Force 1 Ultra Force BHM (Women’s) featuring the new BHM prints.

Air Max 1 Ultra BHM (Women’s) featuring the new BHM prints.

Snapback BHM hat featuring the NIKE BHM logo.

Jordan Brand Black History Month product featuring the new BHM prints.

KD 7 BHM shoe with KD BHM t-shirt.

KYRIE 1 BHM shoe with KYRIE BHM t-shirt.

KOBE 9 Elite BHM shoe with KOBE BHM t-shirt.

LEBRON 12 BHM shoe with LEBRON BHM t-shirt.

LEBRON 12 BHM shoe featuring new BHM prints on the upper.

Tank BHM, True Snapback BHM, Air Force 1 Duckboot BHM and AW84 Hat BHM (clockwise from upper left).

Nike Sportswear AW84 BHM hat featuring the new BHM prints.

Air Jordan XX9 BHM featuring one of the new BHM prints on the upper.

The limited
 BHM collection includes 28 items. All are decorated in black and white and decorated with a mix of three different prints. The collection offers both performance Lifestyle Products - 12 Footwear models, 16 pieces of clothing and Accessories for Men and Women. 


A portion of proceeds from the sale of the 2015 BHM Collection go to the Ever Higher Fund, which supports organizations that leverage the power of sport to maximize the potential of underserved youth. The fund’s mission is to assist communities with knowledge, resources and tools for the next generation of leaders.
The Ever Higher Fund is a donor-advised fund established in 2014 and administered by the Charities Aid Foundation of America (CAF America), a national 501(c)3 public charity.


The 2015 BHM Collection will be available globally at and select retail locations beginning Jan. 17.
All pictures: NIKE