Thursday, December 4, 2014

Holiday Gifts GALS with Style Outdoors-Indoors

For the camper -outer-who does not compromise on dish ware or cutlery no matter where she is-for her…

Kupilka's lightweight fusion of durable plastic and native Finnish wood (thermoplastic natural fiber composite)…are bump ups from the usual camping kitchen equipment.
widely available around the planet-here in the USA too-UrbanOutfitters and specialty stores-plus online
PLUS-gift sets-come beautifully packaged too. ALSO-ideal for second home owners- host offerings ---as utilitarian blends of rustic and clean Scandinavian designs.

priced from MSRP $9.99 -small Schnapps Cupp-$45.99 for gift set of cup, platter, spoon-to $139.99 for wooden box of all items...

Double walled insulation --- a must when carrying hot beverages (yup-found out the ouch way).  HydroFlasks' 18/8 stainless steel double walled containers (also BPA free) keep fluids piping hot (or freezing cold-depending)- for hours… -have wide and narrow mouth options, sizes holding 12oz for coffee/tea/water-to-64ozs-beer growler worthy, several types of caps/lids- and come in a bunch of colors too. Gift for hikers, or gals who spend a lot of time outdoors---in all sorts of weather.
bonus points-HydroFlask's 5% Back -a way buyers can give 5% of net profit to a charity from a list of worthy causes. Awesome. Widely available in stores and online- from around $18+/container

For girly gals-or the never wear makeup sorts-one universal beauty item(s) that will emote exclamations of appreciation---chances are---are top of the line hair products.
IMO-when premium labels (butter) get bought over by giant corporations-the products can get margarine-ized…

Still owned by family French brands-Lenore Greyl-and JF Lazartigue- our favs…and also preferred hair products by many salon stylists we have met-no matter who sponsors them…STILL adhere to primo standards set years and years ago.

Generally speaking-this means better -more natural ingredients-that smell divine, btw-have way less stripping ingredients like sulfates and sodium- -and with products free of other questionable additives ---specifically free of SLS, Silicone, paraben, coal tar---AND cruelty free too.

From Lenore Greyl---the Holiday COFFRET (available online $128.50-free shipping)) = a nice under the tree find-includes the new Shampooing Sublime Meche (3 types of protein from gluten free quinoa, sea kale, and amaranth- for nourishment, repair+ shine), Creme Regeneratice (a glorious hair masque that heals, conditions), Spray Algues et Fleurs (curl enhancing restructuring spray), and a wide tooth comb-to evenly distribute hair product/banish knots- without ripping out your hair.

JF Lazartigue -has a wide range of hair/grooming products (guys too)…grouped into needs based categories---

What we recommend ---gifts for athletic females who are constantly swimming/washing their hair---the Shea Butter Duo pack ($60) consisting of nourishing shampoo and conditioner that cleans and nourishes the hair (wash 2x) and then effortlessly detangles-packed with soothing/repairing shea butter, and hair shaft sealing vitamin E. There's also a Shea Butter masque ($54)-and leave in serum ($42)…to round out the present …works for all hair types-including fine and natural-ethnic hair.

Right now-we are almost out of Soy Milk Strengthening Masque- (HINT) that we apply to hair under a swim cap -before practice. It really protects long locks-from dryness, preserves natural color- from chlorine interdiction (brassiness not wanted, after all), and smells great…certainly waaaay better than a swimming pool.

Both Lenore Greyl and J..F. Lazartigue products are easily available online and in salons…meaning we don't have to haul back a jam packed product laden spare suitcase from France anymore…YAY!

Makeup--we think-is a tough call, gift-wise…but body care products are a slam dunk-especially when the collection comes festively packaged!

From French crafted Votre Vu-The Bod Squad ($59) --- gift box-contains aromatic Tarte D'amande (almond butter soufflé rich body cream), a non-greasy dry oil Amore D'ore Petite-multi vitamin oil that is great to use from head to toe---sinks right in without being messy---and a tube of the best selling Bébé Duette… (our BF loves this too)…a hand creme with lip balm-packaged atop the tube with a lift off cap.