Monday, November 10, 2014


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Looking back on winter apparel and boots of 'yore-it amazes that anyone lasted even an active hour outdoors-when pre- DWR treated/seam sealed fabrics barely kept wet stuff out but kept the sweat in …and warm layers consisted of thermal cotton basics from the ArmyNavy store... or scratchy scratchy polypropylene that caused minor skin irritations, underneath itchier heavy wool sweaters.

Wearing ski boots---meant pain and suffering -a given, as part of the sport…until snowboarding …delivered comfortable footwear  =insta YES reason to switch!

ML1-All Mountain-W $795

NOW: ski shapes and materials underwent evolutionary design changes that practically re-invented that sport…AND ski boots designs are inevitable advancing too.

Proof: the now available primo made (and priced) APEX ski boots -seen at a SIA media event a few months back.

Available in-shops and online with a guaranteed fit offer-APEX boots- as a gift for the skier in one's life -would be just as wowed as press types were…

Open chassis-detaches from walkable boot
Founded by ski boot design vet Danny Hanson- with the mission of delivering function comfort from the "…first chair to the last chair…all mountain, all day"-APEX has a nifty boot system---beginning with a detachable (walkable) inner boot with an EVA heat molded inner liner - expandable neoprene toe box, an Open Chassis™- with dual dial it- BOA system closures and buckles for "the perfect fit"-allowing for micro adjustments (18)-even with gloves on…and a Turnable A-Flex Suspension™ for customizable flex and cuff alignments-made to synch flawlessly with modern shape skis.

ML2-High Performance Women's boot-Open Chassis™ locks into skis for solid connection-stability+edge control, customizable $995 

walkable support boot-comfort+warmth-no pressure points…outsole with grippy traction
MC2 $995-and limited edition MC2-with super lightweight carbon cuff $1295

Another company with a focused (and large) assortment of ski boots- for all-including expert medal earning racers, high performance speed demons-and more casual freeskiers-tipping out, price wise at about $600…is multi-products HEAD
women's Dream 90 $550-made for gals foot-4 micro adjustable Spine-Tech magnesium buckles, 2 double power levers,  1 super macro ratchet, easy entry instep-hinged ratchet, 

boots are categorized by level and speed-stiffer/softer flex adjustment. AND includes self shaping footbed with anti-microbial properties, Head's SoftWalk heel, velcro strap, wedge arch support, Thermaluxe fleece+faux fur lining…and an adjustable two tongue concept -gender placed-to eliminate pressure points on calves-for women-it's lower
Some of the widely available HEAD alpine ski boots feature AdaptEdge technology that lets wearers change width of their boots- with one adjustment-for an ideal fit that pretty much banishes fear of inner lining/footbed-packing down-that can change the feel (size).

kids FUN directional freestyle Tater Top-110cm-140cm lengths $159 board with POP Camber-woodcore with side wall construction =rebound energy+durable. Handmade in Taiwan-fyi..Adult version too.
MADE IN THE USA…appeals to consumers and gift givers alike-one reason why some of Park City based  RAMP SPORTS skus would wrap up very nicely under anyone's Holiday Tree.

63" Kapow longboard-starts at $299-rich graphics that make us want to throw the peace sign up-No Harm
Love it or leave it customer satisfactionthe new made in the USA BAMBOO Longboards- look like fun-and are a winning combo of durable stiffness and flex-made of multiple layers of FSC certified bamboo and bi or tri-axial fiberglass-and nearby sourced Real SALT (Utah made) mixed with grippy resin top. OPTIONAL Trucks/wheels-extra $100.
45" Peacepipe $199

Cult fav-DUPRAZ skis and snowboards' -inspiration came courtesy of surfing Hawaiian waves.
Minimalist approach here-one single model D1=4 lengths ( 3 flex patterns)=for every kind of rider-for stability, power+comfort. We hope shows up at a demo day on this side of the Pond-widely available in France-and internationally-Europe+Japan, so far. 
D11 skis

Serge Dupraz-leading light has quite the storied background in snowboard history. His MO-on his namesake cool offering
SOUL POLES: Plant one with this win win gift-eco (re-usable materials-recycled plastics, renewable bamboo, post-comsumer alloys)- handcrafted by locals- and benefiting First Descents-a 501©(3) with a mission to get cancer stricken kids- outdoors.
 KOOZIES-hold beer (or whatever) in style-made from leftovers-can be customized too $20-100% bamboo
ski, hiking, and custom poles-all made in Park City UTAH=founded by former US Ski team racers-lots of choices (sizes, colors, activity)-gift cards available.