Tuesday, October 28, 2014

PELLEVÉ/PelleFirm™:Skin Tightening+No Pain

Some non-invasive treatments-are growing in popularity- for good reasons. 'They' can work when done correctly, don't require much time commitment ('cause who has any?), are not painful-or as painful as invasive procedures, require little if any downtime (i.e. hiding)…and can provide lasting results that'll be noticeable -a bit in the present-and maybe more so in the future, typically 3-6 months from what procedures we have reviewed in the past.

PELLEVÉ-a device- that precisely delivers radio-frequency waves that (we are quoting here) "...induces collagen denaturation and collagen contraction. Protein stimulation causes new collagen formation and production in the dermis which also results in epidermal tightening. Existing bands of collagen tighten in subcutaneous fat, creating a superficial tightening of the epidermis." 

...is one of our favs…we have reviewed it prior- and what we felt then, still stands (review).

Now- 15 months later, two new large diameter hand pieces for the body-that we thought looked (and felt) like a massager -a good thing -is able to deliver the correct amount of heat to the targeted area of skin  -for us, our upper arms-to achieve a tightening effect---similar to what Pellevé achieved for our eye area.

Dubbed PelleFirm-a body treatment system that is powered by Pellevé's S5 RF Generator…we got to try this out at the office of Dr. Z.Paul Lorenc MD, FACS…with our treatment administered by the knowledgeable pro Clarissa.

Like other non-invasive procedures-we strongly feel it is vital to go to a very experienced individual for any kind of radio frequency, ultrasound or laser treatments-as these are, after all not at home devices ...and require experience and smarts-in order to read correctly-in Pellevé/PelleFirm's case-the monitor measuring the skin's temperature-with the epidermis- needing to get toasty (not painfully either)- in a matter of speaking-to a certain temperature-up to around 45 Celsius.

Experienced administrators get it right in terms of number of passes on an area- too…which means that the treatment will be done correctly the first time. After all, how frustrating to pay for something that is proven to be effective-for seemingly everyone but you-because the applicator wielder lacked know-how/experience.

The treatment for our arms took about 20-30 minutes total-beginning with a grounding patch (about the size of a large large band aid), placed on our back…whereupon we laid down on a super comfy snooze inducing reclining chair.

The targeted area, from the elbows up to the armpits on the inner sides, and then a bit higher up-on the outer arms…typically starts to sag a bit or a lot for women, irrespective of how many Marine style push-ups one can do. It is just part of aging…-and since we do Ironman triathlons plus lift weights, we can vouch for having little body fat-but still could use some lifting-ideally head to toe-ha ha, where's that PelleFirm applicator (hopefully in the works!!!).

The treatment feels like a deep warm massage- and practitioners can adjust the heat levels to comply with individual heat comfort zones.

Then, lucky us, we also got a Pelléve treatment too (a smaller hand applicator) around our eyes-an area that is def. holding onto the goggle imprints a lot longer these days. And bothers us.

SO-we will keep tabs on our upper arms…for results of tightening.

SIMILAR to Pellevé- 1-4 treatments, ARE recommended- a week-up to a month apart-with the skin tightening-gradually noticeable- improving over a three month period.

Judging by before and after pictures…other areas that can improve with PelleFirm include the abdomen (guy/bride alert here), thighs, butts, etc. Also noted, cellulite in the pictures- was visibly reduced in the body areas treated, at least temporarily-which makes sense to us, given how there are other Radio Frequency treatments that target cellulite too.

For our fragile eye area-we saw an improvement right away…as Pellevé has a noticeable effect, we felt, similar to a lymphatic massage treatment. After the Pellevé treatment -which took about 5-8 minutes, we looked like we got another 2 hours of sleep (at least) and the puffiness which typically partially sweats away after a looong run…was gone.

IMO: if one has a night out -Red Carpet walk---Pellevé and/or PelleFirm are effective non-invasive treatments for subtle lifting (or that well rested look) NOW. No swelling or bruising, no special care needed before or after…no big time commitment needed either.

PLUS: three months or so LATER, the treated area of skin will firm up some more, note not as dramatically as plastic surgery-of course ---and one still ages, but there will be an improvement. WIN WIN.