Thursday, July 31, 2014

ATHLETE GAL's Guide -3 Easy Nail Art Looks-ZOYA Polishes

ZOYA -Nail Polishes come in a range of colors-and finishes-including Pixie Dust, Glitter and Matte. Big FIve Free +Vegan friendly $9-$10. Love the way the website allows for searches...
88 MADISON AVE. Suite 128

VALERIE STAR-Makeup/Hair/Nail-at Caravan Stylist Studio-showed off her Jean-Michel Basquiat inspired nails...

we chose this---use white nail polish over base coat-let dry a bit-then drop two other colors on nail beds-two per-separately...then take a cuticle stick to smudge them around-for a swirling water color effect. Apply top coat=DONE.

Nail Art is here to stay, in style for ever, we feel---and women around the world share shaded talons-from more conservative demure, barely there one color polishes-to labor intensive designs (or stick-ons-so fast).

CARAVAN STYLIST STUDIO- like the name implies,  provides head to toe help, gratis for celebs---getting ready for appearances-the Red Carpet, in public- or on-air ...using quality products to get the 'looks'=hair ( Sexy Hair's line-Big Sexy Hair), makeup/skin care (Kryolan, Simple, MD Complete, FAKE BAKE, Bullet Acne Aid stick) and nail (ZOYA Polishes and Nail Treatments).

Lucky us, we scored an invite to a tutorial-on 3 new nail polish looks-that even we could manage…all made 'easy' by the resident head-to-toe stylist expert, Valerie Star.

FOR leopard spotted nails-first select a color trio---our 'classmate' a beauty intern at Good Housekeeping chose yellow (Darcy $9) her primary shade…one regular coat was enough ---applied over GET EVEN Ridge filling base coat.

IDEALLY-let the first coat dry-10-20 minutes.

Acquired on eBAY for not much $-Valerie Star wrapped the handles of these nail paint brushes with tape-so that when dipped in nail remover, the handle paint (white in this pic), doesn't smudge off. SO SMART. A self admitted fanatic brush cleaner-a good thing, sometimes the brush hairs need a trim when the tips get a bit straggled.
For the spots---a pretty opposite the color spectrum blue (Rocky $9), was dotted on in random fashion-4-7/nail bed, then, thin black nail polish (try Claudine $9) was in super thin strokes- applied to surround around the dots-no super straight fines needed..but the key is using a very thin pair/nail brushes to do this.

ZOYA's ARMOR TOP COAT (UV blocking/anti-yellowing) and afar a few minutes- Fast Drops (anti-bubbling)-completed the look.
tools of the trade...
Another look we all raved about---was a graffiti inspired - edgy nail art---that was kind of quick to do.
torn newsprint works---get very precise -zeroing on words, numbers-or use old maps-foreign newspapers with different alphabets---more exotic look.-Black ink on non-glossy paper stock- kind that rubs off on hands-works. Glossy paper-like the kind most magazines get printed on- does not.

nails get a base coat-then one coat of Zoya's white polish Purify $9 -let  it completely dry
regular ole' rubbing alcohol…gets used…dip a piece of the newsprint (pre=shredded) into it---saturate---kind of like applying a fake tattoo onto skin...

Layer on the saturated piece of newsprint-on nail bed-firmly impress with thumb...

Afterwards, a clear top coat-seals the deal...

other eBay purchases-the pink thing on the left securely holds a nail polish bottle.

hair station…and makeup brushes galore...

Fake Bake-comes in sheer sprays and mousse-for longer lasting self-tanners-different tonal ranges for all skin shades.

Kryolan-a pro's makeup line-including special effects for artists like those on the SyFy channels' Face-Off reality tv show competition- is making a big play for the consumer market. Priced above mass merchant-but below luxury brand-the quality is tops-packaging functional-not glitzy. We have been fans for years-since discovering them a the line at The  MAKEUP SHOW and backstage-NYFW.

High-Definition ready for a flawless finish

liquid and creme foundations-are true to every skin tone on earth. Ditto the concealers. The Dermacolor camouflage collection of foundations/concealers--- waterproof

casual-contemporary wear that looks pulled together -not sloppy, super soft fabrics-that drape well is the key to this-by LA based Designer Kara Lusardi's - Bobi. Loved this deep v neck grey T with black leather pocket ...