Tuesday, June 10, 2014


 …AND A FEW SPRING 2014 LOOKS…SANGHON KIM POLOs -for LACOSTE L!VE men…available now….in stores.

"Live Fast…Born Ready"
limited editions….

 Lacoste L!ve is the trendy bolder, more graphic - take on the sporty DNA of this lifestyle French company-withslimmer, fitted silhouettes, digitally inspired prints-often collaborations with artists---  saturated tones, flashier logos …and different thematic underpinnings that reflect the visual collisions of virtual worlds and IRL.
LacosteL!ve footwear-leather/suede/canvas kicks with white rubber outsoles…Trajet (men), Broadwick hi tops(men/women),  Barbados, Delya, L!ve Chelsea Boots (women)

Rack of clothing-shows neutral and fruity color tones, and graphic flower prints (collab with artist Hélène Georget) for women = Floral Winter collection of sporty style angora knits and super soft woolens with contrasting neon details…comfy, feminine "wintry edge" (ed) dresses, cardigans, l/s tees, parkas…flatform shoes-saturated colors-

construction details like Ortholite odor/moisture absorbing footbeds and treaded rubber outsoles make for durable shoes that will grip wet/dry streets

Accessories-snowboard helmet=FUN

mad for plaid-and  tone/solid Broadwick hi s

the Blouson aka darkly romantic take on a classic varsity jacket…for gals-3 seasons wearable
cozy knit Lacoste L¡ve l/s-with printed collar. Imperfect beauty-"Glitch Art" defined as a "short-lived fault in the system" updated take on color field painting-but this time-crated by bits+bytes
fluorescent orange down jacket

Croxton tan/dark green

Super Heroes Imagery colliding with typography=Super Hero scattered retro letters in 21st century table of splashy colors-men's
Sweater-digitally aesthetics- inspired weave…influence of image laden Tumblr and artist Mothi Limbu---who collab with Lacoste L!ve on some prints
puffy with style…technical performance piece too…keep the elements outs-this is a men's jacket, fyi…
of course----backpack/school bags...

lets the sleeves down-in hooded parkas...
 Children's Lacoste apparel and footwear can start as young as one would want…with smart takes on adult's offerings-cool enough so that kids will actually want to wear the hand-me-downs-emblazined with the croc logo...

Layette gift sets---cute baby sized polo tops, pants, sweaters, socks, available now---in lots of colors---
color ranges for infant clothing

the basics---polo tops, l/s button downs, khakis...

down vests, cords, plaids

no surprise-pink and its variations…for girls

prints-just like adults-dark florals and painterly camo...

rugby stripped crew neck knit dress…key piece for girls-layer over pants when it's freezing out…wear with sandals right into Spring ….