Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#MALEFICENT Disney Movie+HSN Collections: Jewelry, Fashion, Hair Tools, Home Decor

NYC-Media Preview

Brand collaborations between designers, retailers and film companies-can be massively profitable (a subject we learned about at a Fordham University Law School-Fashion Institute seminar recently)…and Disney's Maleficent movie-set to hit the Silver Screen 3D at the end of May 2014…will be added to that list.

With some great results we thought-particularly the well made jewelry---'costume' pieces-that are hefty and impressive.

Even if the backstory of Sleeping Beauty (reminds us of Wicked's MO)is not on your cinema must see list-what we saw will stand on its own merits, style wise!!!


R.J. Graziano
Top jewelry designers and some new labels for us…capture the essence of the movie-sharing their interpretation of visual elements they saw and responded to…

R.J. Graziano has some of our favs...

sparkling colors---

great-multi-colored mosaic gold metal bangle, & oversized cuff $79.95

Margaret Rowe, L.A.

Jean-Dousset Absolute Pin

Millie by Matthew Campbell Laurenza

dragon skin ---metal embossed...

rose gold rings-a fav

Heidi Daus----a lot of hand detail involved-elaborate metal flourishes…in a Maltese Cross

Heidi Daus

Heidi Daus has some of the most elaborate pieces we have ever seen...

check this out-wow-enamel and stone---ravens need had such plumage

This collection is so intricately made-by Heidi Daus…that each selection we saw is statement making.

Heidi Daus Aurora necklace and Rose Earrings/Necklace

shoe buckles-an item that seems to go in and out of favor-easy way to change the look of a simple pump of flat..glamorous version here…Heidi Daus deco shoe clips...

RK by Ranjana Khan-Celtic crosses
Some of these jewelry items-have Game of Thrones overtones Celtic-medieval and ethereal …

this flap clutch -the back is black leather-is distincttive and practical---by the Clever Carriage Company 

Smartly-not only did hair tools company AMIKA take their best-sellers and add a special look-there are how to videos available on how to get the hair styles in the movie!
Aurora White Floral Titanium Curling Iron $160

power cloud repair and smooth hair dryer + bag $120
moto jacket-G by Guiliana-eggplant purple color pictured

Several of HSN's staple of fashion designers are inspired by the colors and prints from the movie---re-interpreted - apparel separates.
N Natori nightgowns, robes and caftans come in several color/prints

Timeless by Naaem Khan-blouse $199.90, embroidered skirt $109.90
N by Natori-embroidered caftans are $279.90
Timeless by Naeem Khan-embroidered blouse and skirt-with R. J. Graziano Horn Pendant $69.95

R. J. Graziano Crystal cuff

warm jewel tones...

G by Guiliana leather shift dress with stretchy nylon insert side panels-nice! $199.90

home decor-floral patterns by Clever Carriage and Scentaments diffuser set

Highgate Manor dresses up any bed---! N Natori has bed attire too.
Previews/shopping begin on HSN.com beginning May 7th-and on air May 27th- May 30th 2014…

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IMO-these pictured designs -in the spirit of the movie-"captures the drama and magic of the beloved tale…"----!