Saturday, May 3, 2014

LATITUDE NYC-Bar/Grill+Outdoor Terrace- Midtown

2nd floor bar-with a view
783 EIGHTH Avenue 47th/48th Street

It was a cold rainy late April feels like November Tuesday night-and we were expecting an empty Latitude Bar/Grill...

Wrong-Latitude Bar&Grill NYC clearly has a following-as the main bar on the first floor of this three level destination-was kinda full at 8pm. 

And two thumbs up for this really well located spot-the customers were exactly why we love NYC---a mix of people just off work native NY-ers, local residents -hangin' at their local bar-(a rapidly morphing into a neighborhood), tourists from nearby hotels, and earlier on-pre-theater goers…with later on crowds of mostly 20-30 somethings, equal split men/women-from all ethnic backgrounds…in groups, friends' duos-and quite a few solo diners (friendly staff helps with that)..

Up front-the music is a mix of what's hot---and helps sets-up a club atmosphere---a bar btw- that's 36 feet long, lined with TV plasma screens turned to local sports teams in action.

We were meeting a pal to take in the NHL playoff's Rangers game-and headed up a step or two- towards the more quiet back section, to watch the game (no sound) and catch-up conversation. There are tables and banquettes-set-up for various sized groups. 

(BTW no worries-if you team isn't on-the set-up allows for the staff to change up what's playing exactly where you are sitting!)

Also in the back with us-a group of gals celebrating a birthday-doing some shots and having a meal, an older couple from the 'hood, and two groups of office workers, sharing plates-sipping drinks- and hashing out a day at the office. And something we don't see very often at a bar setting-about half the customers were actually eating food.

WHY: The food is  good-with easy to inhale  bar food staples-like shareable Nachos $10 and Hummus Platter $13 with all the fixings, crispy Pizza Margherita $9.50-with add-ons and and entree sized Barcelona Plate $18-consisting of Serrano Ham, Manchego Cheese, Fig Jam, Marcona Almonds, Glazed Walnuts, Roasted Peppers & Tomatoes, and Grilled Rustic Bread

3rd floor lounge-

 ...but also…imo-healthy options really well done-like edamame-with the pods slightly grilled (nice touch), with just the right amount of sea salty taste-a large serving easy to share ---served with a chili dipping sauce, and a perfectly rendered AHI Tuna salad-with sashimi quality seared slabs -on a bed of greens-with fresh vinaigrette ---exactly the kind of eats we could eat everyday.
from our camera phone...

$13.50-Ahi Tuna & Mixed Greens Salad $13.50
Sushi-grade, Spice Dusted, Seared Rare, Citrus Vinaigrette

The menu options are copious-and will please even the hard to please -from tasty Thai Style Vegetarian Spring Rolls ($9.50) with Sweet&Spicy Chili Dipping Sauces…

… and hard to resist. hand cut sweet potato fries-as starters-to various kinds of entree sized salads, four kinds of sliders served with french fries (like four classic mini burgers with American cheese and sautéed onions $11, sandwiches, wraps burgers, and larger plates  like  regular and gigantic sizes of soft tacos stuffed with  herb marinated skirt steak $13.50-or Quesadillas-like the Shrimp/avocado with sautéed tomatoes dared peppers or  grilled BBQ Chicken with caramelized onions and melted Monterey Jack Cheese ($11.50-$16.50).

Of course the drinks' part of the menu-is packed with on-tap and bottled beer selections galore, a focused wine by the glass list, specialty cocktails--and YIPPY-Happy Hour  with $4 beer and $5 cocktail specials. Two dessert options also...
3rd floor  Cabana room.-great for private parties-as is VIP room
Cue-up----2nd floor-

BONUS:- Latitude is three levels-we didn't even see ---but rest assured when the temps warm up- the rooftop terrace with affordable eat/drinks available- is quite unusual and a real treat for that location-right in the heart of midtown …will NO DOUBT- be a popular spot ALSO.