Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#Father's Day Gifts-For Gen X-Millenial Dads

for the new dad-Thule GLIDE= folds down in 2 secs-baby carriage…$349


ergonomic handlebar with range of heights, rear suspension for smooth ride, fixed front wheel,  padded seating(cleans!!) with vented top reclines to a near flat position for on-the-go-naps, multi-poisiton canopy for added protection with a view-in roof port to see the beloved, one handed compact fold for storing and transport,
sleek aerodynamic design…TSA and subway friendly-more or less...sure small dog owners will use too. Thule should sell a click-in pet harness. Also a Thule Urban Glide version ($399.95) comes with a large storage compartment with zippered water compartment

Casual wear for the sporty guy get edgy with leather inserts. Very nifty- key pieces-by menswear designer/stylist Martin Keehn…the sweat shirt hoody MADE IN NYC- is available now $270-different color options too.

Martin Keehn Hoody-several color options including black on black

Big in the UK, ASIA, Australia-RELIGION tops/pants/l/s shirts--are Gap priced with a lot more swagger …online retailer ASOS has some of the line
Footy fanatics across the Pond wear GOLA---but even the sports adverse types like the attitude…and comfort of kicks-trainers, plimsoles- with style. In the USA-ASOS, Zappos, Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters…carry selections.

PALLADIUM BOOTS hybrid high-tops shoes boots-get turned out orange lining-new colors and burly one piece molded rubber outsoles with toe bumps-pictured are for Fall 2014-but similar lace-up kicks available now in 100% cotton canvas, leather-in solids and patterns.
not your father's CLARK Desert Boots- (PATTERNITY collab-named appropriately) available now $129

MOJO's It's All About The Benjamins backpack-great gift for kids to give dads-after all -that's what you're costing them-big main compartment, adjustable straps, durable construction and padded tablet sleeve…added pluses.
for the music lover-these speaker enabled MOJO  SPEAKER backpacks make sure tunes can be heard $60

 Dr Dre BEATS…Apple bound ---delivering sound in color-coordinated style. Reason this brand rules-new BEATS Sudio® collection is lighter with comfy ear cupping splendid audio, battery fuel gage,, adaptive noise canceling, 20 hour rechargeable-auto on/off- USB chargeable too, and RemoteTalk™$299.95
From Brunton-maker of cool gadgets and power on the go devices…these 6x/3x smart phonechargers-Revolt 9000 and Revolt 4000 respectively, has a waterproof core keeps the elements out-waterproof (!) power indicator and auto-shutoff---can charge other personal electronic too-for the DAD that always needs a connection-the powering kind.

stylish looking outdoor grill-portable too…PRIMUS FIREHOLE 300-new for Fall (other styles-Firehole 200, Firehole 100 widely available now)-is a 2 burner stove with an on-board light+cook timer, integrated fuel line and utensil set, recessed control knobs-and portable-clocking in at 14.76 pounds. Battery powered too…great for tailgating or "camping"---or city parks for urbanites