Friday, May 30, 2014


serial entrepreneur, founder of Bling Jewelry  Elena Castaneda and stylist/image consultant to the stars (and private clients wanting that level of polish) -Bling Jewelry collaborator Amanda Sanders
 Getting the 'look' for less is all over the planet -apparel and footwear wise---with quality offerings in the fast fashion worlds of H+M, Zara, Topshop, ASOS, Nasty Gal---etc…is a given for the internet age.
personally -we love pins-and predict they will come back as statement makers

So why not jewelry. Especially quality costume jewelry-without the big name designer labels…and high price tags that go with those labels .

Violà BLING smartly run, Manhattan NYC based company with over 10,000 skus of 'bling' ---in practically every style one could want-and for every occasion---well made all and keepers all.

Crafted as a destination website for the millennial generation ---who like to layer jewelry on arms, necks, hands---and make the "look" their very own.
talisman-spiritual symbols…crosses, evil eye


Bling Jewelry sells of the moment and classic designs of rings, cuffs, necklaces, pendants, charms, keychains, watches, etc---quality made---and btw, beautifully packaged too.

wedding ready bridal jewelery-including flashy silver/cubic zirconium engagement rings and wedding bands-perfect for the debt laden generation paying off 1.2 trillion USA dollars in student loans. Classic and modern looks.
Big sellers are the baubles inspired by movies, and red carpet walkers...
50 shades of grey-even if the movies a bust…the mainstreaming of  a once edgy world…a done deal

handcuffs get glammy
love this Pandora style bracelet---fetish charms with sweet edge. Charm building bracelets in general are popular
graduates need all the luck they can get

Celtic designs are popular-Game of Throne-y

Tree of Life ring

Anchors away-Nautical silver jewelry just right for summer


sweet---tiny bracelets and charms for the little ones..engraving available

rose gold is popular…watches as accessories -even in the smartphone age---

Cause related--- October sales of 'pink'-with 20% proceeds benefiting Breast Cancer Research

Great Gatsby inspired…luscious pearls fashioned into Art Deco-Roaring 20s styles

tassel necklaces-popular

red carpet drama---gets an affordable realistic interpretation-for nights out on the town

Kate Middleton-is a style icon-much like Princess Diana...

FLOTUS---impeccable style
future Queen-probably travels with the real stuff but a lot of people keep theirs in a vault and wear copies

Prom Queen...

love these rings----

 Men's jewelry gets masculine treatment-dogtags, watches, braided leather bracelets…
the Bieber….

BONUS POINTS: As an online company matches the legendary Zappos for exemplary customer service-based in the USA---in this case-here in NYC. Helps with the Live chat.

Overseas sales available too via Amazon.
spacious midtown company headquarters

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic LIVING PAINTINGS Artwork of the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards

never static-gestural swirls of colors/images bring to mind Abstract Expressionist painters…whom Mestrovic admires greatly
 Tribeca Hotel

Not your Joshua Light Show going on here-(from back in the days)...Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic's living paintings…are elegant, abstract-ethereal imageries that from what we gather-are  composed on a light box, manipulated by hand gestures, specially lit…and captured---very hands-on/hands-crafted…a fluid multi-media/realized inks-filmed overtime thorough a proprietary process= kinda performance piece-that reminds us of  Jackson Pollock ---in a kind of way.

Visually arresting artwork created by a guy we'd could talk with about art with a capital "A"…all night…or just as easily grab a beer and hang out with- at a ball game-though being an Argentinian native…make that fûtbol.

For a preview of works specifically commissioned by the Council of Fashion Designers and creative agency Laird+Partners ---that conjures up a cohesive design approach for their big gala on Monday, June 2nd (think the Oscars for Fashion)…we figured this invite was cool=but had no idea how talented the very multi-talented filmmaker, calligrapher (studied at the Temple Univ. Japan), artist Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic is. 
A Pratt Institute graduate, and winner of SCOPE’s annual See|Me: Year In Review Competition-Mestrovic artwork is gaining a rather large fan base-including CFDA's leading light and fashion icon Diana Von Furtsenberg who saw recent efforts at the latest Armory Show Gala at MOMA----which helped lead to the works on display last night.

We chatted quite a bit about his "process"--- self taught, the essence of gesture in his work, Franz Kline, film-special effects … 

Interesting--- we thought a very artistic soul-yet something very down-to earth, practical too---about his personality. No doubt the celeb heavy CFDA awards will be fun…and we suspect-one or two of the fashion designers attending- will be using some of these visuals on fabric patterns for their Spring 2015 collections. 


FIT with Tara Stiles #POSEWHENEVER-W Hotels

W Hotel- Lexington Avenue

WHAT: W Hotels Worldwide debuted it's in-room 'curated' fitness-on demand - 24/7 access video (FREE) and tip cards-by  FIT with Tara Stiles… for customers/guests of its 45 properties- needing  a boost, feeling jet lagged, needing to recover, or getting amped for a big night out.

SMARTLY-the POSEWHENEVER hashtag and theme-means its…as shown by rather flexible yoga advocates striking a pose -during yesterday's launch.

TARA STILES-the brains/body behind this added plus for guests- is a charismatic and limber 'rebel' yoga devotee who worked with W Hotels to design universally easy to do poses that can be done anywhere in a hotel room, no equipment required.

LOVE-on her website (…recipes for healthy eating.

WHAT ELSE-Resort/retreat located W Hotels-like the one in Vieques and Bali-offer FIT by Tara Stiles packages-including classes outside on the scenic properties…

IMPRESSIVE…for two  hours-Tara Styles was driving around Manhattan…inside this tricked out truck-posing-while on the move-or stuck in traffic.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

#Father's Day Gifts-For Gen X-Millenial Dads

for the new dad-Thule GLIDE= folds down in 2 secs-baby carriage…$349


ergonomic handlebar with range of heights, rear suspension for smooth ride, fixed front wheel,  padded seating(cleans!!) with vented top reclines to a near flat position for on-the-go-naps, multi-poisiton canopy for added protection with a view-in roof port to see the beloved, one handed compact fold for storing and transport,
sleek aerodynamic design…TSA and subway friendly-more or less...sure small dog owners will use too. Thule should sell a click-in pet harness. Also a Thule Urban Glide version ($399.95) comes with a large storage compartment with zippered water compartment

Casual wear for the sporty guy get edgy with leather inserts. Very nifty- key pieces-by menswear designer/stylist Martin Keehn…the sweat shirt hoody MADE IN NYC- is available now $270-different color options too.

Martin Keehn Hoody-several color options including black on black

Big in the UK, ASIA, Australia-RELIGION tops/pants/l/s shirts--are Gap priced with a lot more swagger …online retailer ASOS has some of the line
Footy fanatics across the Pond wear GOLA---but even the sports adverse types like the attitude…and comfort of kicks-trainers, plimsoles- with style. In the USA-ASOS, Zappos, Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters…carry selections.

PALLADIUM BOOTS hybrid high-tops shoes boots-get turned out orange lining-new colors and burly one piece molded rubber outsoles with toe bumps-pictured are for Fall 2014-but similar lace-up kicks available now in 100% cotton canvas, leather-in solids and patterns.
not your father's CLARK Desert Boots- (PATTERNITY collab-named appropriately) available now $129

MOJO's It's All About The Benjamins backpack-great gift for kids to give dads-after all -that's what you're costing them-big main compartment, adjustable straps, durable construction and padded tablet sleeve…added pluses.
for the music lover-these speaker enabled MOJO  SPEAKER backpacks make sure tunes can be heard $60

 Dr Dre BEATS…Apple bound ---delivering sound in color-coordinated style. Reason this brand rules-new BEATS Sudio® collection is lighter with comfy ear cupping splendid audio, battery fuel gage,, adaptive noise canceling, 20 hour rechargeable-auto on/off- USB chargeable too, and RemoteTalk™$299.95
From Brunton-maker of cool gadgets and power on the go devices…these 6x/3x smart phonechargers-Revolt 9000 and Revolt 4000 respectively, has a waterproof core keeps the elements out-waterproof (!) power indicator and auto-shutoff---can charge other personal electronic too-for the DAD that always needs a connection-the powering kind.

stylish looking outdoor grill-portable too…PRIMUS FIREHOLE 300-new for Fall (other styles-Firehole 200, Firehole 100 widely available now)-is a 2 burner stove with an on-board light+cook timer, integrated fuel line and utensil set, recessed control knobs-and portable-clocking in at 14.76 pounds. Battery powered too…great for tailgating or "camping"---or city parks for urbanites