Thursday, April 17, 2014

Luxury Clutches/Jewelry Mother's Day Gifts: Thalé Blanc, ITA COLLECTION, Sydney Evan

For special occasions, even the addicted to only but masstige labels on the crux of their arms-want something a lot more glamorous, smaller---and exclusive. One of the unusual and visually stunning, custom made clutches  we have ever seen-belong to Deborah Sawaf's artful collection, Thalé Blanc.

Highlights-from Spring 2014 (and some Fall 2014 pictured) would make any woman feel über special…and appreciated. Truly unique ---and obviously hand crafted with custom hardware and Swarovski crystals.

Flutter of Hope- in summery Emerald/Gold-portion of proceeds benefits the Children's Hospital in Los Angeles 

Morning Dew Luxe Plexiglass with brushed gold hardware Swarovski Peals and Crystals

Flutter of Hope-Plexiglass-Smoked Black/Gold--matching necklace. Vegan friendly -chic!

Arm party of these are always wanted-Circle Bangles $265-Swarovski crystals/plexi

On right-Oval Bangle $195---different colors pictured below...
bangles-with Angelica Luxe-Plexiglass clutch

Gisele Deux -lower clutch-sculptural qualities---Resin, Mother of Pearl, Metal, Gisele -upper clutch

these are incredible…the Mother of Pearl Gisele glistens---

Shiny sequins clutches are classics-Talia Fasteux

For Fall 2014 gold orchids-hand cast as handles -in a glorious statement making clutch that is worthy of being displayed as art. Although not currently available we included because this is why gift certificates were invented---these are heirloom treasures.
 GOLD Orchid Clutch 

Single Orchid Clutch-Napa leather and watersnake----with gold orchid metal handle 

Butterfly Garden Clutch-gold ornament defines a nappa leather/watersnake clutch

Danielle Duma-Plexi-leather lined-the wonderful color combination of this clutch can liven up any neutral  ensemble…a great way to add a tonal pop.

Eye-catching color- inlay crystals(by hand) in an animal print.  Gabriella Fasteux- Plexiglass

Tresla Clutch-the shape reminds us of sacred Hindu temples-with metal inlays-plexiglass.

All Thalé Blanc clutches have gold chains---that invisibly tuck inside. Limited qualities available-obviously.

Collection price ranges $495-$2395


Imperial Duma with signature Cheetah clasp…matching necklace

Red carpet favorites that are strikingly different-reminding us of the elegant simplicity of Japanese tatami mats-but made of hefty metal-and high end leathers or fabric… are from the New York based ITA Collection…"(a) brand - launched by Iranian-born sisters/partners Bita and Rouzita Vahhabaghai with the goal of combining their creative backgrounds in graphic design and architecture to create a multidisciplinary approach to a wide range of projects. Their work has included new homes, interiors, hotel suites, furniture, fashion accessories and home product design. Their aesthetic is sleek and seductive blending comfort with sophistication."

Sayona clutches-come in solid tones too...

interior-leather ---with gold chains-to use or not...

elegant sparkler Almas Evening Collection-Jewel Series with Swarovski Crystal Fabric/Silver $1775

Farah Clutch-Magenta Italian Calf Hair Leather/Gold $1250

Spring special turquoise blue-Ballure Cuff-$375
we were particularly drawn to these Ballure arm /wrist cuffs---adjustable as seen in the picture...great gifts.

Ballure Clutch-18K plated gold metal-with plush Italian leather...$1450
SYDNEY EVAN's  beautiful collection of pavé diamonds and precious metal bracelets, earrings and necklaces manage to delight the blingiest and more demure jewelry lover types. Pieces have adorned in style types appearing on the Red Carpet and in magazines-on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models ---posing, not swimming, of course. 

Diamond Safety Pin Bracelets  $3215

Created by Rosanne Karmes -the Sydney Evan collection had us thinking about amulets and good luck charms -rather luxurious ones… ancient old soul references for modern times. Worn singularly or piled on, the jewelry are suitable for all age women-and those with teenage girls-expect to share.
Our most wanted-edge glam here-spiked rose gold/black diamond earrings for the cool mom! $2420

Numerology, Celestial, Nautical+Sea life, Words of-Peace Luck Love, Evil Eyes, Pyramids and Crosses-some inspirations...

Beaded bracelets-semi and precious stones…pavé diamond discs+other charms ranging in price from about $275-$3040.

single studs...

We loved the Pavé Diamond Ball Gold Ring $7500

named after the designer's father---fyi...